HOWTO: Setup a System Menu 3.x – 4.1 Wii for playing backups of commercial games with uLoader

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I recommend Complete Softmod Guide for Wii resources.

For specific details regarding uloader visit the official wiki page (needs to be translated from Spanish, The google chrome web browser offers superb translation tools built in.)


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  1. noclue2 says:

    Hi, so far the guides have been fantastic! After following all of these steps:
    Scroll back up to highlight Install Patched IOS36 once the settings are identical to the above and press A. Choose load IOS from sd card. Follow any prompts and let the process finish.

    I’m getting the following error
    Has your installed IOS36 a higher revision than 3094?
    IOS36 installation failed

    The SD Card definitely has IOS36-64-v3094.wad on it.

    If you have any ideas let me know?

    • adewii says:

      Open Trucha Bug Restorer and let me know what it says in the top right hand corner, something like IOS36(version)

  2. jaydotbird says:

    I get the same thing…

  3. jaydotbird says:

    It says IOS36 (Rev 3094)

  4. jaydotbird says:

    I also get the following line right before “Has your installed IOS36…”

    “ES_addtitlestart returned: -1035”


    • adewii says:

      Open your SD card on your PC.

      on the root there will be a file called IOS36-64-3094.wad.

      Right-click and copy this into the wad folder that is also on root.

      So now you should have two IOS36 files on your SD card, one on the root and one in the wad folder.

      Place SD back in wii and open Trucha Bug Restorer using the Homebrew Channel.

      Press left or right till it sits on IOS15. Press A and wait.

      Then choose IOS36 Menu.

      Set all options to yes.

      Set Install to IOS36 (not IOS249).

      Then choose Install hacked IOS36.

      Follow the prompts and press A for SD Card whenever it asks.

      Exit to Wii Menu when finished.

      Open Homebrew Channel and select CIOS rev14 installer.

      When Cios Installer opens tell it to use IOS36 and press A.

      Press A again to install Cios.

      It will then ask if you should do it via WAD or Network, choose WAD Install.

      When it is done press HOME to exit.

      Now continue with above guide from step 5 onwards.

      When you have finished the guide and all was successful (when you have CIOS Rev 14 installed), you may want to use Wad Manager and install IOS36-64-3094.wad again so that is an untouched version, this will change nothing as far as the mod’s are concerned, just makes the Wii as it should be.

  5. jaydotbird says:

    Thanks so much, success! One question, I assume in the last paragragh that I would reinstall to IOS36-64-3094.wad to IOS249? Again thanks a million!

    • adewii says:

      No, just go into Wad Manager, choose IOS 249 as the IOS to use, and then install the IOS36 wad, which will reinstall the original 36. I hope that makes sense!!

  6. brownienz says:

    Hi there im just wondering can i use this method to soft mod a pal New Zealand Wii with a LAH114 seiral number? Thanks for any replys 🙂

    • adewii says:

      Yes it should work without an issue. If you’ve already installed Homebrew Channel with Bootmii and preloader then I suggest you make a NAND backup first to be on the safe side.

  7. brownienz says:

    HIagain thanks for the quick reply 🙂 I have the homebrew channel installed But not bootmii and preloader yet As im a bit confused On when I should install it as I cant in stall boomii as boot2 could you please point me in the right direction Im not a total noob I have done psp Xbox and ps2 mods before im just a little unsure Thanks for any help 🙂

    • adewii says:

      I would install Bootmii as IOS if you haven’t already, and then install preloader and make a NAND backup before doing anymore hacks.

  8. brownienz says:

    sweet as mate I just have to wait to get my Gamecube controler so i can make the backup Also Im jst wanting to know I install bootmii as IOS Then Install preloader before doing any of the more of the hacks?. The only reason I ask is it says some ware that installing the preloader With the patchd IOS60 In the wrong order Can brick This part just confused me a bit ? I will install bootmii and wait for a reply before I do the preloader Then i Will follow the rest of yor guide im gessing 🙂 Thanks heeps man and sorry if i seam a bit slow on the wii up take lmao

  9. brownienz says:

    Sorry not Brick Its this part here that has got me confused ” If you was unable to install bootmii as boot2 the following steps are not applicable to you, I now recommend you install an application called preloader which will also help protect your Wii from a system brick. However only install Preloader AFTER you have prepped your Wii for backup loading, as patching IOS60 in the wrong order could cause your system to fail booting the system menu.” So do i just install Preloader after making my backup with bootmii then carry on with your guide ? Thanks by the way 🙂

    • adewii says:

      Yeah sorry, I need to edit that bit, I think I was being over protective as I had not tested preloader too much myself at the time, It doesn’t matter what order you do it, the patched IOS60 is the same file, so you could just ignore doing the patched IOS60 bit of whatever method you choose to do 2nd. I will edit the post.

