HOWTO: Install The Homebrew Channel, DVDx and Bootmii

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I recommend Complete Softmod Guide for Wii resources.

For specific details regarding uloader visit the official wiki page (needs to be translated from Spanish, The google chrome web browser offers superb translation tools built in.)


270 Responses to HOWTO: Install The Homebrew Channel, DVDx and Bootmii

  1. Alex says:

    Hi. Can you please tell me if I can softmod my Wii (serial nr. LEH273…) using this guide? Thanks!

  2. ubikwitous says:

    I hadn’t tried any of this before, but last night, I turned on my wii, updated to 4.2 and then tried the 4.2 process you’ve outlined. The homebrew channel installed great! The bootmii installed, I backed the Wii up and everything.
    I loaded up mplayer, but I couldn’t get any DVD to play. This is all I’m really looking to do. Can you help or point me towards a forum that might be useful? Thanks!

  3. bleh says:

    When I install bootmii and restart my wii, it does not automatically open to bootmii, Is this normal? I am running 4.1

  4. mollommol says:

    eey dude nice explenation thing etc…

    but my copyed games wont work so can you please
    also make a clear description how to DOWNgrade your
    wii from 4.1E to 4.0e or below please


  5. Ítalo Torres says:

    Sorry for the noobish !! but this works on 3.4u LU66 consoles ? thanks !

  6. Jules says:

    when i run the Bootmii configuration editor, i get a black screen with the text: “Exception (DSI) occured” followed by a lot of numbers.

    • Jules says:

      Oh never mind. I had a USB (NTFS) disk plugged in in the back. I removed it and now it works fine. Great walktrough! thanks a lot!

    • adewii says:

      Was you able to install to boot2? If not you don’t need to use this app.

  7. Hannibal says:

    Hi I just get the firts Wii for my sond a LU66 v3.4u new… I like to used copyed Games for him… Whats your recomendation… Thanks…

    • adewii says:

      I would do an official update to 4.2 online via the Wii settings menu and then follow the guides to softmod a 4.2 version Wii.

  8. BLACK!!STAR says:

    i got the homebrew channel, i could not get passed the install boot 2 stage because it wouldn’t let me install it and the preloader thing was confusing so now i wondering how to get the gray srceen that u need 2 finish this guide. u know the 1 that u must use the wii concole it’s self 2 contrall it because the wii remote won’t work. 😦 please help

    p.s im using 4.2E and i got my wii in october or november 2008. (i got a bad memory but i was around that time lol) my region is pal

    • adewii says:

      You need to install Bootmii to IOS instead. When in the Homebrew Channel press the Home button and then there will be an option to load Bootmii as IOS. I highly recommend you install Priiloader at some point to try and give yoursself a safety net from bricking your Wii. Or read up fully on any updates or changes you may make in the future to be utterly sure it’s not going to cause any problems.

  9. MANOJ says:

    hi i have 4.0u
    both of the file used by me ,but after dialogue of boot.dol/elf. when i press yes it freezes.
    please help me to get out it

  10. MANOJ says:

    i have tried step 5 but my screen freezes?
    plz help

    • adewii says:

      Click on the link in step 5 to use a different version of bannerbomb. What version system menu is your Wii on? Make sure your using the correct version.

  11. Hannibal says:

    Ok Thanks I will do it… Wath you thing of the USB Loader ver. 1.5 … Cant used Wii LU66 ver. 4.2 with external HDD or USB…

  12. Tony says:

    I have 4.2 and was able to load “boot 2” (I may have done so twice?) and now when I get to the Bootmii configuration editor, I get a black screen with the text: “Exception (DSI) occured” followed by a lot of numbers.

    Any help you can offer??

  13. Tony says:

    My wii is a LU31 and I am using an SD-HC if that matters.

  14. MANOJ says:

    i have 4.0u although i have tried both file in bannerbomb and many privat folders

    • adewii says:

      You just want the v1 versions of bannerbomb, not v2. Are you actually going into the system settings, choosing channels, and then choosing SD card to run it. If your just clicking the SD icon in the corner of the system menu that is next to the wii system settings button then it won’t work. You actually have to go into the wii system settings icon.

  15. wes says:

    Thank you very very much for all your guides. now i have a perfectly working 4.2e , everything working so far. just made a backup. hm, i installed everything first, like hbc, priiloader, etc etc, then i backuped it, was that dumb ? otr is it good 🙂 ?

    thanks again!


  16. MANOJ says:

    yes i have done the same process as u described here and in guide but screen freezes after clicking dialogue box to yes

  17. MANOJ says:

    from v1 versions of bannerbomb i have downloaded two zip files
    As there is no file named installer.elf (described in step 3 of hackmii_installer_v0.6 download page :”Go download the HackMii installer. Copy installer.elf to the root of the SD card, and rename it to boot.elf.”)so i have copied all other file in hackmii_installer_v0.6 to the root of sd card although it has file boot.elf.

    now i copied the private folder from to the root of sd card
    and followed the instruction as suggested by u
    but it gives a freezed screen

  18. MANOJ says:

    renaming of booy.elf has no effect

    • adewii says:

      I have re-uploaded the file as there may have been a corrupt file when I moved to sendspace last week. Re-download and try again.

  19. gwofu says:


    I am stuck on Step 4.

    I just bought a new Wii today and System Menu is 4.2U.

    I followed your instructions to step 4. The screen shows “Nothing is inserted in the SD Card Slot.” and I inserted the SD card and it froze.

    I also tried “bannerbomb alpha – v2” on this link:
    In this case, it didn’t freeze but showed an SD icon with question mark (?) and three options on the bottom (Copy, Move, and Erase).

