INFO: January Update

These pages are no longer supported.

I recommend Complete Softmod Guide for Wii resources.

For specific details regarding uloader visit the official wiki page (needs to be translated from Spanish, The google chrome web browser offers superb translation tools built in.)

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    1. Marcos says:

      I readed some tutorials, and yours seemed good. But I have some doubts yet, because all the tutorials I have read has diferences. And I think when a new game arises it is possible that I will have to change something regarding ios or other software. My wii is a lu66, 3.4U. I can’t install bootmii as boot2. The big question is: is it safe to follow the tutorials of this site? why there is these diferences among other sites (like wiihacks, gbatemp). Thanks. Sorry my Bad english.

      • adewii says:

        Yes it ‘should’ be safe, however I can’t offer you 100% guarantee’s. You do this at your own risk. Other guides will primarily do the same thing. PAtch IOS36 and then install the custom IOS and loaders.

    2. Zootoxin says:

      Hi mate,

      I modded my Wii(soft) and now I am up and running fine with HBC, N64 Emu, Usb Loader_GX so thanks!!

      I just have a couple of things I am hoping you can help me with.

      1)When I select HBC from Priloader menu the wii crashes – System Menu selection works fine though.

      2)When I try running HB Browser the wii just hangs on a blank screen!

      3)Is it safe to browse the internet now I have modded the wii?
      3a)if so. How do I get the Internet icon on my wii channel? (At the moment I just have discover the internet which is annoying)

      4)I have seen some youtube videos where people have the USB loader_GX icon on the main channel along with disc, mii etc.
      I had a nosey around the internet but I get a feeling this can be a dangerous practice?
      Can you enlighten me on this and the process.

      I realise there are alot of questions so it would be great if you could email me, I know I could just use some forums but I trust your experience and knowledge.

      thanks in advance

      • adewii says:

        1. Try reinstalling the homebrew channel.

        2. Again, hopefully reinstalling will fix this.

        3 and 3a, yes, download it for free from the shop channel.

        4. Installing a wad of a channel, or forwarder should be safe, just be careful with wiiware or virtual console stuff.

    3. Marcos says:

      My Wii is currently at 3.4U. How can I get to 4.1U?

    4. MOON_WOLF says:

      hi ade i have some cuestions: how do i update to uloader 4.1 and to the wanin rev 17?? i mean i can install it over the one i alredy have?? i have to unistall it first?? wich files i need??


    5. sam g says:


      On Uloader when I run WIIPLAY it doesnt recognise the Nunchuck. Any ideas why.

      Running a scrubbed US version of WIIPLAY on a uk 4.2E

      All other games do.

      Thanks again Ade

    6. katenka says:


      I am using uloader 3.6. It says it added Ocarina. But I cannot find such a option to turn ocarina on in uloader…
      Is it autometicly on and reading codes from SD card already?

      Thanks a lot Ade!

      • adewii says:

        you need the cheat codes in the correct folder on the sd card, with the same name as the disc id for the game.

    7. Bazza says:


      I have followed all the steps any everything works as planed, however, when I exit a game and chose to go back to Wii menu it freezes and I have to unplug the power cord and start again.

      Any idea?

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