  10. brownienz says:

    Ok thanks just one more thing thats got me thinking now Because I have a wii with A LAH114 Seiral number Since I can install Preloader without Patching the IOS36 Wont running the Trucha Bug Restorer application And downgrading IOS13 Wont that brick Since you shouldent Downgrade Any IOS On these models? Or is the Application Just Making the file that Will then be loaded for the sd card on too the wii ? Thanks and dont mean to be a pain Its only because I cant install preloader so if anything goes wrong im screwed :s

    • adewii says:

      IOS13? Will assume you mean 15. 15 is ok to downgrade as it essentially does nothing. After you’ve followed the above guide anyway you should reinstall 15 back to it’s original state as directed. So that’s not to much of an issue. TBR just takes advantage of being able to install an old version of 15 in order to install the Trucha bugs to other IOS.

  11. brownienz says:

    “can install Preloader without Patching the IOS36”

  12. brownienz says:

    Lmao Yes i did mean 15 sweet as i will wait till I get my gamecube controler and make a backup and then ill let you know how i get on 🙂 Thanks for spoon feeding me like the wii infant I am Its muchly appreciated lol 🙂

  13. brownienz says:

    Awesome mate yor a f**kn Champion I done the TBR all installed sweet Installed the backup launcher and tryed a game all going sweet as I was still unable to install preloader tho Could i be doing something wrong ? I tryed to install it after I done all the TBR Stuff and it just gives me this error ” Failed to get root, Current IOS(36) has The fakesign bug fixed ” What should i do ? Other than that its all good Man thanks Heeps for your help 🙂

    • adewii says:

      Run Trucha bug Restorer again, and tell it to use IOS249 then access IOS36 menu, select all YES and tell it to install to slot IOS36 (not IOS249)

      This will renable the bug in IOS36.

      Then do preloader install again

  14. brownienz says:

    Thanks man worked sweet as Can i set it up so i can load my gamecube backups now also ? And just one more thing This method should work on a LAH115 model wii to yeah ?
    Thanks heeps for your help I realy appreciate it aye Your much nicer than the Guy with his Ultimate softmod guide on Hes a doosh And if you have the time You should start a wii thred there and give a link to your blog because its mint 🙂 And people should see it 🙂

    • adewii says:

      Download this wad file for a gamecube backup launcher, install it the same method as the dvd backup launcher: there is a compatibility matrix here:

      The methods should work on any wii currently on the market, as far as i am aware.

      Majority of my information comes from various forums, and I modify guides slightly to include thing’s which i find are much more useful and try to go into a bit more information. Forums are really helpful, but trying to keep up with them and all the questions that get asked would be almost impossible. I can just amount manage on here! 🙂

  15. steve-o says:

    after i do this…..
    “4. Run Trucha Bug Restorer, press left on the D-pad until you get to IOS15, and press A. When prompted press 1. Choose IOS36 menu and use the following settings:
    Install IOS to slot (249)
    Hash check (trucha) YES
    ES_Identity YES
    Nand Permissions YES
    Scroll back up to highlight Install Patched IOS36 once the settings are identical to the above and press A. Choose load IOS from sd card. Follow any prompts and let the process finish.”

    i get……
    Press A to start the install….
    es_addtitlestart return: -1035
    has your install IOS36 a higher revison than 3094?
    IOS36 installation failed…

    i have tried your reply to jaydotbird…but it does not work for me….ios60.wad will not install

  16. steve-o says:

    All fixed now…

    Seems a previous version of cios was installed before(i installed homebrew beta 8 on it for over a year ago)

    I just installe “cIOS38_rev14 Installer” using IOS249 and its working fine now

  17. Petee says:


    On Step 5, it says – “Open Wadmanager from the homebrew channel, when it asks choose use IOS249. Press A to open from SD.” – my Wii doesn’t give me the option to choose IOS, but goes straight to “Open from SD”.

    Is there something wrong? I went ahead and did everything else, and it all went as you described it would…did everything work? I don’t have a backup to test this yet.

    Should the Wii change it’s version number? Thought had to dg to 3.2? is the IOS number suppose to be a specific number when starting HBC to run backups?

    • adewii says:

      Not sure why it’s not asking you, not come across that before, but if everything else has gone to plan i would assume it has all worked ok. You can be on any system menu version for this method to work.

      • Pete says:

        Hi Adewii,

        Yeah, even running the WAD manager auto defaults as IOS249 (guessing that since don’t get a choice) but finally been able to test some backups & it works perfectly!! Thank you very much! Also, thanks for the info on the 4.1 update; will do on the system /settings update instead of a disc update. Cheers!

      • tae9214 says:

        do i need an internet connection for this to work or can i do it offline

      • adewii says:

        If you have the wads at the root of your sd you should be able to do it offline.

  18. TugaBrazuca says:

    I have a brand new wii ireland (LEH 252…). Until now I did install homebrew, DVDx and bootmii with the same SD installer. Bootmii only option to IOS. My system is currently at 4.0E original(updated when bought). My question this wii version can be patched to load usb backs and dvd backups? I currently don’t have preload, since some says it can brick.