    I have tried many file PACKs and they either freezes or shows SD icon (?). Never got asked to load “boot.elf” or not.

    Does my Wii have newer protection or was I doing something wrong?

    Please help! Thanks!


    • adewii says:

      if your on 4.2 the method is different. You need to click the SD card icon on the main system menu, not go into system settings.

  20. Neo says:

    I’m on the same boat as gwofu. It’s just today that I decided to mod it. My kids have been updating the version from what they just said. I started the modding by looking at the version and it’s 4.2u. I tried different versions of bootmii but it just froze. What should I do?

    • adewii says:

      Ensure your clicking on the SD card icon in the actual system menu, NOT in the settings menu. 4.2 method is different than 4.1 and below.

  21. MANOJ says:

    hi please help

  22. joao says:

    I do everything to install homebrew channel
    The bootmii installed, I backed the Wii up and everything.
    But I couldn´t run the back up dvd, what did I do wrong since it s the first time that install.
    Thank you for your help and good work.

  23. Hannibal says:

    Thanks for the help, it works good… For Wii LU66 v3.4u update to 4.2u and USB loader v 1.5 …

  24. MANOJ says:

    hi i have got it done from an expert
    is it possible to use it as a dvd player if it is then how

  25. Buddha says:

    Hi i have the Wii with the Menu4.2e on and have been able to install the homebrew on ok.

    i have just used Bootmii to backup the nad to SD card but there was a bad block at 1885 does this make any problems for carrying on.

  26. Buddha says:

    dam thats a fast reply

  27. J says:

    Excellent guide btw.. I’m just having a little trouble.. This is my first time doing any modding and I was doing fine until step 21.. I can’t find the Bootmii config. app… Idk what i’m doing wrong but when I click the Homebrew channel there’s just the bubbles in the background.. And when I click home on the Wiimote and go to the Launch Bootmii I get lost.. So if you could tell me how to find that that’d be awesome, thanks..

    Additional info:
    I’m was able to download Boot 2 and the IOS thingy as well as DVDX and the HBC (of course)
    I’m using the 3.3 – 4.1 version..
    And uhh, when I was backing up the NAND thing it said there was a faculty bad block at 973 if that’s of any importance… And I did skip it when it was double checking the NAND thing again

    Thanks again for your help dude

    • adewii says:

      On the root of your SD is there a folder called apps? What is in this folder?

      Don’t worry about the bad blocks.

  28. Buddha says:

    🙂 thanks for the reply bud

    ok what do i have to do now what order?

    sorry for asking but could you please tell me what files i need now so i can carry on with making my Wii run backup’s from a USB Drive?

    thanks bud for any help you can give me 🙂

  29. Philip says:

    How I can restore my wii console to default fabric values without patched/modified IOS?

  30. bacacosta says:

    Hello adewii!

    Before anything, thanks for these amazing guides. I just soft modded my 4.2E and everything worked like a charm. Could install Homebrew, Bottmii as IOS and priiloader without problems. My question is very simple: may i activate WiiConnect24 again after the installation (because of the Weather and News Channels), or this is something i just have to leave without? And where can i find a list of supported USB devices and games to play from backup, as the links in your guide give a 500 error?

    Thanks a lot for the support!

  31. Sam says:

    Big props to you!!

    I tried so many sites and youtube videos this was the only applicable one for me! Very precise instructions thank you!

  32. Rackan says:

    Hi Adewii, first of all thank you for your effort, frankly i was looking for how to download the HBC channel, after i’ve installed the 4.2J update yesterday, because as you know after the update there is no HBC on top of that it seems that my wii dosen’t play backup US games anymore, anyway i would appreciate if there is a way that you can help with this, or rather can i uninstall what you’ve listed above, because my WII is not bricked, but i accidentally install what you have listed above successfuly, but for some reason i don’t find the WAD manager to download wii channels and everytime i started my wii it give a strange noise (it’s like if the drive inside is working by itself for a short period of time)

    P.S: (Can i uninstall what you have listed above? and get my wii back to it’s previous condition?)pls help me man i don’t want to lose my machine. i’m really sorry for the long post.

    • adewii says:

      I don’t support Japanese Wii’s sorry. I would advise you to restore a NAND backup if you have one. As far as I am aware it is more difficult to play backup games from different regions on 4.2 anyway.

  33. Hannibal says:

    Can’t make de NAND it a LU100 update to 4.2U. The THC is working but the preloader don’t. I rename the .dol has the instruction docente works.

  34. Me says:

    I’ve installed everything and it all worked perfectly. I am wondering where I can access DVDx. I don’t see it in my homebrew channel. I want to be able to watch dvds and back up my games. Should I be able to see it?

    • Me says:

      I should mention that this is 4.2. Also, I had to go to homebrew browser to get BootMii Config Editor. Your instructions make it sound like it should have just been on the homebrew channel.

      • adewii says:

        Just checked the download and the bootmii config editor is already in the apps folder, so yes it should just have been there.

    • adewii says:

      You’ll need to install something like Mplayer in order to play DVDs. You should be able to obtain in from the homebrew browser.

  35. moon_wolf says:

    hello your guide is amazing, i was looking for sometink like this since i get my wii the 13.
    now lets get serius my wii is from us and i am from panama i mean my wii is u and it come with 3.4u firmware bud i upgrade it to 4.2u can i play jap games with this?? and will still be using the internet chanel and the nintendo chanel?? and this is for u vertion too because in the post everybody just talk about the E and not the U the most important for me is the internet chanel its is so important to me than this post was writed on it

    sorry for my bad english i am from panama like i said it before tanks

  36. moon_wolf says:

    thad was for me?? i just asked!!

