HOWTO: Setup a System Menu 4.2 Wii for playing backups of commercial games with uLoader

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I recommend Complete Softmod Guide for Wii resources.

For specific details regarding uloader visit the official wiki page (needs to be translated from Spanish, The google chrome web browser offers superb translation tools built in.)

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  1. DrimuS says:

    hey, when I try to install this

    I get error -1035

    I also tried IOS53 (for playing majoras mask wad) and I get the same error, do you know the solution?

    • adewii says:

      Either IOS36 is not fake signed correctly, or the stub files for 223,249 and 250 have not been correctly removed.

      Try the steps over again and confirm IOS36 gets fakesigned. If you don’t get prompted to delete the other IOSs use Any Title Deleter to remove them ( and try installing them again.

  2. Elgoose says:

    I get the same as DrimuS

  3. Tim Eggers says:

    Thanks for a great mod! Was all set-up in like 10 minutes, everything works great. Its nice to have all the WAD files in a pack like you offer. Much appreciated, USB gaming is really amazing! Have done this mod to two separate Wii’s without incident.

  4. moon_wolf says:

    hi adewii i have a ciestion what ios are we using wanin or hermes

    oh and tanks for everytink now i have downloaded 5 games and one is JAP and all of then are working fine tanks 😉

    • adewii says:

      If your using uLoader as the loader you’ll mainly be using Hermes 222. You can change what IOS is used in the games settings when you choose it in uLoader before actually loading it, if you want to change what IOS it runs off.

  5. DrimuS says:

    I’m gonna try using Anytitledeleter to erase the IOS and i’ll try installing them again.
    Thanks 😛

    Oh, and what (asking the guys who got the games to load from an USB drive) Usb device do you have?

    I was planning to buy “Western Digital 250 GB -My Passport Essential-” cause the “matrix” says it works just fine.

  6. DrimuS says:

    Sorry, another question
    Just out of curiosity, what version of the Trucha bug restorer are we using here, 1.1 or 1.0?
    thx 😀

  7. Anakondarh says:

    My man, you kick ass. Providing detailed instructions and the whole set of files, couldn’t possibly be easier to follow. Thanks a lot for the hard work to put this together, worked like a charm. Looking forward to more wii modding goodness!

  8. JDN says:

    I am a noob to this and I am getting the same error as above. I have the 4.2u menu. Could you tell me which files I should delete in order to start over?

    Thanks in advance for all of your work.

    • adewii says:

      I will update the guide later tonight to include the older method as well for those having troubles with GP DOP-IOS.

  9. Luis says:

    I see that you are using GP DOP-IOS MOD now, what happened to the other one? where you use the trucha bug?

    • adewii says:

      I will update the guide later tonight to include the older method as well for those having troubles with GP DOP-IOS.

  10. Bob says:

    Awesome guide, thank you.

    I followed all the directions to the T, but get a black screen after I run uLoader.

    uLoader starts, then gives me this error message:
    ERROR: Could not initialize USB subsystem (Ret -128)
    Retries : (counts up)

    Then it just stays at a black screen.

    Any suggestions?

    • adewii says:

      Try formatting your drive to WBFS with a WBFS management software instead of letting uLoader do it.

      • Bob says:

        Do you mean my external USB HDD?

        I do not have one hooked up. I am just trying to run my backups from DVD, but it does not give me the option to hit 2 to run for disc.

      • adewii says:

        Do you have any other devices connected to the USB port? If so unplug them. Or are you using an external DVD drive?

  11. Henry Sand says:

    I get to point 5. Press left on the D pad until IOS 36 is selected. Nothing happens. It just says loading selected IOS… And nothing happens. Any ideas?

    • adewii says:

      Iwill update the guide later tonight to include the older method as well for those having troubles with GP DOP-IOS.

  12. Moose says:

    Thank you very much for the guide. When I try to install cIOS222[38]-v4.wad and cIOS223[38+37]-v4.wad in wad manager I get a 1035 error unfortunately. All the other installations in wad manager work and all steps prior to that one work as well. My wii is fairly old (LU31 I think) and has 4.2U (I had a fun little bit where I accidentally mistook 4.2E as english not europe and thought I’d semi-bricked the thing because I’m an idiot).

    • adewii says:

      I will update the guide later tonight to include the older method as well for those having troubles with GP DOP-IOS.

  13. Henry Sand says:

    I tried the advice you gave the others with the delete program, but when I try to acces the 3 ios’s you mentioned with the program the wii freezes. Trying similar programs, but please help :). very well written guide btw. Love that you took the time to make it.

    • adewii says:

      I will update the guide later tonight to include the older method as well for those having troubles with GP DOP-IOS.

      • Henry Sand says:

        Another question: My hdd is ntfs format now. Does that matter? Since you cant really have fat32 because of the 4g limit on a file. And the delete program was ok with the “finger dusting” and the “I am god” thing, but not the “whos your daddy”. That one failed. -106 and -1017. Sorry for the bombardment of questions, its just that I dont know what info might help 🙂 Really appreciate the time you’ve given to help, and I feel annoying to ask for more 😛

      • adewii says:

        The drive needs to be formatted to WBFS. if uLoader can identify the drive when it is connected to the Wii, it will ask if you want to format it to WBFS.

      • colin says:

        I formatted the drive to WBFS using WBFS manager 2.5. i want to runt he games off an external hdd, the one i’m trying to use is a Lacie 80gb ven:059f Product:0351

      • adewii says:

        Ty letting uloader formt the dive instead, or ty a different WBFS manager.

  14. Henry Sand says:

    I got it to work finally! 😀 I ran the the trucha bug restorer, and restored the ios to 15, then ran the fake sign thingie and then the rest went along smoothly.

  15. Ziga Peterka says:

    Hello. I have one question. I installed everything and it works fine, but when I want to play original game from the store, wii say that I have to update console… why?

    • adewii says:

      You probably deleted a stub ISO file that the game think’s should exist. You can probably do the update without an issue. What is the game in question?

  16. Sire says:

    First off, thanx for the article. I am having an issue when going in to the GP DOP-IOS MOD application. I selected ‘Install an IOS that accepts fakesigning’ and followed the further prompts and pressed A when it finished to go back to the GP DOP-IOS MOD menu. That went thru ok, but when I selected IOS 36 and pressed the A button, it freezes up on trying to install it. Is there something I did wrong? Is there something else I can try? Thank you

    • Sire says:

      Nevermind. I saw that you replied to someone elses post regarding this issue. Sorry about that.

      • Deano says:

        Hi, thanks for the info on this site, I got the homebrew and dvd working on a 4.2E
        I also have exact same problem as “Sire” following method A the wii freezes when IOS 36 is selected. Should I try method B or wait until the guide is updated with older method? Thanks

      • adewii says:

        Method B is the older method.

  17. rickyxx says:

    ive used this quite a few times with method 1
    and never had much of a problem!!

    dodgy sdcards & usb sticks ive found can cause major problems!

    when using decent a sdcard for intallation ive had 100% sucess rate !!

    great guide thx

  18. Dan says:

    I had problem installing cIOS249 then used Any Title Deleter to remove IOS222,223,249,250 and then installed cIOS249 no problems but now I couldn’t install uloader-UMRD yet I installed forwarder-UMRD before.

    Will I have problems?

    • adewii says:

      uinstall the forwarder-UMRD as it does the same job as the uloader-UMRD.

      • Ryu says:

        Im having the same issue dan did. everything is going great till i get the uloader-umrd.wad i gives me the error he got…. also what is this forwarder-umrd? i never installed anything like that from i seen.

      • adewii says:

        THat was an older version of the forwarder that is no longer included. What is the error code it gives when trying to install?

  19. Henry Sand says:

    Had the same problems as alot of people here, and I downgraded to ios15 with the trucha program and the install worked perfectly. When I inserted the New Super Mario Bros then the Update requirement came, but using a usb loader program u can rip the dvd to your hdd using the wii and launch it from the hdd and that works perfectly. I recommend people to try that. here you can get the trucha program.

  20. Dean Connolly says:

    Hi, as mentioned above, I followed method A exactly on a “virgin” wii with 4.2E. At step 5 when A is pressed wii freezes and I have to turn off at main power on/ off switch. I am reluctant to follow the workaround as described by Henry Sand as it appears it is then going to ask for system update which I don’t want to do.