    • adewii says:

      Apologies for late reply, currently moving house and don’t have the Internet in new home yet. Yes your Wii can be softmodded.

  19. eric says:

    Hello Adewii,

    First thanks for the guide very useful.
    I follow all the steps, including those for installing Preloader (because my Bootmii is installed as IOS). First I followed this guide and then Preloader guide (because I did not have IOS249 until I finished this guide). To install Preloader I had to enable the bug in IOS36 (as explained above in the comments and in the Preloader guide). I guess once we install Preloader we do not need to disable the bug again in IOS36?
    However this is the reason of my message. After following all this, now I try to install a WAD with Wad Manager and once I select IOS249, then it gives an error “Exception (DSI) ocurred” with a lot of numbers… do you know why or how to solve it?

    Thanks in advance and good luck moving house.

    • adewii says:

      DSI errors are difficult to pin down as they can happen on many different situations. Kind of like a windows blue screen of death. I would try going through the process again, so that IOS249 is installed again. It should just write over the top of the old one. There is also a new version of Wad Manager out. Version 1.5 you may want to download and try that. I am yet to update my download archives as a few apps have been updated. I’ll hopefully get to it at some point next week.

      • eric says:

        Thanks Adewii. I actually have Wad Manager 1.5. Can you please mention which aps have been updated?

        Also do DSI errors can brick the Wii?

        And finally you are suggesting to follow steps from 1 to 7 in this guide? I must notice that my softmode is working nicely, I installed the USB loader GX and it is working fine…the only thing is that I cannot install it as a channel because of the DSI errors. Do you think that by following the steps 1 to 7 could cause other kind of troubles? And would I have to reinstall Preloader?

        Thanks again for your much appreciated help.

      • eric says:

        I forgot to mention that I did have to follow the advice from you to Brownienz above in order to install Preloader after doing this tutorial:
        Run Trucha bug Restorer again, and tell it to use IOS249 then access IOS36 menu, select all YES and tell it to install to slot IOS36 (not IOS249)

        This will renable the bug in IOS36.

        So actually at this point the bug shoul dbe in IOS36, could that be the cause of the DSI errors. Do I have to clean the bug?

      • adewii says:

        You should be able to leave it and it will be fine. My guides are tailored towards uLoader and not USB Loader GX, so I wouldn’t know if the error is because of the app. There may be a newer version of the app. I’m not sure. It might be worth asking the guys on for some help as my time is a bit limited at the moment and you’ll probably get a quicker response to the error! Sorry for not being able to help.

      • eric says:

        thanks a lot Adewii.

  20. Ixany says:

    Hi Adewii,

    Really nice tutorial! Saddly for me I had the same error as jaydotbird. Your reply seems to works but when I installed the cIOS rev 14 I got this :

    [+] Installing Custom IOS, please wait …
    >> Install ERROR! (ret = -1035)

    Any idea ?


    • adewii says:

      Have you previously attempted to Softmod your Wii? If so you’ve probably got an older version hiding in there which needs to be uninstalled first. If you search for CIOS Uninstaller and uninstall the previous CIOS it will hopefully fix it.

      • Ixany says:

        I had few months ago tried to install something. I was unable to remove it with cIOS Uninstaller but it did work with AnyTitleDeleter.

        And my wii can play backup copies now 😉

        Thanks again.

  21. miren says:


    i have a wii wiith ver 4.1e and serial number with leh2

    i done alot of research and am really confused now with all the different responcese but i have managed to get the hombrew channel but am scared not weather to instal CIOScorp installer as some say i might block my wii.

    im really desperate to get this work so could you please guide me in the right direction?

    • adewii says:

      Personally I would never bother or recommend anyone to use CIOScorp as it can be very risky.

      If you follow my guides in order (see the getting started section) you should be able to run smoothly using the methods outlined.

  22. dandymike says:

    hi, i also have a leh2. leh262.

    ive also done my research, but can not find a reliable source. i’ve just got back from the shop with a replacement wii as i bricked one last night.

    as above i am also desperate to get this to work, am i able to do the ios changes after installing homebrew?

  23. dandymike says:

    im also on firmware 4.1.


    • adewii says:

      You shouldn’t have a problem, shouldn’t being the key word. Only really new Wii’s that are fresh out of the factory might have issues. If the shop has had yours sitting out the back for a while in stock you should be ok. If the guides fails at any point then you have one of the really new systems, but it shouldn’t brick the system, it will just fail.

  24. dcsolano says:

    ok so i was having the same error. followed your reply but when i continue at step five ios60.wad will not install. mounting device, please wait ok. retreiveing file list ERROR (ret=-1) ive checked for previous cios nothing. dont understand. please help

  25. dcsolano says:

    ok got it to work. not sure how but did. thanks for the guide.