  37. deathcomer says:

    I cant get it it to work on 4.2e. Sometimes it freezes, sometimes it has question mark. Can you help me please

    • adewii says:

      Are you sure your clicking on the SD icon on the actual Wii system menu? You don’t need to go into System settings on 4.2

  38. deathcomer says:

    Is there a potential risk of damaging the wii console if you do it for version 4.2e

  39. moon_wolf says:

    tanks for your time,
    an i almost forget, i will be able to run orginals games?? and i read the gide again and it said than the newest wii’s have a new dvd reader than unable to run back ups and i just get my wii some days ago, my serial No. is LU 389 and like my other post say i get it with 3.4u and i actualized to 4.2u i can soft mood it??

    • adewii says:

      Yes you can soft mod it. However you’ll only find out if you have the D3-2 chip DVD drive if games fail to run from DVD backup. If this is the case you can still use the USB method. You will still be able to play original games without a problem.

  40. Asta says:

    Hi, I did not get step 11 that is to install bootmii as boot 2. But I could do step 12.

    Any idea how to do that or is it not required

  41. JS says:

    Hey there. I am going to pick up a new Wii. However, I think I am going to trade it with my buddy (no interest in hack/homebrew at all) that bought his in the middle of ’08, since it won’t have the D3-2 drive.

    My questions: 1) Is the hard drive method of USB Loader GX somehow superior to using USB Loader GX to load a DVD-R? Are there reasons to not want to use the DVD-R method? 2) I know my buddy hasn’t updated System Menu recently – should I update before I hack it or leave it alone?

    • adewii says:

      Other than the fact DVDs can only be read at 3x rather than the 6x that original discs are, this can cause loading slow downs and some cut scenes may stutter. Music based games also tend to not work so well from the DVD method, so if your intending to play Guitar Hero etc I would recommend USB loading.

  42. dz nutz says:

    Hey, got a little story: I love hacking consoles – I’ve done the twilight hack, no problem. A friend recently gave me a 4.0u to hack and the bannerbomb does nothing. I have the files on the SD, going to Channels > SD but I get absolutely nothing – just a bunch of blank blocks. Two different SD cards that did work with Twilight. I’ve used every ‘variation’ of bannerbomb available. All I get is blank blocks. Verified the 4.0u again, checked the switch on the SD card, verified files were right. Man, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks -dz nutz

    • adewii says:

      Are you sure it’s a 4.0 sys menu?

      • dz nutz says:

        4.0U – just triple-checked. Should I upgrade to 4.2 and try that version of the bannerbomb? Do I still get full functionality just like I did on my 3.4?

      • adewii says:

        You might not be able to install bootmii to boot2, but that depends on the age of the wii anyway. Try the upgrade it certainly won’t harm.

  43. Nick says:

    Ok i have a 4.2 wii with homebrew channel on it from bannerbomb but when i click on it everything is running great now tho i have my apps and wad files on my sd card and wen im in homebrew channel and click to load the apps file to install it takes me to the screen but then when it says press a my wii remote wont work anymore!!!! like i tried a classic controller also and that wont work!!! now this is my issue my wii remote wont work to finish installing i have full baterries in them im so lost please help

  44. dz nutz says:

    there must be an issue with networked printers, sd cards and the wii. i read another post with a very similar issue before i found this site. all i did was format the card to FAT on another PC, transferred the files on that same PC and it picked up the indiana pwns hack no problem. i know i switched methods but it still wouldn’t read the indiana save until i formatted on the other PC. just thought i’d let everyone know. have a good one.

  45. PWS says:

    Hi and thanks for the great guide I have a 3.1 wii modded with (solderlessd2)I installed the apps as per the directions and backed it up on the sd and my computer. when I take the sd card out of the wii and run the homebrew the only thing that shows up are bubbles. I see the bootmii when I hit number 1. What did I miss, if I reinstall the sd card I get the apps again. Whn I load the loader I get an error message

  46. PWS says:

    Hi and thanks for the great advise but what do you mean by upgrade the wii is about 3 years old. when I restarted the wii after the install it never asked for and upgrade. So how would I upgrade, or should I just reinstall the whole thing again. Also does the sd card have to stay in the wii for the apps to work or does is get saved to the wii, so I can take it out.

    • adewii says:

      I’m unsure what your asking? What do you want to upgrade? Everything on this page and in the download link is the latest version.

  47. sum kid says:

    hey it works perfectly, this guide is totally idiot proof


    • adewii says:

      Nothing. It’s only recommened purely as a way to stop accidental upgrade of the wii offically from nintendo. Especally if other family members use the wii and the upate message comes up when they are using it and then press yes. Bye bye homebrew.

  48. JJ says:


    So i upgraded my own wii 4.2e with succes. now im truying to upgrade a wii for a friend wich has 3.3u system on it. problem is im stuck at the first part i cant get the sd card to start up the installation.
    So you know whats going on? or should i just upgrade the system to 4.2e firmware?

    Thx alot already!

  49. JJ says:

    scrap that question i asked was being a total fool. dint went to channel menu for the sd card 😛 all finished now thx for the awesome finger licking good walkthrough.

