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I recommend Complete Softmod Guide for Wii resources.

For specific details regarding uloader visit the official wiki page (needs to be translated from Spanish, The google chrome web browser offers superb translation tools built in.)

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  1. boggled101 says:

    Hi Ade! Please check youtube mail, cheers!

  2. buckeyesfan says:

    have downloaded some wads, and now I have data memory full? I have deleted saved games, but still get this error. Any ideas?


    • adewii says:

      Can’t think why this would be happening. Have you played a different region version of Super Smash Bros Brawl as this can use up over 1000 blocks in free space!

  3. susan says:

    when ive installed these files on my wii to play the backup wii games will it be region free

  4. susan says:

    ive backup rayman raving rabbids tv party and when i play it theres a green line on bottom of screen is there i something wrong im doing ive done 3 backups and they good i did monkey mischief and it look 3d

    • adewii says:

      Apologies for late reply, currently moving house and don’t have the Internet in new home yet. This can sometimes be normal when running games from DVD backups, especially if the backup you have for a different region than your Wii console.

  5. susan says:

    ive did a backup of my rayman raving rabbid wii game with dvd dumper and when i went to play it it was not plain andy info how this as happened i thought i would have clear picture doing it this way

    thanks for any tips

  6. adewii says:

    I don’t have the game so I can’t speak from expierence. Are you having the same issues with any other games?

  7. susan says:

    when i downloaded de blob, rayman raving rabid tv party, monkey mischief

    • adewii says:

      the only other thing I can thinkof is to check the screen settings in the actual Wii settings and make sure you choose settings that are compatible for your television. Other than that i am at a loss I am afraid.

  8. susan says:

    and paper mario

  9. susan says:

    when i downloaded de blob, rayman raving rabid tv party, monkey mischief,paper mario all look like it got double vision

  10. susan says:

    ive fixed that problem of double vision i changed some of the region options

  11. Miguel says:


    My nintendo wii, is stuck on the preloader program. It doesn’t seem to load anything, its just stuck on the screen. Can you please help me on how to wipe off everything. All I wanted was to play backup games. The boot loader, kept saying the boot loader was not installed.


  12. Miguel says:

    i followed all the instructions, but i missed out the step of installing boot to IOS.
    at the moment, when i start my Wii, I get the System menu where where i can still access homebrew channel and chcek the other settings.
    i tried going into bootmii, but it does not find anything. what shall i do to get my wii menu back?

  13. susan says:

    you know when you have soft modded your wii should you allow any updated at all for you wii

    thanks for your help

    • adewii says:

      No, especially if it’s from an official game disk. If you have problems with an official game. Update to System Menu 4.1 via official Nintendo update, and re-apply the hacks if necessary.

  14. james says:

    hi im from the uk and i cant load up my wii games ive burned them at 4x speed with imgburner when i load the up on wii back up launcher all i get is a blank screen do you know where ive gone rong

  15. susan says:

    the first couple of times i used dvd dumper it toke 3hours to dump a game not it taking 9 hours hows that

    thanks susan

    • adewii says:

      Game sizes vary. It could be that some of the games you were doing were actually only 1gb of data in them. Despite the file size always being 4.7GB, there may not actually be that much data on the disc. Other more graphical and musical games use up much more of the disc space, and will therefore take longer.

  16. susan says:

    theres a update when i open the homebrew channel do i update

    thanks susan

  17. babylonx says:

    Is there a way to remove all softmods on a wii console that was shipped with 4.2? I know I can’t use the guide you provided adove because it contains downgrading and that new console will brick if I try that but is there another way to just uninstall all the hacks? Would it be possible to restore everything back one by one? I want to know that in case I need to send my Wii for service anytime. Then I will have make it a virgin again before sending it back. After I installed The Homebrew Channel, DVDx, Bootmii (IOS only), freed the bug and installed preloader 0.30, I made a NAND backup if that helps.

  18. elias says:

    can someone please help.my wii states this (There is no known vulnerable IOS installed on this Wii.
    Please note that we will not use a fakesigned IOS due to security reasons.) i have no idea what this means.can someone help me correct this thank you.

  19. wes says:

    hello adewii. first of all, a BIG thank you.

    second; I have wiikey2, 4.2e. Before i used your guides, i could play any game, exept the new ones like NSMB, now, i cant play anything, ONLY NSMB, it doesnt take any games at all, disc channel dont take any games, neither with uloader (exept nsmb) .

    im thinking,, do i make it “virgin” and re-do it all. or do you know any other solution?

    And the last Q, is the wiikey2 chip useless now? do i need it at all? and CAN it be used?

    im a total newbie here.

    Thanks in advance.


    • adewii says:

      Were you on 4.2 before? How did you upgrade to 4.2? Or is this when it stopped working? 4.2 is a bit of an anti piracy update, so I’m not sure how it would affect the wiikey. As I have no knowledge of it I’m afraid I’m unable to offer you any suggestions with that part. You could follow some instructions to make it virgin yes. However I would advise to find a method which does not involve any sort of downgrading as this would probably finish your Wii off. This page may be more hellpful. I’m afraid due to the amount of questions re-virginising creates it again is something I cannot keep up with in order to support. http://sites.google.com/site/completesg/other-stuff/virgin

  20. wes says:

    ps. the game is visible in uloader, but it cant start it…

  21. Ian says:

    Hi.. thx for the great tutorials.. worked a treat 😉

    My question is will all this work on my friends NTSC (USA) Wii ?


  22. chip510 says:

    thnx men i did my 4.2 and i love it …..do you know if you can add themes to 4.2 …let me know……thnx you the best

  23. swintondude says:

    Hi adewii,

    I have followed your guide and have to say that after hours of trawling through the web and trying various things, your guide, was clear, concise and worked perfectly. However, a minor problem I have is that my MPlayer_CE no longer works. Would you know why, or is there another mediaplyer you can recommend for playing DVD’s, avi’s etc?