  26. mark says:

    wow thanks this is by far the best source for hacking your wii and installing a backup launcher!!
    BIG THANKS!!!!

  27. james says:

    hi will this let me play back up off a dvd-6 my modle nummber is leh133 serial rvl001 and im running 4.1e uk thankyou

  28. Michael says:

    Thanks, out of 7 other guides, yours was the only one that worked.

  29. tae9214 says:

    will this work on my wii my serial # is LU61

  30. WiiAli says:

    Hi, Ive got homebrew channel installed(the bootmii way) and have the wad manager and wads, i cannot install the backup launchers i have ( i have neogamm6 and neo7 but they keep coming up with errors when i try to install them thru wad manager)..
    I am total noob and and am confused,i have these showing in my homebrew channel (in order, cIOS38_rev14-installer + cMIOS Installer + Downgrade IOS35 + DVD Dumper + Homebrew Browser+ IOS Downgrader + Wad-Manager 1.4), my homebrew channel says: 1.0.3 IOS61 v19.26 ,My Wii serial is LEH13142842(1)..PLS HELP…by the way this wii was chipped when bought ,it plays some games directly(copies) and errors on some,after opening it to look for chip,there isnt one,it as been modded with some wires and solder to a few points thats it,no chip at all, i guess its old as ive had this over 2 years now and would like to get the right Cios bla bla thing going and play with backup launchers .many thanks

    • adewii says:

      I would suggest starting fresh. It can’t do any harm. Just back e upverything from your SD card to your computer and then format the SD card. Then start again following the getting started page that is linked right at the top of this page and follow the first 2 howtos and then the one for launching from DVDs.

      DO NOT UPDATE to system menu 4.2 in the meantime. This will cripple your Wii.

  31. tae9214 says:

    what if i already have the hombrew channel and just need the wad

  32. Fil says:

    I’m following your instructions above and getting an error.
    I’m on system menu 4.1E, homebrew channel 1.0.5 IOS61 v19.26
    When i run the step 4 (Trucha) I get error
    TS_addticket failed -2011
    Any ideas (and if I need to run anything, can you provide a link to download it)

    • adewii says:

      You completed step 3 as described? The error is related to the IOS you are using not being trucha patched. But the only one you should have patched so far is 15. I would try doing set 3 again and ensure no errors occur here first!

  33. tae9214 says:

    when i choose downgrade it says downgrade fail help me how do i fix it this happens on step 2

  34. tae9214 says:

    my bad i mean im stuck at step 3

  35. Tampas says:

    I have a new WII, firmware 4.0E , serial LEH276 and
    i’m stuck on downgrade IOS15. When i choose to load from sd, it says “preparing to downgrade of IOS15 fro mrevision 523 to 257” and then give an error that file IOS15-64-v523.wad is missing from SD card.
    This shouldn’t be the file to use on wii 4.2 ?
    Should i follow the 4.2 tutorial to install trucha bug ? On Trucha Bug Restorer at the top right hand shows me ISO36 (rev3094) …

  36. Chris says:

    Just followed the instructions and couldn’t install ios60 (should this be copied outside of the wad folder?)as it wasn’t an option and my homebrew channel is upside down, any ideas how to resolve these issues, any help much appreciated by this very
    new noon

  37. Chris says:

    Thanx for such a quick reply I will try the link to solve the upside down hbc but do I need to do both sections as one states offline. As for the ios60, if I can’t install it do I really need it for the uloader or is there another way to install it. Thanks for the great guides I found them far easier to understand than anywhere else. Also are there any recommended hdd that you can suggest here in the uk at reasonable price?

    • adewii says:

      If your Wii can connect to the net, do the online one for simplicity’s sake. If your Wii can’t connect then do the offline method. I would recommend the IOS60 gets installed. It’s possible you’ll be allowed to do it once you fix your HBC issue. Most drives seems compatible these days so it’s unlikely you’ll have an issue. However the Toshiba models have prooved pouplar with the people at my workplace.

  38. Vanny says:

    I would like to say thank you so much. I have been battling for days, and I am a complete Noob… needless to say, i followed your instructions to a T, and it worked. Thank you so much for your info!

  39. Chris says:

    Got the ios60 installed after realising I may have entered some wrong options, tried again and it installed first time. Also, after reinstalling ios36-64-3094 as instructed the upside down hbc fixed itself too, result. Followed uloader instructions with no problems too, just need to buy a hdd now ( thinking of seagate freeagent go 320gb as this seems to be recommended often). Again thanks for your quick replies and great guides adewii, I’ll be a regular visitor from now on. One more thing, since i can’t get online with my wii will there be upgrade guides for 4.2 and upwards for offline? Cheers!

    • adewii says:

      I might actually look into that actually. It’s probably safer to do them offline rather than online!! However in short the answer is no at the moment. Well through me anyway!