  50. kathy says:

    Hi adewii,
    I need your advice. I have a wii 3.3E. I installed hbc with twilight hack, everything went fine. Now I’d like to play backup games, but I’m stuck. I tried to install the backup loader but it gave me an error message, it would need a cIOS installed and it’d go to the Internet but I don’t want to connect my wii to the internet…
    Then I tried neoGamma yesterday and it everything went black, I had to reboot. Then I tried to install bootmii and it got a grey screen with 3 icons and never would leave from there…

    Thanks in advance,

  51. moon_wolf says:

    tanks for everytink adewii now i have hbc and uloader installed all the steps was so clear for me and i speec spanish now i will donwnload ff cb and will see if it work now my problem is than i had go to uloader for see if it work and i has press B for go out and nothink happenet the i pressed home and in the screnn apeared DSI esepcion i turned off and desconeted it and try to turn it on again but i just got a black screen i repit the prosses and it has ran normal but i am scary of enter again can i enter or it is dangerous tanks

    Pd: wao my english is horrible

  52. Moose says:

    I am able to install bootmii boot2 successfully, however when I reboot my wii it just goes to the system menu like normal. I remember seeing someone say that they tried a different (nintendo certified) SD card and that got some part of bootmii to work for them that wasn’t before. I’m using a pretty generic 2 gb SD (not HC) card, should I buy a nintendo certified card to see if that works (or better yet, do you know of any kind of compatibility list?), or do you think its something else? My wii has 4.2U.

  53. rob says:

    I keep seeing SD card, is there anyway that it could be done with an external hard drive, by sdimply connecting it to the usb socket in the back and doing it from there

  54. deathcomer says:

    hi i installed everything on menu 4.2 but dvdx, because it says something like not applicable in area what does that mean. And i downloaded dvdx from the homebrew channel how do i use it cause it never seems to work. Thanks

  55. bobtracy says:

    hi having probs getting homebrew on my 4.2e wii says no vulenerable ios please help

  56. xdandamann says:

    Hi, i am on step 14, i installed everything and when i reboot i do not get a gray screen. it takes me back to the regular wii menu with the channels and i am able to use my wii remote still.

  57. sadsack says:

    Hey Adewii,
    Watched your vids on utube, the ones where you did your m8’s 3.1e, I too am on a virgin 3.1e, and wanted to follow your vid as a guide, but now it seems it is no longer available.
    could you tell me the main differences between your vids then, and what software has changed,…
    Don’t know if i’m right, but there seems no point in going to 4.2, … if 4.2 is only a protection update.

    would really appreciate a little help….

    p.s. will you be doing anymore vids, as there about the best i’ve seen so far.


    • adewii says:

      The guide has been somewhat updated since I last did the video, however hopefully the instructions are straight forward enough to follow, they will still work on your 3.1.

      I doubt I’ll be doing many more videos as they are quite time consuming.

  58. Lee says:

    hi!! i just brought a wii

    THE Version is 4.2U
    The serial start with LMH

    is it able to use ur 4.2 method to softmod the
    wii console??

  59. deathcomer says:

    sorry havent been on in along time, i am on 4.2e and when i click normal install or any type it says error giving a long number then error installing stub ticket. can you help please???

    • adewii says:

      I need the exact error code and what it is your exactly doing to get to the code, step by step!

      • deathcomer says:

        it gives error code: 1030002011 installing stub ticket.

        Since i already have HBC installed, i got to homebrew browser click on dvdx 3.2 and download i return to downloader, click on the app and click load. Then the scree gives the option to install or exit, i click on install then it says error 1030002011 installing stub ticket.
        Help please??? have no clue. still on 4.2e

      • adewii says:

        Right, dvdx 3.2 is only compatibile with sys menu 3.2, you need to find the correct version for sys menu 4.2.

  60. Ian says:

    Great guide.. I am having a bit of a problem with the bootmii configurator it wont load but gives me a DSI error.

    System is 4.2e

    Steps taken

    Installed HBC
    Installed DVDx
    Installed Boot2
    Installed Bootmii as ios
    Created Nand Backup

    Launched bootmii configurator from HBC get the DSI errors. I have tried both an SDHC card (original card to do all above steps) and also a SD card I copied all the files over from the SDHC card. Both cards boot the wii into the grey screen where you use the front panel buttons ot navigate. Bootwii configurator works with neither.

    Thanks in advance

    • adewii says:

      Are you able to go into the HBC from the Bootmii screen and launch the config editor that way?

    • Ian says:

      I was launching it from the HBC accessed from the Bootmii screen, but having seen your reply tried from going to the wii main menu then the hbc. This seemed to work, I say seemed as on repeating the procedure it gave me a DSI error again.

      Playing around I found that if i go to the HBC channel from the main wii menu not bootmii it seems to work 50% of the time.

      However I also then tried using the homebrew browswer, and had got DSI exception errors occasionally with this. So the big question now is why am i gettint these, has something gone wrong with the soft mod? should i start over? is it even possible to start over?


      • adewii says:

        They are generally harmless, but it does seem like something may be wrong. Just follow the guide over, it will overwrite the existing hacks. You could also try using a different SD card, or format the current one to FAT32 and copy the contents back to see if that resolves the issues.

  61. paul w says:

    hi pal i done my mates wii and it worked no prob i put uloader in and workes no prob with backup games on disk the prob now is that they have installed bbc iplayer i guess they updated it aswell and now u loader is not working how do i fix it

  62. yeay! says:

    This worked Flawlessly!!! Just follow the directions and no problems at all!! i have 4.2u

  63. lee jian wei says:

    is 1GB SD card enough ? or reali need at least 2GB SD card??

  64. lee jian wei says:

    hi! i had finsished installed the 3 installtion. and everything was i was return back to the Wii Menu, the homebrew channel was there. so i reboot the wii. but i didnt get anything of how to backup the system?

    can u guide mi again?

  65. lee jian wei says:

    hi !! i succesffuly SoftMod 4.2U version…..

    Thank you !!

    Any idea how to install Wiiflow?

