HOWTO: Safely Upgrade To System Menu 4.2 Offline

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I recommend Complete Softmod Guide for Wii resources.

For specific details regarding uloader visit the official wiki page (needs to be translated from Spanish, The google chrome web browser offers superb translation tools built in.)


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  1. Tim Moore says:

    Hi, love your guides, thanks very much for gathering all this info in to an easy to read and follow format.

    I have updated to 4.2 and have uloader all working nicely, only problem I have now is that on the standard Wii screen I cannot read backup disks even though they work fine under uloader. Any tips on what I have missed?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.


    • adewii says:

      I assume you had cIOSCorp installed beforehand in order to play backups through the actual disc channel. You will need to research to see if there is a new version of this available. I don’t offer support on cIOSCorp as it has much greater potential to screw up a Wii than using a basic loader.

  2. Tom says:

    Hello Ade, nice work – always… One question: You wrote in your howto at point 6 install the remaining IOS wad files… Must i? all of them? Kind regards, Tom

  3. Anakondarh says:

    Hey Ade!! Thanks again for all the good info you provide, all nicely put in one website and with all files readily available. This has become my number 1 site for Wii modding.

    Regarding updating, I have a question:
    I got my Wii off of my little brother, and it was a virgin 4.2U (updated, he bought it when it first came out). Following the guides on your site, I softmodded it and now have it running uLoader and GC backup launcher, no problem. However, when trying to play a newer original game through the Disc channel (e.g. Metroid Trilogy), it says it wants to update the system. If I choose to update it through the disc, the GC backup launcher stops working, although uLoader still works fine. I followed the info on this page to “update” the system, even though I already am in 4.2, just to make sure I wasn’t missing any files, and although everything works well, Metroid still asks for an update if run through the disc channel. However, if I ignore it and run the disc from uLoader, it works well. Any ideas? I kind of don’t wanna have to run uLoader to play original games… 😛


    • adewii says:

      Did you delete any other stub files other than 222,223,249 and 250 when doing the original modification?

      • Anakondarh says:

        I can’t really remember, although I am 100% positive I only deleted the ones you recommended in the “HOWTO: Setup a System Menu 4.2 Wii for playing backups of commercial games with uLoader” (not the latest version, but the version you had last week). I am quite careful when I do my modding…

      • adewii says:

        Have you tried letting the disc do the update, then reinstall the cmios mod for the gamecube launcher?

      • Anakondarh says:

        I havent tried that, and about an hour ago I actually thought of doing that (during a work meeting… crazy) lol. I’ll give it a go when I get back home after work and let you know how it went…

      • Thomas says:

        sorry to bug you with this, but i have the same problem as Anakondarh. I followed every step of your tutorials, did not erase any stub files, again, did not erase any, all wads instaleed without errors, and the original games i have say they require an update, is it safe to let the disc do the update?

      • adewii says:


  4. Anakondarh says:

    Ok, so tried that, didn’t work. Updated thru the metroid game and reinstalled the custom MIOS, metroid wants to update again. I’m using the MIOS you had on your gc post last week.

    • adewii says:

      I’ll do some research, it’s possible the gamecube app may have been updated, I rarely use it myself so I don’t really keep upto date with it.

      • Anakondarh says:

        Sweetness. Thanks for all the help man, appreciate it.

      • drinkachair says:

        exact same situation here.
        new 4.2e wii, installed uloader and gc backup loader. now my original wii sports resorts asks me to update whenever i try to load it from the main menu, and still works just fine if i load it from uloader.
        i didn’t delete any other stub than those mentioned.
        have you found any idea about this during this time? thanks for such a great page

      • adewii says:

        Are you using the gamecube backup launcher?

      • Anakondarh says:


    • Anakondarh says:

      Well, since I figured that the game works fine and all it wants to do is update the cMios, I used Startpatch (look it up on to patch my system so it would skip asking for a disc update. It’s not a definitive solution but works for now, at least until cmios is updated…
      Hope that helps!

  5. Bejerild says:

    Thanks for the guide. However, it seems the pack for North American Wiis is somehow corrupted. It won’t open in WinZIP or 7 Zip, and in Winrar it says the archive is damaged. Could you re upload it? Thanks so much for your help.

    • adewii says:

      I’ve just downloaded it myself and it’s opened with winrar fine. I would suggest re-downloading as it sounds like it’s your download that is corrupted.

  6. sean says:

    when i get to step 7,i select the ios and accept A,it asks me if i want to install it i prees A,it asks me 2 patch sig hash and i accept A,then it says downloading file #%^&&*(the symbols are numbers)
    then it says file not found on SD card,
    Downloading from internet,
    no net connection
    and goes back 2 homebrew. i dont have an internet connection,i do have 1 but my wii wouldnt connect and that is one of the reasons i want 2 update…any1??

