HOWTO: WBFS Manager for Windows basics.

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I recommend Complete Softmod Guide for Wii resources.

For specific details regarding uloader visit the official wiki page (needs to be translated from Spanish, The google chrome web browser offers superb translation tools built in.)


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  1. Aaron says:

    Thanks for that mate can I use part of my ext drive
    as I only have a 1TB and need space for other
    thanks Aaron

    • adewii says:

      Yes, you can create two partitions on the drive. using Disk Management, which can be found when you right click my computer and click ‘manage’

      As you’ll have to delete the current partition in order to create 2 seperate ones on the disk be sure to backup any data on the drive first.

  2. boggled101 says:

    Hi Ade, the iso files on pc are 4.37, when you use the WBFS manager to copy over to the WBFS drive, does it copy the whole thing or only the game data?

    • adewii says:

      Only uses the game data. For example Wii Sports would only use 0.80GB of your hard disk space.

  3. Aaron says:

    Hi mate I have split the drive before I messages you
    so I have it in 2 parts but the prob is the wbfs
    still won’t load that part of the drive
    any clues
    thanks Aaron

    • adewii says:

      In windows make sure both partitions are formatted to NTFS. Connect the drive to your wii. Let uLoader discover the device and it will ask you to format to WBFS. It should then ask you what partition to use.

  4. Aaron says:

    Done that mate even tried loading a game via the wii drive
    but it still won’t pick up in the manger

    • adewii says:

      So the drive has games on it and works on the Wii?
      When you conenct it to the PC do you get two drives show up? One that the computer should be able to read if you access it and another that should say ‘disk needs formatting do you want to format?’ or along those lines (click no to that question) make a note of the drive letter for that one and load WBFS Manager. in WBFS manager change the drive letter to the drive that asked you to format, then click the load button next to it. If it still doesn’t work then I am baffled!!!

  5. Aaron says:

    Done all that mate to the word still no joy
    no big deal mate
    thanks Aaron

  6. aaron says:

    i have formated the drive back to 1TB and tried that still no joy
    the wii picks it up but wbfs manager wont
    thanks aaron maybe the drive just wont work on wbfs

  7. aaron says:

    i will give that ago mate it works fine
    on a 8gig memory stick

  8. aaron says:

    i updated wbfs manager to v3 and it picks it up
    but only when the drive is not split
    bit strange going to get a 200gig drive just for the wii best way i think
    thanks aaron

  9. boggled101 says:

    Hi Ade, just downloaded WBFSManager3.0-RTW-x86, went to install on pc and it failed just after asking me to install Net framework 3.5 sp1. Now I’m trying to connect to Microsoft website for updates but it comes up as “IE cannot display the webpage” yet here I am connected online. Nor could I get any other “microsoft” webpages? Can I get it else where and any reason the install failed?

  10. Steve says:

    Hey, thanks for the links. I started over from square one, I did everything as directed in your instructions. I got everything loaded successfully but it still says “error no disc” on the backup launcher. Any idea what might be causing this? I did notice on my wii the serial number starts with “LU316”. Do you think that might be an issue? If so, could you direct me in the right direction on what I might do next? Also, what is the uLoader all about? Should I look into using that instead? If so, what would I need to buy to use that, because I have the uLoader channel on my Wii now. Thanks.

    • adewii says:

      Make sure you using DVD-R discs, and if necessary burn them at a lower speed. 1x if necessary, maybe even try a different brand of discs. I see no reason why it shouldn’t work. DO you get this with every game? Or do you only have the one ISO at the moment? uLoader allows you to load the ISO files onto a USB drive that you format to a WBFS file system and use an application called WBFS Manager so that Windows can read and write to the drive. This enables you to attach a USB drive to your Wii and run the games directly from the USB drive without having to burn any ISO files to blank DVDs.

    • carl says:


  11. 5reeds says:

    I seem to have a problem, probably all my fault but maybe you can help. I have 2 USB drives, one is a 350 Gb WD passport that I use for general backup, the other is a 500 Gb WD book for Wii use. I orginally had the whole 500 Gb partitioned for WBFS for Wii games. I had a mixture of games that had been backed up using USB Loader GX and some that I had downloaded from a good site as cISO’s which I then extracked to ISO’s using WBFS Inteligent GUI 6.0 and placed on my 500 Gb Wii WBFS hard drive via WBFS Manager 3.0, ok here is where this gets flaky I hope that I don’t lose you.

