Ade’s Choice 42: Metroid Prime Trilogy

These pages are no longer supported.

I recommend Complete Softmod Guide for Wii resources.

For specific details regarding uloader visit the official wiki page (needs to be translated from Spanish, The google chrome web browser offers superb translation tools built in.)


2 Responses to Ade’s Choice 42: Metroid Prime Trilogy

  1. Jason says:

    I have softmod wii 4.1U tried to do preloader .30 did exactly what you said changed names all that step by step get this

    got root unable to read ticket

    help please

    • adewii says:

      What version of the hackmii installer did you use as the ticket name was changed in the 1.0.6 version to evade the system menu 4.2 issues. If you used an earlier version try using the 1.0.6 installer. It will just upgrade the homebrew channel to the latest version which may help you out.

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