    About the dodgy memory card suggestion I dont think this is likely as 3 different users have commented and got stuck at exactly same point in step 5.

    Adewii do you have any suggestions?

    • adewii says:

      Black screens are usually harmless. As long as you don’t delete any other stub IOS files other than 222 etc then it shouldn’t ask you to update when using original discs.

  21. Bob says:

    Got everything else working. For somereason, with my USB Ethernet adapter plugged in, uLoader would not work properly.

    Now, when I press 2 to load from a disc, I get DVD Error -1.

    I know these games work. I have used them with backup loader in the past.

    Any suggestions?

    • adewii says:

      This is a bug that is yet to be fixed. What loader was you using previously? Is the game you are playing from a different region to your model Wii?

  22. Bob says:

    Got everything else working. For somereason, with my USB Ethernet adapter plugged in, uLoader would not work properly.

    Now, when I press 2 to load from a disc, I get DVD Error -1.

    I know these games work. I have used them with backup loader in the past.

    Any suggestions?

  23. Bob says:

    So I tried everything from the start again.

    Got to where I load uloader-UMRD wad in WADmanager.

    Gives me an error ret -1035.

    I tried the fix here (

    I noticed it said to copy IOS36-64-3094.wad
    but I have IOS36-64-v3351.wad on my root, so I copied that to my WAD dir. (Don’t know if it’s just a newer version, but that’s what I guessed)

    Now when I try to reload it in Trucha Bug Restorer I get:
    “ES_AddTitleStart returned -2011
    You need to use an IOS with trucha bug
    That’s what the IOS15 downgrade is good for
    IOS36 installation failed”

    Man, when I get this working I will paypal you a case of beer

    • Bob says:

      OK, I think I got it.

      I went and redid EVERYTHING from the beginning. This time I did it without my USB Ethernet adapter plugged in, and it seems to have worked.

      I still get the DVD Error -1 on all my old burned games.

      I patched all those discs with WiiBackupPatcher.exe, which was required with my old loader.

      It looks like none of my patched games will work. I burned another game without running the patch on it, and that worked.

      Anyway I can get my old games to play without having to re-burn them without the patch. I don’t think I have the ISO for about 90% of them. (Actually, I just deleted the ISOs about 2 days ago to free up some space, doh!)

  24. jpmaroco says:

    Thanks a lot for the A tutorial.
    IT does work on the newest Wii (v4.2E). I just bought my kids a Wii (v. 4.2E) and the included uLoader does load backup DVD (cheap Fuji DVD-R copied with Clone CD from the iso file)
    YOU ARE THE MAN!!! A Million thanks!….

  25. Deano says:

    Got it working at last. For those people that find it freezes in step 5 in method A, download the modified truncha file (link on Henry Sand comment above), then follow method B aboe exactly.

    Now running Super Mario galaxy on USB hard drive, thanks again everyone here

  26. moon_wolf says:

    hi adewii i tink you now but wanin has realised a new rev !!!! 17 i tink but do you now if there is a new version of Uloader for this rev because gama alredy have it and you recomend me to install it or i beter keep using the hermes one??

    tanks 🙂

    • adewii says:

      uLoader has stopped supporting cIOS249 since version 3.6. I doubt it will be reinstated as it’s not really needed for uLoader anyway. I only really still install 249 for compatiblity with other loaders or apps that may need it. Due to rev15 and 16 being quite buggy, I will await what other people report first before recommending an update to rev17 and seeing how comaptible it is etc. For example rev15 broke the gamecube backup launcher.

  27. moon_wolf says:

    i readed than this one no!! and dont have the isues of the rev15 but i cant say too much because i dont have it xD well for the moment i will not change anytink because my wii is working perfet and i dont wana kill the golden eggs chicken xD now waitin the money for my usb hard drive because i dont wana brake my lector and also will folow your tutorial for prepare it;)

  28. moon_wolf says:

    really tink i will use wiiflow but if i already have uloader installed can i install wiiflow anyway and other tink in your opinion why uloader is superior than wiiflow??tanks 🙂 and i fell like a mosquito just flying around and taking your timexD sorry for thad:)

    • adewii says:

      Yes you can use Wiiflow, just add it to the apps folder etc. I prefer uLoader as it is created by Hermes, who also created the cIOS222/223 and generally has compatiblity issues fixed for newer games before other loaders.

  29. AJ says:

    I was somewhat forced to update my Wii to 4.2 so I could get the Wii Shop Channel updated, in order to purchase Pokemon Rumble for my son.

    I already have a WBFS formatted drive, with games on it. Once I follow your 4.2 softmod instructions, will uLoader recognize my WBFS drive or will it wipe it anyway? Also, can I just keep using USBLoader GX instead of uLoader?

  30. Sivilskurk says:

    Nice and clear howto! I like it!

    I got into a funny pitfall that may be nice to know about for Mac users. (May also apply to other unix-based operating systems, but I’m not sure.)

    At A.6 I got an ERROR (ret=-1) when I tried to install the wad-files.
    Additionally, all the wad files were listed with a size of 0.0MB.

    I got a bit suspicious, and moved the SD-card back to my Mac, to check the files.
    The wad files seemed ok, but I came to think of one thing: When using a GUI extractor (and not terminal) to extract the files (which I did), OSX creates a hidden ‘dot-slash’ file corresponding to each visible file on the SD card:
    For example, I got both cIOS202[38+60]-v4.wad and the hidden ._cIOS202[38+60]-v4.wad.
    I am not sure what the dot-slash files are used for, but probably nothing vital.

    Oddly, it seemed like the WAD Manager tried to install the useless ‘dot-slash’ files instead of the actual wad-files, and I got the ERROR (ret=-1) message.

    The solution was to remove the hidden ‘dot-slash’ files from the wad folder on the SD-card.
    Since it’s not possible to see hidden files in OSX’ Finder, I had to remove them in terminal:
    /path_to_sd_card/wad $ rm ._*.*
    Then I inserted the SD card back into the Wii, and WAD Manager installed the wads successfully.

  31. ojo says:

    great tut thanks, got nsmb etc working from my usb pens. only problem im having is i get error -3 when i try to load a game via disc. tested the discs via teh home channel as its hard modded also and was ok but they wont load via uloader ??? thanks

  32. pss says:

    Can I get the baby holding Wii. I like her BOOBS!

  33. Great tut! I’m about to begin Method A, but I have a few questions before beginning. First off, I got the Wii for Christmas and updated to system menu 4.2. I have successfully installed HBC, DVDx, and Bootmii. Like many people, I was unable to install Bootmii as boot2. Do you recommend that I install priiloader to make a NAND backup for my Wii before starting the tutorial above, or should I be okay where it is right now. Thanks.

    • adewii says:

      You’ll have to patch IOS36 before it will let you install Priiloader anyway (just re-worded some of my tuts to make this clear as they were previously aiming to get priiloader installed without a hacked IOS, but now it requires the hacked IOS36) The guide should make it a bit more clearer on when you can proceed with the Priiloader install once IOS36 has been patched.

  34. ojo says:

    i repeated the steps again on method a and all working now.. even playing my games i had put on disc before.. cheers adewii.. now if i put my discs on my hard drive, what happens if later i want to put them back onto disc, will they still work as they shrink them when puttin onto hard drive??..

    • adewii says:

      Your WBFS Manager should have an export option, it will re-create the full 4.7GB ISO file. (When it shrinks it to WBFS it only uses the game data, when it’s on disc the disc has to be a certain data size for the Wii to accept it)

  35. lennypen1978 says:

    my Wii is 4.2e and i cant get Guitar hero 5 to work through disc loader,, any ideas anybody?

  36. lennypen1978 says:

    how do i format the drive??? ive already softmodded it so will that not cancel my softmod?

  37. Skamp says:

    hey. One more question. I downloaded game mario world 8. it works well, until I press play ( I am already in game). Then I get black screen where is this: CD could not be read! why this? anybody knows? I try another game and its the same… I am in the game, but when I want to play, error… pls help.

  38. McSundae says:


    Just a quick note to say a HUGE THANKS for this HowTo article! It worked like a charm once I had the patience to follow it step by step 🙂

    Cheers from London,

  39. MongoStomp says:

    Im at a fork in the road, for the last 2 nights ive been on a research hunt to find a way to play backups without a modchip and after hours of looking into it i find this website. i followed the instructions for method a but when i got to 6 i ran into a problem like it says, my homebrew channel flipped upside down and i just gave up.

    someone throw me a bone, so stressed when i shouldnt be lol

    • adewii says:

      Your wii must have been previously softmodded in some way, all of your IOS files have neen trucha patched somehow. This is Team Twizzers way of informing you this, and also to try and be a bit of a pest for people who are out to use their stuff for piracy more than homebrew.