  40. Scott says:

    I posted before about having a problem with uloader not recognizing my drive and I would have to load uloader and then after that plug in my drive and it would work. Recently I bought a 1Tb Seagate external drive and I created my WBFS partition and put some games on it and now I don’t have a problem loading up uloader and it seeing the drive and being able to do anything in uloader but when I try and play a game it just comes up with a black screen and seems to freeze there. I have disabled the power saver mode so that it never goes into a sleep mode but this still didn’t fix my problem. Any ideas or suggestions?

    • adewii says:

      A seagate free agent? have you used the free agent software to change the spin down to something like 25 minutes rather than never? Also try the following: Unplug power from drive, boot Wii, Load Homebrew, plug in power, wait until drive light glows, load usb loader.

      You could also try using the other USB Port. Which some users have reported works?!?!?

      Just a quick search on GBAtemp and quite a few people have problems with Seagate drives. It might also be worth creating a smaller partition at the front of the disk to see if that solves the issue also.

      • Scott says:

        It’s not a free agent. Before i bought it I checked the gbatemp site for drives that work and my the Seagate External Desktop Model is on the list as one that works. I tried everything you listed and nothing seems to work. I did load one of my games that I had on a disk to the drive Game party and that one seems to work but I can’t seem to get anything else to load. It still freezes at a black screen. Thanks for the quick response and the ideas. If you have anymore I’m all ears.

      • adewii says:

        Are you the same guy who copied his data back to his PC, then when copied it back it stopped working? I am now thinking that your ISOs really have got corrupt somewhere in the works if the game you copied manually to the drive works. It might even be worth trying a different WBFS Manager incase the one your using is for whatever reason screwing something up with the files.

      • Scott says:

        I have an update. I think I figured out what the problem is. It doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with my Hard drive. It seems that there is something happening when I am tranfsering my files from my old hard drive to my new one using the wbfs loader in the drive to drive mode. I have tried a couple of the isos that I still had on my computer and also downloading some of my discs to the drive and they all work its just the games that I copy from my old drive to the new one that doesn’t work. Have you heard of this problem before?

      • adewii says:

        Not personally no, however I use Ubuntu as my primary machine at home which is a Linux based OS so it’s difficult for me to replicate any Windows specific issues.

  41. worro says:

    I did a system update to 4.2e by mistake, so i used a downgrader to make it 3.2. Then i have installed hbc which works fine, and uloader which works fine via usb but I keep getting disk error -2 so I have tried various things like reinstalling dvdx but I keep getting install error I then went on trucha bug and went on to boot2 info and it says that I am on boot 2v4 and that this wii can not be soft modded. Idsd this true or is there anything you can suggest. Thanks in advance

    • adewii says:

      the problem is that with 4.2 and hackmii installer 1.0.6 the hbc dvdx etc now all have different file names when copied to the wii console. Hence uloader and mplayer etc are not working. Because they are looking for a different file name for DVDx but cannot find it. Hermes is due to release a new version of uloader soon that will fix this, Boot2 gets updated to boot2v4 when you update to 4.2 officially. If you could install BootMii to boot2 previously, you should still be able to because the fault actually lies in boot1, in order to get bootmii to work as boot2. So you can probably ignore what that is telling you. However downgrading a 4.2 menu is terribly risky and you may have caused damage to your Wii, so it could be confused. If you had a nand backup of before doing the 4.2 update I recommend loading that back on once you’ve got bootmii installed again.

  42. worro says:

    Hi adewii, thanks for that. I don’t have a nand back up of before I updated to 4.2 but I’ve got 1 from before I downgraded so if you think that I may have damaged my wii by downgrading do you think that I should load that nand backup and just live with being on 4.2e

    Thanks in advance

    • adewii says:

      Your going to be stuck with the same error no matter what sys menu your on until Hermes fixes it. It’s probably safer to go back to your 4.2 yes and apply any hacks you may still need too (Dependant on what you had at the time of the nand backup)

  43. samual says:

    I had the uLoader working from homebrew channel, and it worked perfect. I then installed the forwarder-UMRD.wad, and the uLoader channel appeared on the system menu. However, every time I opened the “uLoader” channel, the screen left blank. I had to press the power button a few seconds to power off the WII. Then I powered on the WII and opened the uLoader from homebrew channel, it worked fine. It seems that the forwarder doesn’t work correctly. Any suggestion on how to fix/configure it? Thanks much in advance!

    • adewii says:

      Ensure the folder uloader is in inside the apps folder is called uloader as this is what the forwarder is looking for.

  44. woody says:

    First off, thanks for your time.

    I have 4.0 and have followed your instructions and everything works fine and I didn’t get an error installing IOS to slot 249, but when I try to run some programs like startpatch, or programs that seem to run with IOS36 (I think) get errors. Is there something I missed? Thanks again.

    • adewii says:

      With the method above you don’t actually patch IOS36. So you probably need to trucha patch IOS36 to get these apps to work correctly. You can do this with DOP-IOS:

      • woody says:

        I’ve downloaded dop-ios and ios36 and ios60 with NUSD although I’m not sure where to place the ios’s on the sd card (root or apps?).