  66. puyo says:

    Do you have to complete the bootmii to boot2 step? Can i just install and use the homebrew apps without it?

  67. Martin says:

    Wii v3.4. I installed bootmii to boot2 & ios. both completed with message success. but when i reboot wii doesn’t display gray screen that i am expecting. wii bought towards end of 2008. Any ideas? I

  68. Emerald92 says:

    I can’t seem to install homebrew or anything for that matter.
    When I put the installers on the SD and plug it in to the wii, it says it is loading and then one of three things happens:
    1) it comes up as a blank SD i.e. all channels are blank
    2) It freezes
    3) There is a ? channel that says something like “this format is not supported”

    Please help

    • deathcomer says:

      emerald what version are you on. If 4.2 or above then make sure ur clicking on the sd card icon in the bottom left, or if you below then go to channles, and make sure it is on the root of the sd card.
      i originally had the same problem

    • adewii says:

      ensure your using the correct method for installing te hombrew channel dependant on what version system menu you have.

      • Emerald92 says:

        I found the problem! It had to have the Bootmii stuff inside a folder on the root called “bootmii”. It was named something else. Oh and I get error #002 when trying to load NSMB with ocarina. Why?

      • adewii says:

        is your cheat file massive? Try using one with just a few cheats in.

  69. Kaycee says:

    Are there any kind of Nintendo Wii games for sale that do not require you to use the movement sensor element?

  70. whatsup says:

    I was wondering if its okay not to backup the wii if im just using the home brew browser

  71. Gamermole says:

    My wii went off while making a copy of the nand files and now when i turn my wii back on the screen is all blury and i dont go to the grey screen where i can only use the buttons on the front of the wii. how do i get onto that grey screen so i can resume my install?

  72. deathcomer says:

    emerald i use to have the same problem the cheats that you are using are momstprobably clashing, try using a few at first then put more on the sd card lter.

  73. christian says:

    words cannot describe how much i love you for this walkthrugh. i finaly got the homebrew browser to work 😀

    sry for the bad english. i am from denmark and not that god at english

  74. piranha says:

    Thank you very much my friend. 🙂

    Instaled all 3 without any broblem easy and safety :)))

    I ll come back for other questions and stuff, since i just got my wii and im kinda newbe.

    BTW you should add a donation button on your blog.
    Good work and the assist always get rewarded 🙂

    thank you so much.

    ❤ John

  75. piranha says:

    So what do iave to do to play burned disks ?

    I mean what application needed to HBC and where to find?

  76. Tarz says:

    Hey there adewii. I just recently bought a Wii and im on systems menu 4.2u. I downloaded hackmii installer. Can you please tell me which files i should copy on the SD Card to install. Plus, once i install DVD X will i be able to play burned games

    • adewii says:

      Follow the instructions on this page to get you going and then via the homepage to set it up for playing backups. However if your Wii is brand new it will have the newer DVD drive in it which will not read backups. You will have to go down the USB method.

  77. stephen says:

    I was able to get to step 13 without a problem, then when the instrucions say keep going back to main menu, then reboot, I was unable to do this, I encountered a black screen with a page full of error codes when I tried to go back to main menu.

    So I rebooted from the black screen, but didn’t get the grey screen and the back up Nand SD card option,also I don’t have the dvdx screen in the homebrew channel.

    Any help regarding this would be appreciated,I am running version 3.1 e

    • adewii says:

      Install over again, the error is probably nothing to worry about. However if you can’t install to Bootmii to boot2, then you won’t see the grey screen on boot.

    • adewii says:

      You can ignore the error. You won’t get the grey screen unless you was able to install bootmii to boot2. If you were then do the installation again. You won’t see a DVDx app in the homebrew channel, it’s just installed into the nand.

      • stephen says:

        Thanks for the info, I reinstalled bootmii again, and I was able to exit back to main menu, without any problems this time.

        I hit the reset button, but on reboot, it loaded up to the main menu, no grey screen with 4 icons.So, I shut down the Wii, and turn it back on again, this time I saw 4 icons for about 2 seconds, then it loaded to the main menu.

        So, I am unable to get to these icons to back up to the SD card, so is there another way to do a backup, because I am unable to get to this backup to SD card option.


      • adewii says:

        When you installed bootmii was it installed to IOS or boot2? If it’s IOS you need to access it via the homebrew channel. Press home in HBC and then load Bootmii. This is the only way to access bootmii if it is unable to install to boot2.

  78. JihadJoe says:

    Dude thanx for the guide, I’m a game developer and I shouldn’t encourage this but I get tired of 300+ games lying around my tv. Listen up man do you by any chance know what version of DVDx is best suited for 4.1E and do you know where I can get DVDx google is cluttered with a lot of bullshit talk. I followed your guide so I’m pretty sure I installed DVDx but I get the DVD error -2, and I got my Wii mid 2008.

    • adewii says:

      Try installing the cios222 as well, dvdx is somewhat broken these days, but the hackmii devs don’t have fixing it high on their list.

  79. stephen says:


    If the reply at 3.22pm is for my question from 9.51am, I was able to install bootmii to boot2 and IOS, the screen indicated both installation were a success, so I assume installation went okay.So how do I access the back up to the SD card option? and why would the 4 icons only appear briefly on the screen during boot up, rather than a fixed image, so I can do the backup?



    • adewii says:

      Have you configured bootmii config editor in the homebrew channel to autoboot to the sys menu? This is the only thing I can think off.