    • adewii says:

      The wad’s have not copied across to your SD correctly. Ensure it’s formatted to FAT32, normal SD and not SDHC if possible, and if your using a Mac to copy the files, ensure it isn’t treating the wad files as compressed files.

  7. Hannibal says:

    The Wad Manager is Freezing, if I install Dop-iso will help to wad manager to unfreeze and then safely update… Thanks

    • adewii says:

      What IOS are loading when launching Wad Manager?

      • Hannibal says:

        I don’t now wend the Priiloadear Failed to
        load system menu It seed… IOS v70, system
        menu v481 priiloader v0.3 (r41M)…

      • Hannibal says:

        And the wad managers 1.5 it frees entering,
        don’t let me change IOS… I’m using the
        Game cube control the wii control don’t
        works at all…

      • adewii says:

        Try going into Bootmii from the Homebrew Channel and then load the HBC again from there and see if it works. Otherwise but the Wad Manager boot.dol file to the root of the SD and run it via the bannerbomb exploit.

  8. Jason says:

    I was using DOP-IOS homebrew app to delete the IOS stubs but I deleted all of them instead of only the select stubs that were supposed to be deleted. Now when trying to play an original wii game (I tried Wii Fit), it says it needs a wii system update. I tried the safe 4.2 upgrade listed here, but it did not fix the problem. What can I do now to fix this?

    • adewii says:

      If you’ve installed every wad from the update then it will be something basic, it won’t overwrite an IOS that is installed with a higher number already. So you can probably safely do the update from the disc, especially as Wii fit contains a much older version of the sys menu on the disc.

  9. Steve says:

    Hey, I followed your instructions on upgrading the Wii to 4.2 (and it worked) I was just wondering if I can go on the “Wii shop Channel”? I tryed going in there and it still said I had to upgrade my system. The main thing I was wondering was if I’d be able to play newer Wii games that I get at the store? I remember a time when I rented a new game and the Wii said I had to upgade the system then too. If so what should I do to get passed that without losing my hacks. Please help, thanks.

    • adewii says:

      Interesting. Did you install the shop channel wad too? I haven’t heard any news of the shop channel being updated again. It mgiht be worth doing a backup of your NAND before proceeding. However if you have installed all the wads from the upgrade then there shouldn’t be a problem.

  10. Hannibal says:

    Wend the priiloadear Failed to load system menu it seed… IOS v70, system menu v481 priiloadear v0.3 (r41m)… And the Wad maneger 1.5 it frees entering, don’t let me change IOS… I’m using the Game Cube control the wii controls don’t work at all…

    • adewii says:

      Try loading IOS36 in Wad Manager and see if it allows you to install the wads then. If not I would try another Sd card or start the trucha bug install process over again.

  11. nghost says:

    Hi, when I extract the files it asks for a password?

  12. sharingan says:

    hey man ur doing a great job i wanted to ask u that when i upgrade to 4.2 will it play bakups thru bakup launcher

  13. sharingan says:

    hey man i did all according to ur tutorial but my hombrew channal wont show mmy apps

    • adewii says:

      the homebrew channel is not touched by the upgrade files. Ensure your apps are in the apps folder on your SD.

  14. Greg says:

    i tried to install the wii sytem menu and it is giving me an error (ret = -1022) on content # 10. any ideas

    • adewii says:

      Ensure you have plenty of free space in your wii system memory, if you have lots of game saves, back them up with savegame manager and then remove them, otherwise back up the contents of your SD card, format it to fat32 and copy the contents back and try again. If still fails, try another SD card.

  15. Hannibal says:

    The wad Manager and the trucha bug Works with de game cube control..?

  16. BEARE says:

    Hi firstly thanks as this looks like a great guide but unfortunately I havent got very far atm and am not certain how to continue??

    Ive Installed Latest Homebrew although not managed to install Bootmii to Boot2 so I went to install priiloader but you have advised not to install this as I do not have 3.2, 4.0 or 4.2. (I have version 3.4)

    Therefor gone to this “safely upgrade to system menu 4.2 page” and read to the point advising

    • adewii says:

      You’ll have no choice to upgrade to 4.2 or stay where you are. If you don’t need to upgrade then there is no requirement.

      • BEARE says:

        Hi Ade, Thanks for the speedy reply! Now that I have homebrew installed I really don’t want to give up here, would you say there is more risk involved updating to v4.2 (without priiloader installed) and then install priiloader afterwards? Or more risk bricking the wii if I continue installing usb loaders etc without ever having the priiloader installed?

        It seems wise having priiloader as a backup for future mods but obviously there may be a risk of the update to 4.2 not working?

        Would another option be to somehow possibly completely remove the homebrew/4_1_HBC pack and then safely update my wii to 4.2 through Nintendo?