        I don’t know how to proceed from here without messing up anything. Again I have 4.0u and uloader etc running well thanks to your instructions.

        When I run dop-ios and it asks me to select the ios to dop, do I choose 60 (mentioned in the wiibrew link you provided) or 36?

        Not sure what to do next or if there is a step to do first before running dop-ios. Is there a “trucha bug” step in there somewhere.

        Any instructions on doing this update and updating ios’s with dop-ios would be great. I get confused between ios’s, slot’s, etc.

        Thanks again.

      • adewii says:

        Does the application (startpatch) give you any indication of what IOS it runs off? I have never used it, so I don’t know much about it. I believe with DOP-IOS it will download the IOS for you (assuming your online) and give you the option to trucha patch it there and then. If your not online, then you can probably use NUSD to download the necessary IOS files as a WAD and trucha patch them for you (I think it does this, again I am not sure, I run Linux on my PC so I can’t use Windows applications) and then you would place them into the wad folder on your SD and use Wad Manager to install them. If your able to use bootmii as boot2 then just make a NAND backup to start with, if you do mess up you can easily get back to where you was. Even if you have Bootmii as IOS you should be able to make a backup because your not upgrading the system menu so odds of a brick are slim, but best to be on the safe side. However if using Bootmii as IOS in order to resotre a NAND you would also need a Gamecube controller to hand.

      • woody says:

        Thanks very much. I owe you big time. Even after loading other loaders, uloader is the best.

  45. jovanni says:

    first off i love your walkthrus!

    okay,on step 5 when i choose IOS249 then I Press A to open from SDcard I get Error(ret= -6)

    again thanks

  46. jovanni says:

    ssorry i almost forgot
    i’m on firmware 3.1u

  47. jovanni says:

    but i cant go to step 6
    on 5 select NAND emulator device i put sd/sdhc card and i get the error -6
    should i disable(i do want to run thru the usb & sd card)
    thanks for the help

  48. nelz says:

    hi thanks for the guide . i wonder if i need to install ios60.wad on a wii that dont have firmware 4.0. i wonder because i seen that some wiis been bricked using it.
    sorry maybe its a dumb question but i am noob on this

    • adewii says:

      As long as it’s less than 4.0 then you don’t have to as the system menbu does not run off IOS60 on 3.x. It won’t hurt to install the trucha patched version however. The problem you have probably been reading about is people upgrading IOS60 on systems that are running 4.0-4.1 As the latest IOS60 is now just a stub file, installing it on a wii on 4.0-4.1 would cause a brick.

      If you are unsure, always do a NAND backup first.

  49. Jay says:

    The archive I recently downloaded 12/18 says that its corrupt and cant extract.

  50. caiowulf says:

    Thank you adewii, it works great with all my backups.
    I tried many tutorials before (my first time in Wii) and this is the only one that worked out.
    The only thing is that does not work from DVD, maybe the problem is the DVD i am using to copy the ISO, i’m not sure, but after buying a 500 Gb Hard Drive, it doesn´t matter anymore.
    Just a small question: There is any way to load Uloader without having the SD ? Can this be installed in the Wii in any way ?
    One more time, thank you so much!

    • adewii says:

      For my method you have to keep the SD in the Wii. This because the other of uloader does not make an official channel installer. By doing the SD method you can easily upgrade the loader by just replacing the files in the uloader folder. However if you want a full channel version then there is an unofficial wad installer that someone else creates. The latest can be downloaded from here:

  51. Michael says:


    Great guide!

    Is the pack that you had me download in the beginning to install the most recent uloader (version 3.3)? I read in your blog that 3.3 is most up to date.

    Also, do you know where the saves from these back-up games are being stored? I was playing Mario Party 8 from my USB drive, and checked “Wii Management—>Manage Data” for the save data but couldn’t locate it.

  52. Michael says:


    I have a couple of other questions.

    1. I added 3 games to my usb drive and uloader is able to play all of them. Can I extract the isos or make a copy of them to my desktop from my usb drive? Will they be the same as before I added them into the usb drive?

    2. Is it necessary to brickblock every iso I add to my usb drive before playing it? Do I always need to region-change Japanese and PAL isos?

    And lastly,

    3. Is there some follow-up installation that I need to do after installing uloader in order to prevent my Wii from becoming bricked? I read on other sources that it would be wise to then install Starfall. What’s your opinion?

    Thank you,


    • adewii says:

      1. Yes, but they won’t include any update partitions that may have been on the disk.

      2. No the extraction process *should* do this for you. Not always but if some games don’t load then just region change them in uloader itself.

      3. If you have bootmii as boot2, make a nand backup, if you cant then use prilloader or starfall.

  53. Michael says:

    Hello again,

    I do use WBFS Manager 3.0. So the confusion in my first question was regarding the “Clone” and “Extract ISO” functions in WBFS Manager 3.0.