    • adewii says:

      Ensure your using the latest version of MplayerCE, as the title ticket for dvdx changed with sys menu 4.2. I don’t use Mplayer myself but assume the app got updated. If not you may need to find a different media player.

  24. Matt says:


    I have everything working fine and updated uloader to 4.1 so it all works great thank you. My only question is, is there a way to get custom game channels now with uloader that actually works?

  25. Carlos says:

    I have 3.4E system version and I can not install bootmii as boot2. I need to install Priiloader, but the instructions say not to do it with any version system different from 3.2 4.1, 4,2.
    What can I do?

  26. So Weitkamp says:

    Hello, what is your friend code and exactly what games do you play?

    • adewii says:

      Sorry, not going to post those, last thing I need is Ninty baning my Wii from going online. I only really play Mario Kart online anyway.

  27. ralphie308 says:

    hi adewii,
    i need some help, i have followed your guide to the dot. i was able install bootmii to boot2, so no need for priiloader right? no problems with anything,
    having a great time till i stupidly bite 2 sides of my cherry,… i tried installing a theme :(, anyway bricked now, with black screen on startup, i can’t get bootmii running now, i have a copy of my nand, but… getting nowhere,
    any thoughts

  28. ralphie308 says:

    hey ade, not to worry, i finally figured it out, i’m feelin right now like i’m smart little cookie, anyway i will thank you for the whole wright up for soft mod, it really does pay off to have a nand backup and successfully install bootmii to boot2

  29. Bryan says:

    Do any external hard drives work, are there any that arent compatatible like with USB loaderGX?

  30. mario says:

    hi, my wii is soft modded to play wbfs game. games that i down load is in iso. any way to convert iso to wbfs format? i am aware that using wbfs manager is able to do so, but i am looking a direct convertion from iso to wbfs without pluging the wbfs HD to wii. any way to do so?


  31. mario says:

    hi, i have down a iso game, however in the DL floder it come in many files of .rar format file which i can convert to iso later. But with so many iso files, how i put them together as a iso format so i can play in wii set? thanks

    • adewii says:

      Just extract the main .rar file, this will call the other numbered rar files to unzip and create a single ISO file. If it doesn’t do this find a better download of the game.

  32. sm says:

    hi adewii I think your guides are great and you have helped me alot. All I wanted to know was how do I uninstall the cios on my wii. I’m not going to but it may help me in the future 🙂

  33. Mario says:

    Hi what brand of wii mic allow me to play USB loaned games? I found a mic but was told that this mic only can play original disc games. Thus want ensure I get a mic that allow me to play games from HD. Thanks

    • adewii says:

      I have no idea, sorry. the official guitar hero one works and that is logitech branded I think.

  34. ralphie308 says:

    hey ade,
    i was curious to know if i install hombrew channel and bootmii config editor to a different machine, could i then copy over my nand from my machine to the other machine, or would there be any problems as the other machine is running 3.4 and mine is 4.2e, i’m attempting to upgrade new macine as to get boot2 enabled as it currently does not support it?


  35. ralphie308 says:

    ok then, well that idea is out, ok, i’ve been given a wii with intension of modding ie. u loader for games, it has sys menu 3.4, i first turned it on and found out homebrew is already on it(not sure if it came preloaded from retailer?) and not sure if it has any other mods that have been installed(also no SD, new 1 supplied), in your guide you say not to install priiloader to this sys, but to upgrade off line the guide says install priiloader, not sure how to go about this and don’t sys bricked, any thought?

    • adewii says:

      Upgrade it via Nintendo to 4.2, this will remove most of the original hacks, and then you can start from fresh.

  36. ralphie308 says:

    ok just found out that homebrew was installed to play ninetendo 64, and the guy wasn’t sure what if any mods were installed, or if they even worked, any of this help my problem?

  37. ralphie308 says:

    cheers on the advise ade, was a little worried about the 4.2e upgrade would do if it any mods from what read and herd but it all panned out, so many cheers

  38. ralphie308 says:

    hi ade,
    i was curious if u know, when i backup game from wii into the usb, then transfer to computer via WBFS it blows out to 4.37gb, the question is, is there a program out there so i can compress the .iso as to backup multiple .iso up onto a normal computer dvd, i tried wiiscrubber after wii to usb backup, but it only shrinks it slightly, eg NSMB is really 300mb via usb,onto comp 4.37gb,then wiiscrub into 4.1gb?

  39. ralphie308 says:

    not to worry figured it out, but 1 more thing, what does the scrub button do, and what goes with the diff, iso and both buttons

    • adewii says:

      Your probably better off creating a compressed ISO file, however the games will still be bigger than when they are in WBFS format.

  40. ralphie308 says:

    oh and 1 more thing do you have a pal download for mad world?

  41. kati says:

    Thank you, thank you all worked perfectly 🙂

  42. doorgedraaid says:


    I want to install bootmii now, but i can’t due to the limitations of the program itself. (it won’t install on softmodded wii’s). Now is my question if i format system memory with the tool on my wii. Will it install then?
    I followed other sites with crappy guides first, that’s why i want to take this step.

  43. joel says:

    i recently softmoded my wii, everything works great. what I was wondering is, can I still play my origonal games via disc channel or am i limited now to backups?

  44. Joel says:

    I Run my backed up games via configurable USB loader. If I try and play a karokee game, the mic has to be plugged in to the other USB slot obviously but nothing will work in this slot? Why? Is it just a service USB? Is my only option to extract the ISO from the game and burn it to disc so that I can free up that other USB slot? Please, any info on that other USB slot would be appreciated. Thanks

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