      If the HBC it should say in one o the corners, what IOS it is using, make a note of that.

      In the homebrew channel, find DOP-IOS. Choose IOS36 or IOS249 as the IOS to use. In the menu choose to download the IOS that HBC is running on. Choose to download it, but DO NOT apply any patches to it, just download a clean version. This should fix the upside down HBC.

  40. sergh says:

    hi i have black PAL 4.2e wii i followed the guide without a problem but it wont play the backup dvd´s (i used backup loader v3.0 with their cios installer and when i use this loader the screen and console freezes) or load through uloader (it pops out an error for a second saying cios222 and cios223 not found) and it goes back to homebrew menu.any ideas???
    pls help

    • adewii says:

      As stated at the top of the guide, black Wii’s will not play games via DVD. You’ll need to go down the USB route.

      • sergh says:

        that’s what i wanted the first place the usb loader to work can you help me because i’m stack and don’t know what to do?

      • adewii says:

        Follow the above guide, and do not miss any steps out, it sounds like you have not installed cIOS 222 or 223.

  41. Bendario says:

    Man, you are awesome. I’ve been trying for months to do this, then I find your guides and it only takes me around an hour from scratch. Thanks a million.

  42. Martin says:

    Been trying to get my wii softmoded for about a month now. So many hours. Finally did every step of this 4.2U guide and for the first time had no errors at all through the whole process. However my wii is still not reading backups. Using DVD-Rs, Verbatim, burned 2x and 4x and should work fine from the compability chart matrix. Ive tried several games. Im at my wits end. I do not have a USB loader. Just DVD-Rs. Oh and its not a LU64 machine. Its an earlier hardware.

    Any suggestions?

    • adewii says:

      Any error messages?

      • Martin says:

        No errors at all on any step. All installed without any exception or error.

        When I tried to use Gamma loader, it said DVD Read Error 1101. But thats no different than the wii not reading disks.

      • adewii says:

        The error ‘normally’ indicated bad media. Are you using Vista or Windows 7? Try loading your burning software with admin rights and see if that makes a difference. The only other thing I can think of is to try and get hold of an external USB DVD drive and see if the games run from that (this method will only work with uLoader)

  43. Tim Eggers says:

    I notice your pack now has cIOS249-v17.wad (ETC) over v14, what is the difference and I assume v17 is better? Thanks for the info, v14 has worked great and v17 worked great on a different Wii today.

    Also is BootMii as an IOS only still a safe guard to restore NAND, or is Priloader absolutely required for this?

    • adewii says:

      It adds a few improvements to USB loading and NAND emulation really.

      • Tim Eggers says:

        Yes thank you, I’ve updated and all is well. Your guide really is amazing, I’ve also used your Priiloader guide (even though I can run BootMii as boot2) and really like it. Many thanks, your blog has been my highest recommendation to all my friends!

  44. hometoast says:

    I had to use method B, and when I get to installing the WADS, all goes fine except cIOS249. This give me a (ret -1022) error.

    Is there a way to revirginize my wii? I previously had homebrew installed, but have since uninstalled it and updated to 4.2.

  45. Skafte says:

    When I start uLoader from the System menu without the SD card in the console it says “Fail mounting the SD”.

    Do I have to have the SD card in the console when I want to start uLoader?

    In other words, couldn’t I just start the uLoader fra the HBC without patching the Wii?

    • adewii says:

      To get the best benefits from uLoader it’s best to use it from the SD card. However if you want a fully installable wad version you can download thr link below, however it is only version 4.0 at version 4.1 is the current:

      • Skafte says:

        So, if I understand it right, I don’t have to make all the changes to the console to get the uLoader to work, or does it not work without the changes?

      • adewii says:

        You don’t need cIOS249, that’s the about the only thing you can skip, however 249 comes in handy for other things.

  46. herbison153 says:

    First off thanks for the great guide best on by far. I have already done wy wii on 4.2u with no problems using this guide. When I do my brothers I hade to update from 4.0 to 4.2u everything in the install goes fine untill I try to remove the stubs from ios 222, 223, 249 and 250. I get a -102 error. From then on i get error all the way thru the rest of the install. Any ideas suggestions or help would be greatly appreiated.

    • adewii says:

      Did the IOS36 get patched correctly, and ensure you choose to use 36 when loading DOP-IOS the second time? Have you tried both methods?

  47. DzeroC says:

    hey, i followed ur instructions and it all worked out great. Thanks!! I’ve been playing wii games off my USB harddrive but I was just wondering will my wii now be able to play gamecube backups using uloader or do i need to do something elsr for them to be compatable.

  48. herbison153 says:

    still having problems getting rid of the stubs I have follwed everything to the t even tried trencher still get a -102 error when i try to remove stubs. I have just updated to 4.2u and have already do it once with no problems. The serial is lu7700 series.

  49. Online Play says:

    is it okay to play the wii backups online using uloader. I’m afraid of getting banned or getting bricked?

  50. Steve says:

    I softmodded a Wii using this guide and everything worked perfectly – I used older files that you had posted
    (ios70v6687, ios222-v4, ios249v14, ios250-v65535, ios202-v4, ios223-v4) as opposed to the new ones

    (cIOS202[38+60]-v4, cIOS222[38]-v4, cIOS223[38+37]-v4, cIOS249-v14, cIOS250-v14, IOS70-64-v6687[TB+ES_diV+NAND])

    My usb hard drive was more stable when using the older files that you had posted. When I insert a retail version of NSMB it asks to do a system update. Is this safe to do so without bricking or reinstalling HB over again? Or do I need to update a file somewhere? Or perhaps load on priiloader and have it block disk updates?

    • adewii says:

      Are you using the gamecube backup loader? It’s probably the mIOS file it wants to update. It’s safe to do this but your gamecube backup launcher will stop working, so it might be more convienent to use the priiloader to block disc updates.

      The files are exactly the same, just renamed, apart from the cIOS249 and 250 files. I have uploaded these for you in the following link:

      • Stephen says:

        I am not using the gamecube backup loader, just uloader. Thanks for the reply.

        I indeed went ahead and did the update from NSMB, it rebooted and I didn’t notice any changes, except that I could play NSMB retail from disc now. USB loader works, so I didn’t see any problems as a result.

  51. Savvn says:

    Ok, I’ve followed your guide all the way, and got it to run backups, but only from USB. For some reason it won’t load backups on DVD, when I load them fron U-loader, it says “DVD Error -1”. I’m using DVD-R’s as usual, and I burned them with windows 7 (as in cliking the ISO in windows explorer and pressing “burn”, and the settings were on DVD/CD so it’s unrewritable)
    Any suggestions?

    • adewii says:

      Try burning them with a proper burning app such as imgburn, and ensure the program is running with admin rights.
      try different brand of DVD-Rs
      Ensure the games your burning have not been patched to use cios249. Uloader no longer supports cios249.
      If you Wii was purchased mid 2009 or later, it might not be able to play from blank dvd at all due to the newer chip set in those wii’s

  52. Dsi Games says:

    Thank you for a great post

  53. morri says:

    exerlent tut..i have games from bali which work fine with uloader.gecko.neogamma…games isos i d/l from net dont want to useing dvd-r verbatium
    problem is .some times they will work..i maily get ‘dvd not found’ error…wtf is the prob?
    im ready to throw the wii into next week..
    originals work fine..consol number lah107xxx
    system 4.2e

    • adewii says:

      THe fact they do sometimes work, probably suggests a problem with the quality of the burn, the discs themselves or your DVD laser could on the way out.

      • morri says:

        ive got games loading with thumb drive ..all works fine..can i buy you a beer if you ever in perth
        worse thing invented was dvd discs..
        with the laser it plays originals fine
        i use nero7 to burn iso,s at 4x
        im thinking the disc from bali is silver on the data side ..i cant find any silver ones..the vabatium is purpleish
        thanks again for the tut my sons will love to play there backed up games i have for them..also i dont have to pick the bloddy discs from the floor ever AGAIN

  54. dimis says:

    can i download the files in step 5 online? (method B)

  55. dimis says:

    where can i download the wad files (method B, step 5)?