  80. Sam says:

    I have all programs i need when i to the first step wii remote wont work any ideal try use dreamcast remote wont work

  81. stephen says:


    I have now been able backup to the SD card by following your intructions by going through Bootmii, but how can you tell if the installation to boot2 was successfull, because it seems like it hasn’t, even though the screen indicated it was during installation.When I turn the Wii on, it boots to the normal Wii menu screen, with the homebrew channel, does that mean it is not booting up from Boot2?


    • adewii says:

      Either it didn’t install correctly or you’ve told bootmii config editor to auto boot to the system menu, or you’ve deleted the bootmii folder from the SD card.

  82. The_amazing_Hacker says:

    What happens when im backing up and i get a bad block instead of a processed block?

    • adewii says:

      Nothing, it was probably a bad block during manufacturing. It’s nothing to worry about.

  83. stephen says:

    Thanks for all your previous help, just one last question, after you install dvdx, how do you know the program has been installed successfully, as the menu doesn’t show any link to the program?

  84. anthony plumlee says:

    i have a quick question. i have homebrew and uloader up and working flawlessly on my wii. however i softmoded a friends wii and after i got it all installed i was checking to make sure everything was working properly. when i went to the homebrew browser his was picking up alot more games and stuff in it than mine. so i thought that it had done some sort of update on the browser. so i went back to mine and still the same as it was before. the only thing i cam figure out is that i got my homebrew and browser from another download site, not your. so im thinking that some of the download on mine is not correct. im wondreing if there is anyway to remove the download of homebrew and browser without bricking my wii and or loosing everything ive done like the uloader? i pretty much kinda got my stuff on my wii from here and there before i found your site and much prefere you stuff better. i would really like to switch mine over to all your stuff. but i want to make sure i do it properly and not brick. thanks

    • adewii says:

      just delete the homebrew browser app from the apps folder on your SD, and download the latest one from the links section on the right hand side, and place that inside your apps folder.

  85. allan/anime man says:

    can you download home brew to the wii using the internet channel, and then choose to download files to the sd card in your wii? will this work like downloading anything else that you download normally to the wii?

  86. missy says:

    Hi there Ade,

    I have system version 4.2, loaded HBC, DVDX and BOOT as IOS, CIOS 222 / 223, also an external HDD with configurable USB Loader – all working perfectly..

    Yep – I’ve not backed up my Nand…

    following your guidance here:

    I have installed Pri loader, however when I go to HBC & lauch Bootmii all I get is a black screen… Can you advise what I need to do?..



    • adewii says:

      Can you access it from Priiloader? If not reinstall it.

      • Missy says:

        I’ve already installed priloader (from the files on this website)

        I followed the tutorial, however at HBC, load bootmii = black screen!,,,,

        I am a noob, please could you post some guidelines?..

        I do have my wii working with the configurable usb loader & a 320g hdd…
        just want to be able to make a backup incase!..

        many thanks,


      • adewii says:

        ensure the bootmii folder is on the rot of the SD, if it is, backup everything on your SD to PC. format SD, copy back and try again. If still doesn’t work try a different SD card. Pref one that is 2GB of less in size.

      • Missy says:

        Any ideas Ade?…



      • adewii says:

        reinstall bootmii.

  87. deathcomer says:

    hey adewii told u earlier about the stub ticket well found the problem gotta download the hackmii installer v.06 so it will install it as ios. Thanks for the help

  88. sam says:

    when im trying to install the channe and dvdx i cant use my wii remote plz help what do i do? i dont have any other controls connected but it still doesnt work

  89. Alex says:

    so i bought a new wii a few weeks ago upgraded it to 4.2U. Im stuck on step 7 when it freezes. The step 5 download for 4.2 and makes it freeze after i press 1 to continue. i downloaded hackmii and there wasnt a installer.elf just a boot.elf so i used that. With and it will freeze as its loading the sd card before the “run boot.dol/elf?” pops up. i tried two of the “…other?” and its just shows up as a question mark on the wii and says i can load these files or what not. when im trying these the only files on my sd card are: Apps, Private, Privateold, and boot.elf. let me know what i did wrong please. wiiconnect is off.. 1gig sd card.. im not sure what more info you would need.

    • Alex says:

      I figured out my own problem. Adewii: i think a part of your guide is confusing, or for me it was. after you load the sd card and its hangs for that 10 seconds you have to press 1 to continue which makes me think 1 is the main “continue to the next screen” button. But i found out once you get to the install screen the “A” button is used as the “continue to the next screen” button. this got me and i wouldn’t of figured it out unless i got frustrated and started pressing buttons lol. I think this is the problem people have with it freezing cause they think they need to press 1 not A to continue.

      • Jonathan says:

        I am still stuck with the Question Mark… How did you get past it? I have tried all versions and still no luck! Help… 😉

        Thanks in advance!

  90. David says:

    Hi there,
    I’m running 4.1E.
    I followed your guide, but I got stuck at point 12 (I was not able to install as boot2): when trying to install as IOS I get this:
    Mounting SD card…
    FAILED (-1)

    then when I want to exit (there’s nothing else) I get:
    Flushing log file…
    Unable to mount file system, could not flush log to SD.

    here I can’t do anything, pushing buttons don’t work, I need to turn off Wii

    thank you for your advice!

    • adewii says:

      Format the SD card, and start again. If problems still persist, try a different card.

      • perthling says:

        Hi adewii. Appreciate you going to all this effort to help people – I’m just trying to play DVDs (only) as I don’t have a DVD player, downsizing my loungeroom due to toddlers fingers!!

        I’m having same error as this op. HBC and DVDx install fine. Error on bootmii. Have reformatted SD card, tried again – same problem. Seems I can’t/shouldn’t bypass the bootmii step either. And I’ve read a bit about this “nand” thing, and the wisdom in backing up properly to help resolve future problems if the Wii gets bricked.