    If I want to copy the .iso I uploaded into my usb device to my desktop, should I use “Clone”? Does the WBFS Manager 3.0 modify the cloned .iso in any way or is it an exact identical copy of the .iso that I uploaded to my USB drive?


  54. Michael says:

    Can just using uloader and having it on my Wii cause bricking, or is the risk only during installation of uloader?

  55. Michael says:

    I was able to install bootmii as boot2 long before I installed uloader using your guide. However, I did not make a NAND backup before installing uloader.

    Should I still make a NAND backup at this point? Would having installed bootmii as boot2 before installing uloader cut it? Or did I need to have made no modifications to my Wii?



  56. Michael says:

    “July 29, 2009 at 11:25 am

    You can make nand backups and restore nand backups whenever you wish.”

    So if a Wii gets bricked, how does having a NAND backup help? Is it like a restore point in Windows?

    Doesn’t a bricked Wii lose functionality completely (due to hardware damage?)? Or is the bootmii menu still accessible?

    • adewii says:

      If bootmii is installed to boot2 it will always show before the wii system menu, giving you the option to restore a NAND or access the homebrew channel.

  57. Michael says:

    Hi again,

    Do you know if I’d be able to use wi-fi for games that support online play if I run the games through uloader?

  58. Will says:

    Thanks for the great guides! Although they are very clear, it seems that I managed to do something wrong. I feel very stupid.

    At step 3 (downgrade IOS15), I get the following error message:

    Error: ES_AddTitleStart returned -1035, maybe you need as updated Downgrader

    I think the problem comes from when I installed Priiloader (previous guide). You mention to complete steps 2 to 4 of the 4.2 modification guide. I am pretty sure I did step 5 as well by mistake.

    Is this why I have a problem? Is there an easy fix to it?

    Thanks a lot.

    • adewii says:

      The easiest way of fixing is probably to just update your Wii to 4.2 via Nintendo officially, and then follow the 4.2 guide.

      • Will says:

        Bingo! I updated to 4.2 offline (wasn’t working through my wifi connection) and everything worked like a charm. (Priiloader, NAND Backup, uLoder, etc.).


  59. arvad says:

    You’re so fuckin’ great!!!! Thanks a lot!!! I have no words 🙂

  60. Nate says:

    Thank you sooo much for this, words cannot express my satisfaction!

  61. p_shane says:

    i have a question.i have a 3.1 firmware and i want to upgrade to 4.1 version. what should i do first? the wii is softmoded

  62. sadsack says:

    Hi Adewii,

    Great site m8,

    Just been watching your vids on utube, very useful as i’ve just got hold of a 3.1e.

    Wanted to ask u a question, would i be right in saying that Uloader is what loads iso’s from an external, and also shows the pics of what is on the hd, only I have seen another type of util that shows the pics in a kind of page fashion, (dont really know how to explain it any better), this vid shows it in action, at part 4:26, Is this Bootloader GX?. if it is, have you tried it, or could it be incorporated instead of uloader?.
    Dumb question i know, but I just thought the loader looked kinda neat.

    many thanks for your tuts, & vids, may end up using yours as the ones over at wiihacks seem a little more intimidating.

    • adewii says:

      Just put USB Loader GX on your SD or as a channel. It doesn’t really matter what loader you use. I just prefer uLoader as it’s made by the same person that writes the cIOS 222 implementation and usually has newer features the quickest.

  63. Marcos says:

    What is the ios we have to select in wad manager (in this tutorial, ios249) ? what it means?

    what could happen if I select other ios, like 222 or 223 ?

    • adewii says:

      It wouldn’t work because you wouldn’t have installed 222 or 223 yet!

      • Marcos says:

        Ok, it’s true. Suppose I’ve already installed ios 222 and 223, and now I want to install uLoader. Could I select ios 222 or 223?
        In fact I want to know what means the selection of an ios at wad manager.

      • adewii says:

        Wad Manager should run off any custom IOS or any IOS that has been trucha patched.

  64. Vadim says:

    Hello, Adewii.

    I have stuck on this stage:

    If at this stage you get an error message stating that IOS36 is higher then v3094 …

    I have successfully installed patched IOS36 on slot ISO36 according to your instruction, but now, when I try proceed instruction to the point:

    Open Homebrew Channel and select CIOS rev14 installer.
    When Cios Installer opens tell it to use IOS36

    – on this stage there is nothing like Cios rev14 installer in my Homebrew Channel.

    • adewii says:

      I thought I’d already updated that note! Anyway, I have now. You should be able to now follow it.

      • Vadim says:

        Thanks for quick answer, Ade.

        I will try tomorrow. Right now i noticed some difference in descriptions of similar steps

        Open Homebrew Channel and select WAD Manager.
        Choose IOS36, choose SD card


        Open Wadmanager from the homebrew channel, when it asks choose use IOS249. Choose disable for NAND emulation Press A to open from SD slot.