  56. Ricardo says:

    How long should step 4 take? It started about 20 minutes ago, and continues to display “Loading selected IOS…”. Is there any safe way to get out?

  57. dimis says:

    how can i fix the black screen when launching the game?

  58. dimis says:

    do i need to install any cIOS eg. cIOS 36 rev14 to play games via usb?

  59. Tigre1973 says:

    I have updated my Wii a few months ago, and last week I updated a new Wii from a friend of mine.
    I notice that some cIOS files and even the uLoader are newer than the ones that I have installed on my Wii.
    Does make any sence to re-update my Wii again?
    If so, should I do the procedure from the beggining, or just from the file Complete4_2?

    Thank you for your fantastic support and patience.

    • adewii says:

      If you want to update, the only files that are new are the cios249 and cios250 and the uloader version. Just copy these over to your SD. Use wadmanager to install the new cios249 and 250. It will overwrite the old ones. uloader is launched from the SD anyway, so once you’ve copied that to your apps folder you’ve updated uLoader.

  60. Dan says:

    hey ade done 2 wii’s without a problem, come to do my third and everything goes ok until i install uLoader, when i opend the channel it said failed to mount sd?? i thought i’d installed the wrong one so erased and tried again but now all i get when i hit install on uloader-UMRD.wad is ERROR! (ret = -1035)

    starting to annoy as i have tried both methods and repeated the truchabugrestorer soooo many times now!!


    • adewii says:

      It’s probably the SD card. Back it up, format to FAT32 to ensure there’s no fragmentation, and copy everything back across. If errors persist see if another SD card works. If problems still persist. Come back, but it sounds like you know what your doing! 🙂

      • Dan says:

        Ye man all worked fine! realised the uloader u give in the pack is the one that needs an sd card, found a wad that doesnt, thanks for your help mate 🙂

      • Dan says:

        Think i spoke too soon lol

        ok so now i get DVD ERROR -2 but only on some of the games, some work fine and some give me DSI Stack Dump error

        Confuzzled :S

      • adewii says:

        Are they older games that were patched to load via cios249? as Hermes dropped support for 249 from version 4.0? Otherwise I would just assume bad burns?

      • Dan says:

        Scrap that last one matey, do the wii’s have different disc drives like the 360??

        for some reason my wii will only play dual layerd discs and not single layer but this wii is vice-versa??

      • adewii says:

        Only the ones from about the later half of 2009. They are known to not play blank DVDs at all. Unless you’ve accidentally come across the solution? lol.

  61. ian says:

    Followed your steps for method A the only problem I have is when I lunch wad manager the wads are listed but they are all zero k apart from the last one. Tried reformatting the sd card and reloaded the wads but still there is nothing to install please help.

    • ian says:

      Thank you very much works a treat, a total nooby l still managed it!!!!! My kids broke all are games in under a month the shop would not replace them so here I am.

    • adewii says:

      Are you using a mac or linux type OS. It sometimes treats the .wad file as a compressed file. Thus copying the file to the SD incorrectly. The solution is to remove the hidden ‘dot-slash’ files from the wad folder on the SD-card.

      • ian says:

        yeah I was using a mac but then did it with a pc worked fine thankyou

      • rob says:

        what do you mean ‘ remove the hidden ‘dot-slash’ files from the wad folder on the SD-card’ as I am using a mac

      • adewii says:

        Exactly that. Enable to view hidden files and folders and delete the folder, otherwise wad manager will report that the wad is 0kb.

  62. Mikau says:

    Adewii, your guide is boss. Finally I get simplicity… I love simplicity.

    Though, when I try installing the WADs, I get an error. ret = -4100. Any quick fixes?


    • adewii says:

      Try copying the wads over again, failing that, backup the SD card, format the SD card to FAT32 and copy the data back across. If still doesn’t work, try another SD card.

  63. dj lee says:

    i’ve been looking for a 4.2E fix for weeks now… thankyou so much for a easy to follow guide that actually works… finally got my usb drive and it’s 51 games up and running again

  64. claudio says:

    first thanks for the great work ,
    now i installed and done everything as described and everything went good and works great except that the homebrew channel shows upside down….i have wiikey installed and wii updated 4.2e…thanks

  65. holly says:

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. Have followed method A and using uloader as a usb loader only. Downloaded Guitar Hero 5 and just black screens.. so found it needs different IOS’s etc via the compatability matrix. If I go ahead and install them via the package from the link will this have a detrimental effect on anything I have done with the softmodding so far? I have other games which work fine already and obviously want to continue using alongside GH5

    • adewii says:

      No it shouldn’t affect them at all, just install the cIOS wad files from the above download.

      • holly says:

        Thanks I just attempted to follow the readme instructions and when I try to use wad manager 1.3 it tries to access the sd card and then tells me there is a (ret-1) error trying to intialise the libfat… whatever that means! any ideas?

      • adewii says:

        Upgrade to WadManager 1.5 It’s in the modify a wii guide if you need it.

  66. crissmuss says:

    Thanks for all great tutorials!!
    I’ve used Method A on a brand new system 4.2E (white) and all went ok with no errors! I also played games directly from DVD and also installed on an attached hdd in uLoader. Great job, THANKS!

  67. andy says:

    After 3 months of trying to hack my 4.2e wii to play backups i finally found this site and within 10 mins i was up and running both usb and dvd+r backups work 100% i cant thank you enough

  68. Vector4 says:

    Cant thank you enough, after loosing 2 disc’s already thanks to the kids, I can now let them play with worrying if the disc willbe still in one piece.

    Many Thanks

  69. gary says:

    i am getting an dvd error -2 any suggestions?

    • adewii says:

      burn only to dvd-r, burn at a slower speed, try a different brand of disc, ensure your not using a wii with a d3-2 drive as these won’t read blank dvds at all.

  70. Bendoplasmos says:

    This fixed my problem… . And I tried many different things before I found this solution!

    The way you walk through the process is clearest I’ve seen on the web.

    Many thanks!!!

    btw: I’m on a (already hardmoded/super-old wiikey) Pal Wii fw4.2 ..

  71. LUFC1919 says:

    In WAD Manager while trying to install the uloader-UMRD wad ( step A6 and B5) I get the “ERROR! (ret = -1035)” message all the time. Ive tried both methods A and B, but same result.
    All other WAD`s installs fine. uLoader works fine and I can play backups, but I want that error away 🙂

  72. anthony plumlee says:

    hi i have been trying to get my wii set up for the uloader but i get to step a6 and all the way to the part where you install wad files

    uloader-UMRD wad
    but it just says no files found where do i get these files to install? or where did i screw up? to finish this up. btw this is the best step by step guided to doing this ive found.

    • adewii says:

      Are you on a mac or linux? Ensure it hasn’t created a hidden folder on your SD card in the wad folder. This usually causes this error.

      • anthony plumlee says:

        you are amazing man i have been trying to do this for a week now and that fixed it. 1000 kudos to you

  73. aie says:

    I just got my Japanese Wii with 4.2j. I understand that you cannot confirm this to work on Japs Wii…
    What sort of risk if something wrong happens during the process.
    I only read some katakana and hiragana… will this be problem in term of menu items?

  74. anthony plumlee says:

    i tryed hooking my usb hard drive to the wii tonight and it says

    cannot open: sd:/apps/uloader/boot.dol

    what have i done now? i have my hard drive hook up to it but no matter when i hook it up (befor i turn it on, after i turn it on, ect:) i still get the samething now the drive hasnt been formated yet but i was just trying to see if it would detect it.

  75. kunckles213 says:

    when i do wad manager, i got all of them to install, but the cIOS249-v17 wont install and i dont want to try method b for risk of bricking is there another cIOS249-v17 i can use to fix this problem or do i really even need to install it? cant i still load this from the usb without it or play disk games?

    • adewii says:

      Run GP-DOP-IOS again and ensure you’ve removed the 249 stub first. Doing method 2 will not cause you to brick. You can get away with not having 249 to use uLoader, but other applications may use it should you decide to use them.

  76. HOBBY says:

    hi there, just want to say wot a super tutorial for playing homebrew really simple and easy, done all my friends aswell however just 1 question my friend went online to play mariokart on an original game and ever since he went online his uloader stopped working is there a way to fix this? any suggestions would be grateful coz as we all know uloader is the dogs bollocks.