        Any other workarounds you know of for the “Unable to mount…” problem, and bootmii failed install? Thanks!

      • adewii says:

        Have you tried another SD card? Pref one that isn’t a HC one!

      • perthling says:

        Failed to provide relevant info – Wii system v4.2E, was using a Panasonic 4GB SDHC that was previously used in a Camcorder (but formatted to FAT32).

        Subsequently went and bought a 2GB Kingston(?) SDHC. Formatted to FAT32. Unzipped the 4.2 version of package as directed, and it’s all installed fine – including boot2.

        Now I’m one step away from getting DVDs to play. I understood this would have installed DVDx.2 but can’t get Mplayer CE v.076 to play DVDs.

        I think this is one for another forum, so I’ll keep looking. But for other users, if at first this process fails – just do as the man says, try a new/different SD card.

  91. Alex says:

    I have a problem when trying to open Homwbrew Browser. When i open it everything goes fine until its tries to download the homebrew list and its just says “failed to recieve the homebrew list” a few times and goes back to the homebrew channel. i havent deleted anything at all from the sd card. its a scandisk sd 1gig, not locked.

    • adewii says:

      Make sure your Wii is online.

      • alex says:

        It connects to fine before downloading the list’s. its gets the first list fine but never the Homebrew one. do i have to have a certain amount of free memory on the sd card?

      • adewii says:

        Yes you will need free space on the SD.

      • alex says:

        homebrew browser v0.3.8
        waiting for network to initialise… network initialised.
        attempting to mount sd card.. sd card mounted
        attempting to mount usb device… unable to be mounted
        ip address of successfully retrieved
        server check pass
        requesting repositories list list received
        requesting homebrew list.. failed to receive list (x4)
        then it brings me back to HBC
        v4.2u boot2 is IOS.

  92. david says:

    Wii was on 3.4e but the DVD drive is non functional. I installed using guides from here to run uLoader etc to run from USB drive.

    This was partially successful. But… sometimes apps from Homebrew Channel would produce black screen, sometimes they would work.

    Backups from USB drive would sometimes work and sometimes not.

    So I did an official update to 4.2e

    Re-installed bootmii, homebrew and dvdx (as per guide for version 4.2)

    Bootmii was to boot2

    I now cannot run Homebrew Channel from either bootmii screen or Wii main menu

    When I run it there is only a black screen.

    Any ideas?
    Is there a way to clean everything out so I start back at a clean Wii on 4.2e



  93. GmerChik says:

    I was just wondering, I have downloaded the Homebrew channel, the dvdx and the bootmii and all went well, but what I was wondering was does the dvdx play Blueray dvds?

    • adewii says:

      No, it doesn’t have the ability to read bluray, the drive itself is just a normal DVD drive.

  94. SteveO says:

    I just got a wii with 4.2U. It will only allow Homebrew channel , DVDx install and BootMii as IOS. It wont do or allow BootMii as Boot2.

    I want to use the USB Loader feature. How can I do that?

    Thanks for your help!

  95. kegster says:

    I have heard about issues with a LU64 serial Wii, will this process work with one of those? I read elsewhere about a 50-50 shot at getting a brick.


  96. GmerChik says:

    ty you guys.. i got it too work in like 6 mins.. but do anyone know how too do neogamma?? if so can you email me and tell me know?

  97. Arash says:

    i’m trying to install hombrew from here
    but everytime i put the sd card in
    it says “the device inserted in the sd card slot cannot be used”
    i tried different sd cards but i got the same error message.
    can you help me with this?!
    and i have another question can i run the game that i downloaded and burned on the dvd with this hombrew?!

    • adewii says:

      Are the SDs SDHC ones? Try normal ones. 2GB or less.

      • Arash says:

        no their normal ones!
        but the problem is when i put the cards empty their working but when i copy the files to the card and put it in wii i got the error!

      • adewii says:

        Are you using a Mac or Linux? Make hidden files viewable and ensure there are no odd ./ hidden folders.

  98. Icemangq says:

    Just curious I want to softmod my wii. I just boaght my wii last week. I can still softmod my wii with your guide with my (new)version of wii right?

    • adewii says:

      Yes, but you probably will not be able to use the Wii’s DVD drive.

      • icemangq says:

        i looked up my model and it said there was like a 23% chance that the drive is D3-2.So I guess there isa chance it would work with the cd

      • icemangq says:

        **meant to say dvd** on last msg

        also can you play the game(PAL) files directly from the external HD .. or do they have to be extracted?

      • adewii says:

        You can play them straight from the HDD

  99. lakey says:

    hey tried to get rid of the bootmii menu upon starting the wii with no success please help my 7yr old driving me mad!!

  100. kwhite1988 says:


    I have a really stupid question but I looked over the blog and can’t find an answer to it. I know that I have to update my Wii through Homebrew instead of Nintendo once it’s been hacked. How do I do this? I’m trying to find the right way to update the system with Homebrew and I want to do it the right way. Any help would be much appreciated.

  101. Davo says:

    Have softmodded 4 Wii’s so far using your method.
    You are the man.
    Your tut’s are very easy to follow as well.

    Thanks again.

  102. Arash says:

    i tried with your instruction bu i got the same error message “the device inserted in the sd card slot cannot be used”
    help please!!!!

    • adewii says:

      You *must* be using SHDC cardd with a high capacity. I recommend you use an SD of around 2GB in size.