    So I got worried that all of my hard work (LOL) attaining all of my software would be lost possible or I might need to do something else. I did not have the original ISO’s any longer nor the disc’s, so I went ahead and connected my 350 Gb USB passport which is FAT32 and did a EXTRACT ISO using WBFS Manager 3.0 from the 500 Gb USB hard drive to the 350 Gb USB hardive. Ok so all of the files successfully moved over, I then did a repartion of the 500 Gb USB hard drive with XP drive manage and created 2 partions on the 500 Gb USB hard drive. One is 250 and is WBFS primary and the other is 250 Gb NTFS for ISO backups. Alright next step.

    I then loaded up WBFS Manager 3.0 and then moved all of the files back to the 250 Gb WBFS partion on, and then moved the ISO’s off of the 350 Gb USB FAT32 hard drive to the second 250 Gb NTFS partion for safe keeping, then I deleted all files off of the 350 Gb USB drive. Whew have I lost anybody?

    Ok so I connect the 500 Gb USB hard drive to the Wii and load up USB Loader Gx and try to run my first title and boom I get a black screen, so I try the second and boom a black screen, a third and it plays, and so on and so forth…

    Ok so all of the titles played fine before I did this shell game but now only some work and others don’t, funny thing is that it may be a title that I downloaded from the internet or a title which was loaded from a actual disc.

    So can anybody help me?

    • adewii says:

      Is the WBFS partition the first partition? IF not i would make it the first. Have you also tried any other loaders such as uLoader to see if the issue is with USB Loader GX itself and how it reads multiple partitions?

      • 5reeds says:

        Yes it is. I thought that the USB Loaders would not work at all of the WBFS partition was not the primary? Yes I have tried USB Configurable and WiiFlow, all have the same problem. My question is maybe the way that the WBFS Manager EXTRACTS an ISO it put stuff into it that is not right and then it takes out the wrong things when it is putting it back on the drive.

      • adewii says:

        I don’t think so. I did the same thing myself recently due to my drive beginning to die on me. Extracted the ISOs and returned them back on fine. There is the possibility the ISO has somehow got corrupt. I would try re-downloading one of the games. Pain in the arse I know, and re-adding it and see if the game works. If it does your correct in assuming that somewhere along the process the file(s) has gotton corrupt.

      • 5reeds says:

        Roger… Any idea on the process in which a manager does the adding and subtracting, or a USB loader for that matter, because USB Loader GX removes all of the useless junk when transferring a game to the hard drive? I am just curious that’s all. It would seem that there would be some kind of program that would be able to sniff out whether a ISO is complete or not. I have used WBFS Inteligent gui and it has a option to verify ISO’s but it says that all of my ISO’s pass yet a few don’t work.

      • adewii says:

        WBFS Managers on the PC should get rid of the junk as well. As for the actual process I just know it’s something do do with the Wii IOS that checks the discs for a particular amount of data to confirm it as a Wii disc when its inserted. Which is why all the DVD backups still show as 4.7GB even when the game data itself may only be 1.0GB.

  12. Link says:

    One question, does this process works for playing GameCube isos on the Wii or it’s only for Wii isos

  13. GadJec says:

    Hi Just a quick question:

    I have a large number of games already on my WBFS hard drive, I have been “backing up” my own recently – My question is this – when I load then, there is no game cover image viewable from the USB loader channel – even though in the WBFS Manager they appear.

    In summary – can someone post a “You need to do this” reply on how to add/include the game cover into my list of games from my hard drive, looking at a wall of ? is just confusing


    • adewii says:

      In uloader? Press home over the game without a cover, choose download png bitmaps, then press + to download from the net or to browse a directory on the SD card with the image on.

  14. moon_wolf says:

    hello ade, i have not the drive yet but i want to have all the information after proced i am new in this of the partition and i want to install wiflow from the drive because i dont now if it will save the game fronts at the drive or at the SD i have instaled it, and i have a 2 gb SD so i dont now if it will fill my memory
    if you tell me than the fronts will be saved in the drive where the games are better for me xD but if for example ian want to make a 2 parts partition of a 250gb drive it will be 125 and 125 or i can do for example 145 gb and 5 gb

    tanks 🙂

    • adewii says:

      The game covers get embedded into the ISO in uLoader. WBFS Manager doesn’t actually save them.

      You can partition the drive in any way you want.

  15. TheAwesomeness says:

    Ade – I do not understand something.
    I am able to put games onto my USB device from the uLoader itself on the wii.
    Why do I need this program? Is it an optional extra so I can do a fewmore things?

    Also, when I put the USB that contains the games into my PC, it states it is requiring a format.

    Is this the reason this progam is used, or is there a way to be able to use my USB Stick normally in the PC AND on the uLoader?

    • adewii says:

      You just answered your own question. PC doesn’t understand the WBFS format so you need this app in order to manage your drive on the PC, as well as add ISO files you may have downloaded off the net.