  77. Scott says:

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you for this. I’m no genius when it comes to things like this and your guide was 100% idiot proof and worked perfect first time. You are a star

  78. […] sorted it Nightmare!!! In the end i followed this… HOWTO: Setup a System Menu 4.2 Wii for playing backups of commercial games with uLoader Ade's S… Worked perfectly, got new mario to load from HD Thanks for your help […]

  79. Gamermole says:

    Hello i have installed the homebrew channel. and setup my system to play backup isos using method A, I have an external harddrive here and im wondering do i just need to format it and plugit into my wii with the iso files on it or do i need to create specific folders on my harddrive? also can i just insert a burnt iso into my wii and it will play? im not at home so i cant try it yet.

    • adewii says:

      Connect it and load uLoader. uLoader will format the drive. Copy games to the drive either by using originals and uLoader or copy ISO files to the drive using some WBFS Manager software.

      • Gamermole says:

        Thanks mate im going to try that now. i can play burnt isos from disk, This tutorial is amazing thank you very much. now to check if my harddrive is compatible lol.

  80. Gamermole says:

    Hi i have installed the homebrew channel. and setup my system to play backup isos using method A, I have an external harddrive here and im wondering do i just need to format it and plugit into my wii with the iso files on it or do i need to create specific folders on my harddrive? also can i just insert a burnt iso into my wii and it will play? im not at home so i cant try it yet.

  81. robert says:

    Ok so i installed all the homebrew, bootmii, and uloader to play backup games on my wii, and the mrs has just done an update, and nowit wont load uloader? any ideas or help would be greatful?

    • HOBBY says:

      alrite robert did u find a solution to your problem about uloader not working after your missus done an update same thing here at my end just wondering if u had an answer

      • robert says:

        no still not found a solution to this. my mates wii is exqctly the same and tried same game and didnt ask him to do an update so havent a clue at the minute!
        could try reloading uloader back in by using wadmanager 1.5, or using a newer version on uloader.

      • adewii says:

        Ah you didn’t mention about the update. Start this guide again from scartch if a system update has been done.

    • HOBBY says:

      cool mate il try that i think i know what went wrong i installed the 4.1E files and its obviously updated to 4.2E maybe thats whats happened keep me updated if u find a solution and ill do the same mate cheers

    • adewii says:

      Just start again from scratch.

  82. reece says:

    hi just wondering what would happen if i was to do a nintendo update either because of a game requiring it or nintendo notifying me of it and i was forced to upgrade either software or firmware i mean would i have to do it and if i didn’t would i not be able to play that particular game and would it render my wii mod useless or could i just install it all again thanx in advance

    • adewii says:

      With sys menu 4.2 you can just start over. However before doing any official updates always check what the latest version is to ensure that version of the system menu has been hacked so you can add your homebrew again.

  83. Gamermole says:

    During step A5. In GP DOP IOS. Press left on the D pad until IOS 36 is selected. Press A. Press A again. When asked to check for stub IOSs press A. A number of stub IOSs will be discovered. Press B for ‘NO’ for all IOS files except 222, 223, 249 and 250. Which you should press A to confirm deletion of. Press B for all other IOSs. When the discovery of stub IOS is complete you will be sent to the DOP-IOS menu. Press home to exit back to the homebrew channel. If you were not asked to remove 222,223,249 or 250 move to step A5.1. Otherwise to continue to step

    When i select ios 36 and press A a screen appears that says loading selected ios. howlong should this screen be on for? so far ive waited like 5 mins has it crashed?

    • Gamermole says:

      Its ok i just tried method b and that worked. now to burn a game 😀

      • Gamermole says:

        Damn i just tried a burnt game and it never worked. the game was ntsc, do they work or does it need to be pal? or maybe theres a certain way to run the game from the disk?

      • adewii says:

        With sys menu 4.2 it’s best to stick to games for your region, there are some problems with playing multi region stuff, you would need to install priiloader and allow muti region.

      • robert says:

        i suggest using img burn can download it free( google it) and to burn wii games they have to be a certain file size Nintendo Wii ISO size: 4.37 GB (4,699,979,776 bytes). also if you want to burn wii games they have to be Nintendo Gamecube ISO size: 1.35 GB (1,459,978,240 bytes) u shud be able to run, pal and ntsc, but u mite be best sticking to either pal or ntsc dependin on how u set ur video settings!

      • adewii says:

        Glad you sorted it.

    • adewii says:

      Reboot, try again, it could be IOS36 hasn’t patched correctly.

  84. piranha says:

    OMG OMG OMG !!!!!111 shift +11111

    I dont know how to thank you man. BEST guide over the web so far. Cheers !!!

    Im using a 4.2E wii and done it with method one 🙂
    easy and safe

    TY very much

    Mario calling.. have 2 go


  85. moon_wolf says:

    hi adewii i was tying to install the wiiflow forwarder and it is a wad so i have place it in the SD ROOT but wen i launch wad manager it ask me in what ios i want to install it and it make a big ??? in my mind so maiby u can tell me how i can to install it??

  86. Lively says:

    I get to installing the wad’s and get error! (ret-1). Im sure i have done somethings incorrect. thanks

  87. MissLady says:

    OMG i need help.
    I have already installed HBC and DVDX. i have v4.2U.and cannot install bootmii2 to backup. i have 2 questions..
    how do i know if prilloader is installed properly? and when i get to A4, i know to select Install an IOS that accepts fakesigning but do i continue selecting A until the machine returns me to the GP DOP-IOS MOD menu?

    im sorry if this sounds like a stupid question…i just dont know, any help would be appreciated.

    • adewii says:

      if you’ve followed the guide for priiloader and seen it’s menu page then you’ll know it’s installed correctly. Yes just follow the prompts, it’s pretty straight forward.

  88. Chris says:

    Hi and a big thank you Great mod package and one that works.. i have spent weeks trying to get dvd and usb games to play and i nearly gave, untill i tried your mod it worked without any problems..
    Thanks again and give youself a big pat on the back from me..


  89. Mask says:

    Great and concise guide. I followed it through and it worked (Method A). Unfortunately I was unsure about the bootmii process and I ommitted it. Do you think I should do it now? I suppose that I will only get a backup of the modded version, but since it is working it might protect me from later mods, right?

    Thanks again!

    P.S. I am trying to understand what exactly we managed to accomplish step by step. If I get it right we installed a patched IOS (cIOS36), deleted the Nintendo stubs and replaced them with patched versions based on IOS 37, 38 and 60? Which version of 249 are we using?

    • adewii says:

      It’s always nice to have a backup just in case, however if you were unable to install to boot2, you may have to use Priiloader as well, and that can be a tempramental git depending on your how system wants to behave. I’ve never had a problem with it personally with anyone’s Wii where I hadto install it, but you may want to read the page and the replies at the bottom.

      As for what we acheived, you pretty much have it right. You downgrade IOS15 to an older version that has a vulnerability. You then use this vulnerably to insert the trucha patch into IOS36, and then put IOS15 back to it’s original version. You then use IOS36 along with DOP-IOSs version of any title deleter to remove the stub files that Nintendo put in on the 4.2 update for the cIOS (custom IOS) files that were used for running pirated games. You then put the custom ones back on the system in place of the stubs, allowing you to run pirated software and many other types of homebrew. At the moment I’m still offering 249v17. 18 is out but I haven’t got round to testing it and I don’t like to release stuff on here without testing it for myself first.

  90. Christian says:


    Great guide. Everything worked fantastically until A6-Got file errors for all attempts at loading WADS. Tried A5.1-none of the IOS’s were available to delete! Tried Method B, went flawless until B4-once again none of the listed IOS’s were available to delete. So I skipped along to B5, but have no clue where to get the following, as they’re not on my SD card (i even tried to use NUS downloader to create them:

    uloader-UMRD wad.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Christian says:

      Solved it. Did everything on a Mac and couldn’t see the hidden files. Popped it into a PC, deleting the garbage and everything worked perfectly!

      Thanks again for the guide!

    • adewii says:

      Doesn’t sound like you downloaded the package from my site as I haven’t provided those wad files for a while. The ones you list are out of date, download the package at the top of the page.