        Does “NAND emulation” option appear only when IOS249 chosen?
        If it appear with IOS36 chosen, must I enable or disable it?

        Thanks in advance, your site is awesome.

      • adewii says:

        It shouldn’t appear with 36, but if it does, choose disable.

  65. Keith Straughn says:

    Hi, thanks for the great guide but i am having a slight difficulty. At step 5, i do not get the option to use IOS249, the only IOS available in the 200 range is “254”. I did over step 4 and installed to slot 36 instead of 259, and no luck. Is there any guidance you can give me?

  66. LazyMonkey says:

    On step 4 it gave me an error so I had to do it the other way, I had done that all perfectly until i tried to install cIOS249, it came up with ret -1035, I tried removing it with AnyTitle remover and that crashed, tried to load it on wadmanager and that crashed as well. Any ideas?

  67. dazza says:


    I installed the above files all was ok, but then kids meesed bout wi everything…. just getting blank screen on uloader, wad manager, trucha bug……. i have restored nand….. but how do i remove everything to make a virgin so i can start all over again ??? all advice helpfull to noob

  68. Kevin says:

    Hi, im following your guide but i seem to be stuck, you said “If at this stage you get an error message stating that IOS36 is higher then v3094 follow the below steps” whcih i did, so i followed the steps, i opened trucha bug restorer, i picked ios15, i chose i0s36 menu, and i set all options to yes, i changed it to 36, thenm you said to choose install hacked ios36? i cant see this anywhere. it said install patched so i clicked that and went onto nest step. when i went to install cios249-v17.wad i get an error and it fails to install 😦

  69. stephen says:


    I am now at the point of installing Uloader, after following your instructions for installing the homebrew channel.I read where you need a wad manager, is the program part of the file I download at the beginning of this article for installing Uloader, or do I have to download the program separatley?



  70. David says:

    I’m running 4.1E. I have everything installed exactly as you wrote: Homebrew Channel, DVDx and Bootmii (wasn’t able to install as boot2, so I have NAND backup with Bootmii).
    So I was about to finally try some backup game, but one of my controllers stopped working :(. Buttons work (A button, home button), but pointer is not working. It flashes the “hand” pointer and vibrates for like a millisecond sometimes.. I tried to reasign it, restart wii, replace batteries.. Nothing works.
    My other controller still works as before.
    Any idea? 🙂

    • adewii says:

      Is this on any menu screen or just inside homebrew applications?

      • David says:

        any menu screen

      • adewii says:

        As odd as this sounds the normal fixes are to either a) shake the wiimote back and forth for a bit and it sorts itself out, or B) .You have to turn the wii remote upside down and hit it onto the plam off your hand a couple of times quite hard.

      • David says:

        still no idea? 🙂

      • adewii says:

        As odd as this sounds the normal fixes are to either a) shake the wiimote back and forth for a bit and it sorts itself out, or B) .You have to turn the wii remote upside down and hit it onto the plam off your hand a couple of times quite hard..

  71. Cbetter says:

    Adewii thanks for the guide but i have an issue at step 5 creating a nand backup i was able to install Bootmii to IOS and install preloader but when i choose to backup nand i get a black screen and the blue light at the front flashes!!! any ideas i am using 4.1e australian model

    • adewii says:

      Try reinstalling your cIOS wad files.

      • Cbetter says:

        M8 cIOS wad files, i am not sure how? if it wasnt for your good guide i wouldnt have got this far i didnt think i had to install cISO files till step 7 you might have to treat me like a 6 year old i am not to bright any help would be great

      • adewii says:

        Just follow the guide fully then install priiloader if you need too, is probably the easiest thing to do.

  72. Cbetter says:

    how important is it to have nand backup is it worth risking to brick your machine if you cant back up your nand, but want to run backed up games?

  73. Robbo says:

    Excellent tutorial. This is the 1st time I modded a wii and all went well. 10/10

  74. NeMeSiS says:

    Hello there – Great guides 🙂

    I have a small issue – I have followed the guide to the letter and have system menu 4.1E – When I try to load the HBC it simply loads to a blank black screen – Please can you help ?



  75. Claudia says:

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial! It’s great!

    I have the 4.0u version and I have followed all the steps. However, when I try to install the TBR, I can’t visualise it in the wii. Everything worked perfectly so far, but I just can’t get past it. Can you give me a hint to what might be the problem?


    • Claudia says:

      Sorry, managed to do it.

      Now I’m stuck in the Web manager and it doesn’t give me the option to disable NAND. It goes straight to choose Wii SD Slot and when I press continue, it gives me an error message.


      • adewii says:

        It may be easier to just update your wii to sys menu 4.2 and follow the guide for 4.2 systems instead as it’s pretty much automated, and less confusing.

    • adewii says:

      TBR has many steps, what step are you stuck with?

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