  16. skullbasher says:

    I accidentally tried to add a game through WBFS Manager when there wasn’t quite enough room on the drive. The program said the file was successfully added but showed no new title. Clearly there wasn’t enough room, so I made room by extracting and deleting isos and tried to add the game again. The same message told me the game was added, but again I couldn’t find it on the drive. Now the drive shows no free space. Is there a way to remove the partial game data from the drive without reformatting?

  17. TheH4CK3R says:

    Okay, so is there not a function to extract an ISO directl from a Wii Disk to the PC??? I don’t want to download them from the internet to tore – I want to copy mine as backups to the PC!?!?!

    • adewii says:

      DVD Dumper is included in the apps for hacks for modifiying for playing backups. This allows you do dump games from the Wii disc drive to a PC via wifi.

  18. WildCats99 says:

    Just bought a 1tb WD passport external drive, I’m understanding from searching around that i need to divide the drive into 2 partitions.. do they both need to be WBFS or what does the other one need to be. I want to be able to backup my games onto it as well as have music, movies, ect.. WIll this big of a drive be compatible with a softmod wii with an usb loader like GX?

    • adewii says:

      It will work fine, however detailing how to partition a drive is a bit beyond the scope of this blog, but there is plenty of information out there.

  19. WildCats99 says:

    okay, i will be receiving my WII today. I have my sd card ready for softmod, now all i have to do is get my hard drive prepared. Will i just be able to plug it into my usb on my computer, open up WBFS manager, and format it? I’ve tried using EASEUS Partition Master which was mentioned to me but the free program wont work on my computer which is running on vista and is 64 bit. Any other program that someone knows will work to Setup 2 partitions on my drive, one Fat32 and the other WBFS

    • adewii says:

      You can use the inbuilt Windows disk manager. Right click my computer and click manage, then click on disk management. Partition the drive as you see fit. You may as well format both to fat32 in windows to begin with. Connect the drive to your wii and run uloader, uloader will detect the partitions, choose which one you want to be your WBFS (ideally the first one) and let uloader format it. Connect the drive back to your PC and you should still have the working fat32 drive that windows will detect and the wbfs partition that windows will not be able to read (but you will be able with wbfs manager)

  20. kwhite1988 says:

    Hello, adewii. I seem to be at my wit’s end.

    I followed your guide to the letter and am just having a problem with WBFS Manager. I load my external hard drive into the Wii, create the partition in uLoader, and that’s fine. But when I go into the WBFS Manager, it refuses to recognizes that it’s formatted. I am using the newest version of Manager and already checked to see if my external works on the compatibility list (it does). I’m trying to use EASEUS Partition Manager to create to fix this problem, but it just doesn’t work. So I guess my question is, how do I get WBFS Manager to recognize that I did format the drive correctly? I’m just very close to this actually working and am wondering what I’m doing wrong.

    • adewii says:

      Use Windows inbuilt disk management tool (right click my computer and choose manage) reset the disk to one big partition, delete the partition and create a new partition for your WBFS partition, but at this stage format it to FAT32 or NTFS. Format your second partition for your data to whatever format you need it to be in.

      Insert it into Wii and ensure uLoader formats the first partition to WBFS.

      If WBFS Manager still fails to recognise it, attempt to format the first partition with WBFS Manager itself.

  21. D says:

    I copied one drive that I had fixed the game names on to another and it didn’t keep the game names, there are all messed up again and I have to fix them. Is there a way to ensure the names on my new drive stay the way that I fixed them?

  22. Bluewii says:

    Hey, Thx for answering all the questions.
    I have a problem as well with this wbfs manager. I try to format my HD (500 gb WD passport), but failed massage pop up. Before I also try to format an old HD (100 gb) to no success. However, if I just format a small USB flash disk (4 gb) it has no problem. Why ??

    I have tried to first format the HDs to clean up all the data, but that also didn’t help. Another interesting info, USB loader on wii can format these HDs, but when I try to load the drive with this program, still will not recognize.

    Thx for the feedback

  23. Farouk says:

    I Understood all u said man … but The Game’s ISO is very large about 4g and high
    So can i use a Small USB Drive abou 2GB ??

  24. guppie says:

    I keep reading that the WBFS file sizes are “generally” much smaller than the parent 4GB ISO files (i.e. 0.5GB – 1.5GB) by only loading the “game” data… Since I’m a newb, I was testing this out on a 14GB HDD and figured I could prob get at least 6-10 games on this drive… Apparently, something is wrong, bc my file sizes are NOT that small. NSMBWii 4.12GB, Boom Blox 1.3GB, Mario Galaxy 3.27GB, 3.61GB). I’ve seen NSMBWii as small as 500MB! WTF? (Wii 4.2U/WiiFlow 1.1/WBFS 3.0)

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