  91. AndrewS says:

    Have installed and works well. When I plug in a USB drive and use uloader to format, the WII hangs. It just keeps playing its (uloader) music and the blue WII disk light flashes. You can not do anything else. I then used WBFS Manager to format drive. Now when uloader loads the music plays and the blue light flashes again, but systems hangs. Any ideas? BTW the USB HDD is listed in the matrix (as linked from this page) and appears to work without issue. It is a BUFFALO HD-CE1.0TU2-A3, 1TB

  92. greensapo says:

    Thanks so much for these instructions. This was exactly what I needed. Precise and clear on exactly what was needed and what to do. I spent some time reading online and was getting frustrated until I came across your guide. Everything worked perfectly on 4.2U. Thanks again for taking the time to write this.

  93. h4p1h4kr says:

    Worked for me on 4.2u! Thanks, dude!

  94. SteveC says:

    HI, Thanks again for your brilliant guide… best on the net! I have followed you guide now for about 9 wii’s for my friends. All have worked 100% OK. However, since your update to ver 4.9A uloader, I can’t get the HDD to read. They hang on the start screen and the dvd drive blue light flashes. The hdd drive is/was 100% compaitble as I have used this make 7 times now with success every time. I note that AndrewS has exactly the same problem with the same HDD model too. Funny thing is if I delete the cIOS’s and reinstall the previous uloader 3.6A package with it’s cIOS’s the drive works perfectly.
    I am wondering if the hdd is not compatible with latest versions of cIOS/uloader or if it is another problem. Any help appreciated, as I am sure AndrewS is awaiting a solution also.

    • adewii says:

      It seems there may be an issue. I would recommend you go back to the older version, which won’t be a problem unless you were planning to use any of the NAND emulation features.

      • SteveC says:

        Cheers mate.
        I did revert back to version 3.6A already.
        FYI (for future reference) I have updated all of the modded wii’s to version 4.2e using safe update method. All consoles are australian issue, and all of the hdd (with the problem) are buffalo HD-CE1.0TU2-A3
        Like I said this drive has been 100% compatible up to version 3.6 of uloader. I was getting all my friends to buy this model because it worked so well previously…..doh!

  95. djfurious says:

    i have tried both methods both of them load perfect but it still wont play blank dvd, comes up with dvd error 2 every time it is an 2006 model wii i cant understand it usb works fine but not dvd i have read the error code link no help there any idears thanks.

    • adewii says:

      There is currently no fix for this error message. Either your Wii will not support DVD back ups, or the backups you have acquired are defaulted to boot via cIOS249, which uLoader doesn’t support. I would recommend trying a different loader to see if that works.

  96. Sub-Xero says:

    Your guide has been fantastic i’m not new to modding, as i have been modding systems since PS1 days. Also work in IT which helps a little but, this guide is sweet! thank you very much.

    Although i have a 4.2E and installed bootmii as boot2, i’m still very cautious about installing wads on ios36(from my understand it runs the system menu for 4.2)…. in fact i’m still cautious about installing any wads….what IOS do you recommend i should install wads on when using wad manager? remember i followed your guide to softmod my wii. Thanks!

    • adewii says:

      If you’ve installed a custom IOS then you can use that to install wads, but in order to install the custom ios in the first place, you need to use 36. 70 runs the system menu on 4.2 Wii btw.

      • Sub-Xero says:

        So im assuming to use one of the custom IOS’s we installed through this guide?
        but which one? guessing the IOS70-64-v6687[TB+ES_diV+NAND]? or cIOS249?

      • adewii says:

        Well none of those, as I don’t supply those version numbers anymore. I assume your following someone else’s copy and paste job of an outdated guide? You can use any of them once they are installed.

  97. ajs says:

    Followed instructions and installed without issue (good work btw). I have an issue with the USB HDD. ULoader asks me to format it. I select this option. The blue disk light on the WII then just flashes and wil stay like this for hours. I have to turn off the WII to get out of this. I then formate the HDD using WBFS Manager (with sucess). Now when I plug in the HDD and load ULoader, the blue disk light flashes and ULoader doesn’t load. Any ideas as to what the issue is? The HDD is Buffalo CE1.0TU2-A3, 1TB in size. It appears to work fine from the matrix link you have listed.

    • adewii says:

      Someone else is having problems with buffalo drives, it appears they don’t seem compatible with latest uLoader. Try using an older version of uLoader. Steve C further up this page says 3.6 still works, reply to his message, he may be able to help you.

  98. anthony plumlee says:

    have a quick question. i am trying to clean out my sd card of all none must have stuff. and i have a bin file called “keys” what i need to know is if this file has anything to do with uloader or homebrew? i dont think it does cause i havent seen it on any of the other softmods i have done but not real sure. i think its a file from the doom game that i downloaded from the homebrew browser, but i cant tell because its a bin file and i cant open it on my computer to look at it. just dont want to screw up anything and brick. thanks

  99. kilwede says:

    Dude thanks alot man i owe ya one.. id spent so many times tryin to get this done and your guide was just straight up and easy to follow . i really ‘preciate it man thanks ^_^

  100. e5frog says:

    Grrreat tutorial, I had no problems at all running the “B-track” on my brand new (and updated) European 4.2E.


  101. Jon says:

    Hey i followed all your instructions and it works great untill i select the game and then i click to load the game and my wii freezes any ideas?

    • adewii says:

      Try loading it with a different IOS if possible in th games config and see if that works. If it does, reinstall the 222 wad as that probably isn’t installed correctly. Also make sure the game ISO’s you have, haven’t been pre-patched to load on IOS249, If they have, try using a different loader to uloader.

  102. tim says:

    adewii, So I’m guessing this guide is using rev17. Why not rev 18,19. Let me know if its still ok to follow this guide, if its updated

    • adewii says:

      I’m waiting for Waninkoko to sort some issues out, often is the case that a rev gets released and something is broken and needs fixing. Pretty much liek i stuck with 14, until 17. If 19 is looking strong, then I will update the guide with it.

  103. Thanks says:

    I did the steps needed to get uloader and homebrew running, and worked completely fine on a Black 4.2E model.
    Thanks again!

  104. Diarmuid says:

    Hi there adewii,

    thanks very much for the guide, I`ve been trying for days to get my wii to read my ext. hd, went through your method A and it worked perfectly. However I still have a problem, much appreciated if you could help me.

    I made a partition (30 gig) on my hd, formated it with WBFS manager (ver. 2.5), put my Sport Resort ISO on it and hooked it up to my wii.

    Uploader can see the file, when I click on “load game” the screen goes dark and nothing else happens, I`m preparing other ISOs to see if it was that which was the problem.

    My wii is from the 2nd half of 2009 (menu ver 2.4), I`m in the middle of burning a dvd to see if that will work, but I would much rather the hd version.

    Any thoughts??

    Thanks very much

  105. Tom2122 says:

    Thank you i have been trying to get this to work for months and finally it works YOU THE MAN!!!

  106. Fred Bloggs says:

    Something went pearshapped whilst installing Priiloader and it isn’t completely installed. I can’t uninstall it or reinstall it – it just throws me back into Homebrew.

    When my Wii starts it jumps straight into Priiloader and says

    Error autobooting systemmenu!
    Could not get boot stats!
    ISO v70
    System Menu V482

    Any help appreciated!

  107. matthew says:


    New to modding. I have followed the guides and am stuck with -1 error in wad manager. Sd card has wad directory and all the wads needed are inside. there are 3 other wad’s at the root of the sd card. What am I doing wrong?

  108. matthew says:


    stuck in wad manager with -1 error. what am i doing wrong?

  109. Sub-Xero says:

    Hi Please Help my homebrew channel and all other homebrew apps (Uloader) all have inverted cursor for some strange reason? the games work fine….i followed your instructions above…. so when i move the wiimote left it goes right…..but the screen isn’t fliped or anything it’s just the wiimote cursor? really strange and only in homebrew apps

    • adewii says:

      As odd as this sounds the normal fixes are to either a) shake the wiimote back and forth for a bit and it sorts itself out, or B) .You have to turn the wii remote upside down and hit it onto the plam off your hand a couple of times quite hard.