      • Arash says:

        Dude! im an IT technician i know the difference between SD and SHDC
        i have two sd cards one with 512 mb and the other one is 2 GB
        they’re working perfectly with the wii!
        but when i copy the these files to the cards i got this error

  103. bbsclady says:

    I softmoded my wii and the site told me to delete the bootmii files from the sd card and never said anything about backing up my wii.I have THC and can play dvds. I can’t play any backed up games and my wii wont go in stand-by mode so i can’t charge my wii remotes. Can you tell me how i should fix these problems. Is there an ap for playing these games.Please help!!

    • adewii says:

      Click the link for my homepage up top, and follow the guide for modifiying a sys menu 4.2 for installing uloader.

  104. Sergio says:

    I have 3.3E european Wii with bootmii and IOS of Hermes 222/223 and waninkokos 249 rev 17, i have the your shape wii and in the wiiscrubber have update of IOS BOOT2 , IOS9 and IOS58, i read in foruns the possibility of brick if update from original disk, Its true in my case?

    Thanks for any information.

  105. aka says:

    I followed all the steps but whenever I restart my wii and it goes to the 4 boxes I click on the Wii box and then my screen goes blank and I can’t do anything

    Also when I click on the Homebrew Channel box it loads the homebrew Channel but then i cant do anything because my controllers don’t turn on and I tried syncrinising it but it still didn’t work

  106. emma says:

    hi mate we installed it and everything fine, but when it came to getting on the homebrew browser and the savegame manager it was having none of it, the save game manager was sending up a black screen and staying like that and the browser kept saying unable to initialise network, plua when we restarted the wii the grey screen and 4 boxes didnt show up,, can you help please???

    • adewii says:

      Did the grey screen show up before? You’ve either removed the bootmii folder from the SD card or your Wii has the nwer version of boot2, in which case they grey screen won’t show up.

      As for the crashes, I would advise trying another SD card, or formatting that one and copying everything back across.

  107. Zuhaib says:

    I know this sounds a bit n00bish, but do you have to do a NAND backup?What are the chances of bricking your wii with this hack?
    I haven’t tried it yet, but i don’t think i will be able to install BootMii to boot2, and i don’t want to go into the whole backup process. Is it safe for me to softmod it without backing up with bootMii?

  108. benc says:

    i made a back up of the NAND, and im going to put it on my PC, but can i delete it off the sd card, or do i have to keep it on there forever?

  109. GP says:

    hi, would jsut like to say this is the first guide i’ve come across that has worked and didnt confuse me greatly, you deserve a large sugary item of your choice for such an exemplary guide!

  110. anthony plumlee says:

    i know this maybe a bit off the wall, but i have a buddy who has seen what i have done to my wii. he own an iphone and would really like to have it jail broke. i told him that if i could find a good walk through step by step like this one i would have no problems attemping it. so my question to you is do you know of a good walk through website for this suck thing? if not no biggie just thought you may know of one. thanks

  111. JamesB says:

    Ok this is driving me insane now, can someone help please?

    I bought a new Wii last night and used the update util to update, So i assume that i am on 4.2.

    The confusion im getting is about installing homebrew.

    1, i read that prior to installing Homebrew i should install Priiloader and patch IOS36. Guide says go to and follow 2,3 and 4.

    2, step 2 is “Power on your Wii and go into the Homebrew Channel.” but i cant go in to a homebrew channel because it isn’t installed…. because i have to install Priipatch first.

    Basicly all i want to do is backup/play games from and external hard drive. Could anyone help me pleeease! :))

    ty in advance

    • adewii says:

      You can’t install priiloader until after you install homebrew channel and patch ios36. At no point anywhere on these pages does it say otherwise.

  112. Dev says:

    I did the first 5 steps. Then when I get to part 6, there isnt anything asking me about running any software. I had downloaded the wii system menu 4.2 because I made a mistake and updated to 4.2. Please help me out.

    • adewii says:

      Make sure your following the method for launching the software for 4.2 systems. 4.2 is launched differently to 4.1 and below.

      • JamesB says:

        Hi I got it working, i think i was just misunderstanding what i was reading but all is great now.

        Thanks for the guide!!!

  113. Adam says:

    I have Wii version 4.2 and im getting the same errors as most people when installing DvDx, i can assure you that i have the right installer as there are only 2 to choose from, DvDx 3.2 installer and DvDx installer. i have the later. I try to do the basic install and i get the normal error, I click advanced install and i go threw all of the IOS#’s and everyone of them does not work so i dont see how im supposed to be able to install this. If you dont know how to get this to install then is there any other way to watch DvDs on the wii? thanks and this is a great walkthrough btw, i used it all the way through the install.

  114. Igal says:

    I softmoded my wii (upgrade from previous softmoded version 3.4 i think). Everything went good, except that homebrew channel installation somehow failed, so now i have 4.2U wii, with backup launcher channel, but no home brew channel. Any ideas how i can add the homebrew channel?

  115. JamesB says:

    Hello Again Ade,

    Just a quick question.

    Im pretty Sure my wii has the newer Internal drive, So i shouldn’t be able to play backup games from my internal drive but i should be able to play from a USB DVD drive.

    Is it possible to rip a backup game from USB DVD to USB Hard drive?

    Thanks in Advance

  116. JESUS says:

    My wii 4.2 LEH 29********* shows when I start the hackmii

    homebrew “can be installed”
    DVDs “can be installed”
    Bootmii “can not be installed”

    How can I do??


    • adewii says:

      Follow the guide as instructed for those that cannot install bootmii to boot2.

  117. briggs says:

    if your game don’t load Download this

    add this to sd card here

    “SD:/apps/usbloader_gx/” or “USB:/apps/usbloader_gx/”

    replacing old boot.dol

    don’t matter if yourSD/apps/uloader don’t have the gx next to it.

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