        Sorry again for yet another long post! Your help is greatly appreciated!!!
        Thank You!

      • adewii says:

        Your probably better doing an official Nintendo update to 4.2. This will remove all of your previous softmods, but you can then add them again following the method to hack a 4.2 system.

      • BEARE says:

        OK Thanks ade! So just to confirm that if I update through nintendo there Is no chance of nintendo blocking/bricking my wii?? (having 4_1_HBC pack installed) will it make any difference removing the SD Memory card?
        Sorry to bother you again!
        Thanks! 🙂

      • adewii says:

        Nope, you’ll be fine, just follow the instructions for 4.2 modify after you’ve done the update.

  17. eaglebeak says:

    Hi ADEWII: I started upgrading WII from virgin 3.4U to softmod 4.2U as per your BLOG instructions. While loading the IOS’s with Wad Manager, I had 2 errors. One was on ios254-64-v260 and the other on photo channel-nus-v2. Both were error codes (-1035). Followed instructions for trucha restore and had error on iso15-64-v523 missing. I tried a second attempt with a copy in root and wad folder. Same result. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    • adewii says:

      You need the correct version of IOS15 at the root, which you can get from the modify guide. You can probably ignore the errors. 254 is a stub anyway and if you don’t use the photo channel you won’t miss it.

      • mehmet says:

        i got the same errors and my original ver is 4.2e black ed. i want to priloader then my system menu couldn’t be reachable. i decided to follow your instroctions about loading 4.2 then got same errors. how can i load this two wad or are they cause trouble playing games using uloader? (i followed your guides my every actions about patching and download and used your uploaded files.) thx for every thing

      • adewii says:

        trucha patch IOS36 again, and choose that IOS to load in Wadmanager then it should let you continue to install those two wads.

  18. Robert says:

    Hello!; I have a question…

    I’m way too insecure about doing a Wii update now, knowing the amount of bricks that have been going on with the newer system versions..

    My problem is, when I bought my Wii, it had the 3.0 System Menu, then I instantly updated it to the 3.4. After I knew about the Homewbrew, I did a lot of research and downgraded it to 3.2 so I could run the HBC, using the Twilight Hack.

    I remember it installed a lot of… custom IOS? I believe, and I believe I’ve been using IOS36 to run backup games, I’m not sure.

    If I follow these steps, will I be safe? or do I need to do something different because of the fact of having previously downgraded using custom IOS things?

    • adewii says:

      As you have an older Wii. Install the latest version of homebrew channel and bootmii, you should be able to install bootmii to boot2. Make a Nand backup with bootmii. Then follow the steps in this guide. If something goes wrong your nand backup should save you.

  19. Jason says:

    I softmodded my 3.2U following your guide (boot2 OK), figured I want to upgrade the system. Also seems like it might be easier if I do the official upgrade, then redo the mod.
    If I do the official upgrade, what is lost and which guide/steps should I go through to get my wii softmodded again?
    HOWTO: Install The Homebrew Channel, DVDx and Bootmii
    HOWTO: setup a System Menu 4.2 Wii for playing backups of commercial games with uLoader

    • adewii says:

      You’d need to follow both guides starting with the homebrew channel install if you do the official update, also note the official update will wipe bootmii from boot2. (although you will be able to reinstall it)

  20. Sub-Xero says:

    Just a quick one ade, my sister has a 3.1(very old), system…….i wanted to softmod it….is it worth doing the official 4.2 update via nintendo, then following the guide to softmod 4.2 systems(which is what i done for my wii)?….or is it best to upgrade using your safe guide then softmodding? or is it pretty much the same thing? thanks again!

  21. jim says:

    Hi adewii. Just wondering, I checked my wii and it is running v4.0E. Would you advise me to update to 4.2 (via online) before I softmod it ?
    Are there any requirements for newer games to have 4.2 installed in order to run ?
    I’m not too fussed over extra special features offered by the 4.2 update, however I would like to be able to play newer games via USB with uloader as per your guides.
    Would playing from USB via softmodded 4.0E still recognize motionplus or usb accessories (eg. Guitar Hero) via cIOS ?
    Thanks mate !

    • jim says:

      I think I’ll do the update first to 4.2 and then try your guide to softmod it. Wish me luck. Thanks again for your guide, it’s great !

    • adewii says:

      There are some games coming out now with 4.2 on the disc, so yes being on 4.2 would be an advantage if you still intend to use original discs as well.

  22. luigi311 says:

    hey i have my wii softmoded but its semi bricked so i cant access the system menu so i have no clue what version is it on since i bought it on ebay will this fix the semi brick?

  23. neurosis says:

    so i updated a 3.4u and am on 4.2u now but i can’t seem to get an cios on the wii. any solutions?

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