      • Sub-Xero says:

        Thanks mate, but both failed got a new wiimote from the retailer they replaced the old one…..didn’t pay a penny….and now works fine…the weird aspect was the fact that although the remote was damaged it was working on the system menu but not on unsigned codes(homebrew)…USB loader Gx, etc…weird maybe they utilize the remotes API functions in a different way when coding…strange but true…….can you believe it there’s me thinking it’s the system…and restored NAND etc….back to unmodded wii then when through your whole guide well at least if i brick i know bootmii on boot2 will at least be there for me thanks again mate

      • adewii says:

        Haha, glad you got it sorted, yeah it’s a weird one when I started researching it there was little to prove it was the mods themselves other than it only did it in the homebrew apps, but all solutions seemed to point at a hardware fault. A strange one indeed but glad you got it sorted.

  110. tehnoahzorz says:

    hey adewii, i’ve tried both methods but no matter what, when i go to use WAD manager , it says error -2011 , im trying to play castlevania the adventure rebirth, can you help at all?

  111. neversum says:

    Hey, If I create two partitions on my USB drive, (FAT32 & WBFS), will my wiiware and virtual console games load properly when placed in the proper file folders on the FAT partition?

  112. daz_edwards says:

    This is truly awesome, I’m a total noob to soft modding but following these instructions I managed to get USB Game Loading working within 30 minutes. Having all the resources to do it in 1 place is perfect, especially seen as all the links are direct downloads. Thank you so much for your work in putting this compilation together, much respect.

  113. Bruno Amorim says:

    Thanks a lot men.. I follow this perfect tutorial and the other one you have, that help us to install the homebrew channel. I have the Wii Software 4.2E and everything work’s fine.

    Very nice work. Big hug from Portugal! 😉

  114. perthling says:

    As before mentioned, using this guide it’s been impossible for me to run DVDs on 4.2E.

    Wanting to restore system to Virgin state: I’ve back up SD in case; I’ve run bootmii and uninstalled in order bootmii as IOS; bootmii; dvdx; and HBC.

    Have just now read warnings (see below) about uninstalling – have I done something wrong? My system is still on, and I’ll leave it on until I know it’s safe to turn it off. Urgent reply *greatly* appreciated.


  115. Dave says:

    I used your guide as it’s the best one I have found! My wii is softmodded and aint had any problems with it playing back ups!
    I was just wondering about playin originals though, as if I come across one in the future that has an update on it I am not going to be able to play it am I? How can I get around this?
    Also when a system update via nintendo becomes available, how do I get round that too?

    Great guide thanx!

    • adewii says:

      If your using an external HD then you can rip the game to the HD and it will work fine, or you can update the IOS files that required by downloading the necessary wad versions. This can be done with NUS Downloader.

      • Dave says:

        So ripping to a hard drive will automatically skip the disc update? even with future releases?
        I got my wii in Jan and I know for sure that I cannot play from writable disc!
        If my friends has the ability to do that will they have to update ios files and if so how would they know which ones to do?
        once again great guide, this has already updated since i done mine only 2 wks ago! I used gp dop ios mod, but that mmm is much much easier! cheers!

      • adewii says:

        It should skip the update yes. If you search the game title on gbatemp you will probably get some information on what IOS the game uses. You can just normally update the necessary IOS files or do a manual update the necessary Sys Menu by using packaged wad files using NUS Downloader.

  116. Sub-Xero says:

    hey adewii i noticed you updated the guide is it possible if you can send me the old one to my e-mail …i really prefer using GP-DOP.. thanks mate

  117. Mônica says:

    Thank you sooo much for this tutorial, really saved me!
    I just have one question: when I try to run the games that came with my Wii, it looks like they won’t work. They ask for upgrade, but I know if I do that I’ll lose my homebrew.
    Is there anything I can do to make both original and esternal HD games to work?!
    I have a new Wii, probably with the D3-2 driver and system 4.2U.
    Thanks a lot!

    • adewii says:

      If it’s on 4.2 it should be fine already. Did you also install the Gamecube backup launcher?

      • Mônica says:

        no… i just installed homebrew channel and uloader. (also erased the IOS that you say in the tutorial and runned the wad manager)

      • adewii says:

        You have probably erased an IOS file that you shouldn’t have during the stub IOS removal process. Despite them being stubbed if some game discs cant see the IOS as being there it declares it needs to update. As your already on 4.2 you have two options.

        A) Let the disc do the update, and if any homebrew gets removed, just follow this guide over again.
        B) follow this guide to install your IOS files manually:

  118. morri says:

    cod modern warefare not conectiong online?
    the game plays fine ..but not conecting.
    mine game conects but my nephew one wont
    any soulution..i moded both wiis

  119. Fernando says:

    Hi adewii!
    First of all, many thanks for the howto article! It´s great!
    I have a problem that every time I quit a game, my wii come back to Safety and Health Screen, instead of the wii menu.
    Could you possibly know how to fix it?

    – 4.2U
    – CIOS 249 rev14
    – priiloader 0.29

    • adewii says:

      Its probably a setting you have in priiloader. Check over your Priiloader settings.

      • Fernando says:

        Considering your answer, I installed a new version of priiloader (0.30). And it works!!!!


  120. Pete says:

    Is there anything that can be done to play csi deadly intent via u loader
    thanks in advance

  121. jim says:

    adewii, you are awesome dude! I manage to follow your steps all the way to softmod my Wii.

    I had a 4.0E unit. I chose to online update it to 4.2E before following adewii’s steps to softmod. Everything went without a hitch and usb via uloader is working well as it should.

    Here were the steps I used, all from adewii’s guides:

    1. Normal online update to 4.2E.
    2. Installed Homebrew, DVDX and bootmii.
    3. Followed this guide to patch IOS36 up to step 6, then followed guide to install Priiloader and made a NAND backup.
    4. Continued back on this guide from step 6.
    5. Tested with USB drive and uLoader with a couple of games, everything’s great !

    Thanks man, you made it nice and simple to understand.

  122. raghav says:

    Thanks for the guide.

    With uLoader am able to load games from original game DVDs fine..but when i load from usb i can see the game,start it. It goes till the strap ur remote message n then screen goes BLACK n frozen.

    My attempts so far:
    Restored nand successfully n retried steps all fine again.
    Tried switching between NTSC/PAL etc, ios222,224,225 with no luck.
    Also tried 2 flash disks, n a bunch of games including mario kart,party,virtua tennis. No luck with all.

    Let me know if there has been any known issues, n resolutions. Thanks in advance.

    My Setup: I had a wii with 4.2u menu untouched and the model number start L60xxxxx so under L64 as well bought in US around Nov 2008.

    I have all setup right from homebrew to uloader according to the instructions as well as all the cIOS. absolutely smooth no errors/stop blank screen.

    I have few games(PAL i suppose) on a Flash Drive, Kingston DT 2gig which is also compatible.

    • adewii says:

      Ensure the games are the right region, and ensure your television settings are correct in the wii system settings.

      • raghav says:

        yup! Tried an NTSC game on the US NTSC wii as well no luck 😦

      • raghav says:

        More updates if it can help.

        I tried backing up iso from a existing game DVD onto the Flash drive, removed the dvd n tried playing it. This works fine.

        Also..for all other games, it doesnt freeze as such as am still able to use RESET button. So kinda just the display not there.n no sound either. Any idea ?

      • adewii says:

        So the same game works from the flash drive but not a USB drive? Or are you just using disc backups?

      • raghav says:

        No. Am sorry if i wasnt clear. Am still using the Same Kingston DT pendrive. What I meant was, I took a backup of the my existing Game DVD using some dvd dumper inside the wii. Removed the game dvd. Loaded the same game from uloader and it worked fine.

        So game backed up right from my wii works alright, but the NTSC games I extracted from my friends portable usb disk and copied to mine using WBFS Manager, doesnt load up fine(black screen). So am getting to think there is no problem with the setup, but something wrong with the way the games are written to my pendrive from windows or so…

      • raghav says:

        ok. So hopefully Final Update from my side(just for the benefit of others :)) : “ITS ALL WORKING FOR ME NOW”

        So All the while(read my posts before), the problem for me was the Extraction of games from my Friends USB disk using WBFS Manager seems to be the problem. All the games that I have extracted from his disk and added to mine dont work. But the ones extracted from my own dvds or downloaded from net seems to be working fine. Not sure what exactly was the problem with WBFS Manager yet but confirmed thats the issue.

      • adewii says:

        Possibly. I would recommend extracting the ISOs to a pen drive if possible from his PC, then transfer the ISOs to your PC and attempt to add them to your WBFS drive via your PC.

  123. Jerome says:

    Thx for the concise tutorial. I got my Wiikey1 4.2U running NSMB 😉 Only issue was at step 9 when i got 8 errors – i tried previous steps to fix this but no joy. I ended up continuing and testing NSMB and everything good (so far) Cheers again.

    Any updates or other apps i should now get?

  124. Nuro says:

    I did not read step 7 correctly, and deleted some extra files. I see the “safe upgrade to 4.2 page”. After I do the upgrade, do I run through this guide again? Or will the upgrade not overwrite the work done here?


  125. Chris says:

    Hi, I installed the pack on a new 4.2 wii and am now trying to play backups from an external dvd drive. Uloader gets the game started but soon i get a message “An error has occurred Press the eject button, remover the disc, and turn the power off PLease read the operations manual for more infomation” The games I have tried are NFS Carbon and Carnival Games Both are rated as working in the matrix. Any Ideas? Would this glitch be likely to the external dvd? I am getting fustrated. Thankyou, Chris.

  126. jakeatronic says:

    Just asking, do you need any modchip or mod in your wii besides the homebrew channel to do this tutorial? ty 🙂

  127. Colin says:

    Hi all, thanks for the tut I’ve got everything working except i cant play the games off a HDD, they play of a disc fine but not the HDD. i load the iso through WBFS manager 2.5. i plug the HDD into the wii and load ULOADER. the music plays but nothing happens, it doesn’t even come up with the options of pressing 2 for dvd…. anyone know why?

  128. UltimaGanon says:

    Hey, I’d like to know what I do for this problem. I am currently using System Menu 4.2U.

    Here is what appears on my screen when I try to do step 4-6: Install and patch I0S36.

    — Downgrading I0S15 to r257 —

    Preparing downgrade of I0S15: Using 523 to downgrade to 257
    Getting I0S15 revision 523
    Could not open file sd:/I0S15-64-v523.wad
    Could not open file: sd:/wad/I0S15-64-v523.wad
    Error reading I0S
    ERROR: Downgrade I0S15 Failed (-1)

    • adewii says:

      The wad files needed are not on the oot of you SD card. Have you copied eveything from the download pack corectly to you SD not changing the folder stucture.

      • jakeatronic says:

        Awesome i have just installed everything (i think) and i am downloading a game right now!!! hope this works dude, anyway thanx!

  129. jakeatronic says:

    I just burnt wii music and put it in the right way, i opened uLoader and went to the backup disk launcher and it came up with an error that said somthing like “dvd error -1”. It might just be a damaged iso but if it keeps happening i know somthings wrong. Please help me before i waste any more of my 8.5 GB dvd’s!!!

    • adewii says:

      Use standard 4GB single layer DVD-R discs only.

      • jakeatronic says:

        sorry for the reply comment above forget about that, i found 4.7GB DVD-R discs at home, will they still work because my games are exactly the right size for them (4.7GB)

        ty 😉

      • jakeatronic says:

        Damn i forgot to delete ios222, 223, 249, 250, so i went to tiltle deleter and deleted all of them but now my uloader dosnt work at all it just says something like “uloader cannot work without ios222 and 223” then it just returns to the wii menu!!!! PLEASE REPLY AND HELP!!! ty

      • adewii says:

        The wad files for those cios files are in the download pack above, just re-install them.

  130. JasonC says:

    Several questions/problems.
    1) Have anyone upgraded to uloader 5.0 via the update option in uloader? Now everytime I start uloader, I need to unplug and replug the usb hdd before it gets read and load properly.

    2) I seem to have problem loading some particular games. When I load them, I get either a blank screen (when I need to reset the wii), or no signal gets sent to tv (which I need to hold the power button to power off the wii to restart). I’m not sure if I need to do some extra patching on the ISO before I can play them or not, but they should be all patched up as they’re downloaded. Games such as Alien Syndrome, Final Fantasy CC: Crystal Bearer, or Warioware. I have totally redid the softmod from scratch, but still no go. Burning the games gives me the same result as loading it from hdd. Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks.

    • JasonC says:

      Just an update.
      I’ve gotten a version of uloader 4.9C and just put it on my SD card to replace the 5.0, but the usb hdd still doesn’t read properly when I first start uloader. Needed to unplug and replug for it to detect. Figured I’ve done the flashing so many times, and gotten quick at it, I did it again, and the problem’s gone. So either the online update to 5.0 is broken somewhere, or some of the extra IOS flashing thing broke it (the IOS updates ran by the apps that came with 5.0)

      Still no go on those games I said previously that didn’t work, still a blank screen. Any help will be great. Thanks.

    • adewii says:

      In terms of Q2 ty changing the config settngs for the game in uloader, also make sue the ISOs you are downloading are for your region.

      • JasonC says:

        hmm..I tried downloading the iso again from another source and it worked!! It might be really what you said below about the iso needing to be the correct region. But some of the iso I swear was pal and it works, maybe some extra work was done on it to make it work on different systems. Maybe just so happens the other ones I got didn’t like my system.
        I’ll keep that in mind for future and get only ntsc ones.

  131. jakeatronic says:

    Sorry for all the comments but can you play other region games like jap games on a pal wii with uloader? (region free) thanx for all the replys so far man, usually no one hardly ever replys wen you want info from them, so i apriciate you! 🙂

    • JasonC says:

      I’ll help you out while I’m waiting for some answers of my own.

      Yes I have several PAL games that works.

    • adewii says:

      lol, bet you wish you never said that, sory it’s been so long, been a hectic week. Ninty made some changes with 4.2 so sadly they need to be your own region.

      • morri says:

        i run some games that arnt pal…i just changed the config to wii music was one

      • jakeatronic says:

        damn, i really wanted to try this bleach game in japanese(bleach vs crusade) but oh well at least im getting free working games. 🙂

  132. secret266682 says:

    ive got the uloader ok and it all works but i have to leave the sd card in for it to work is there anyway i dont have to do this or is that just the way it is?

  133. JasonC says:

    You’ll need to leave the SD card in there. Uloader runs off the SD card. Without the card, configurations for bootmii can’t be read, and homebrew apps can’t be loaded.

  134. secret266682 says:

    thanx m8

  135. secret266682 says:

    thanx for all the infomation and help guys this site is the best ive went round chippin all my m8s wii’s for em dicks round here are chargin £20 to do so am doin it for free thanx to you guys…

  136. morri says:

    thnxs againg ade…i moded my friends ith your new epress mode…i didnt need any beers this
    to easy….love ya work

  137. julie says:

    thanx for a brilliant and detailed guide…as a mod virgin i recently bricked my 8 year old daughters wii,which i had to then send to nintendo…..having got it back in a new state with 4.2 i followed your guide and all is great…apart from my nerves lol…and my daughters faith in me is fully restored….thanx again xx

  138. minorthreat says:

    the link for complete4_2 isn’t working! 😥

    • minorthreat says:

      after the millionth try i’ve got the download started, however it’s going 6-10 k/s and that’s if I’m lucky. Might be worth using a different source like multiupload or something?

      • adewii says:

        The problem is probably with your ISP for whatever reason at the moment, no one else has complained about file errors or slow download speeds.

  139. ejlover says:

    First of all thanks to you adewii for this great tutorial. I’ve softmoded my wii with your help and its working great with uLoader. But I’ve one little problem.

    I want to use the WiiFlow as an USB Loader. I’ve installed the WiiFlow from its site. It’s working and seeing the games on my HDD. I’ve downloaded the covers etc.
    But when I tried to launch the games (GH5 and Wii Sports Resort) its going into the black screen and pauses. I’ve tried to launch the games with 223 etc. just like I’m doing in the ULoader; but it keeps freezing

    I’ve read some tutorials abour the wiiflow; but I’m not sure if that installing process (includes IOS38 with 37 or something) will also fail the launch of ULoader.

    I desperately need your help about the WiiFlow installation. What should I do to make it work (with out compromising the uLoader)?

    Your help will really be appreciated. Thanks in advance, and your time for reading.

  140. Pawan says:

    I have uLoader with PAL 4.2E and it works with loads of USB games and burned DVD’s. Apparently you have to patch Monster Hunters Tri. I’ve downloaded it but when I’m in the game and click ‘Begin Game’ a black screen with a buzzing sound come up.

    • julie says:

      to pawan……i had the same problem….i ran monster hunter tri on 223 and its working perfectly fine….maybe try that…

    • adewii says:

      change it to cios 223 in the config for the game.

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