HOWTO: Make a NAND Backup with Bootmii and how to restore.

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I recommend Complete Softmod Guide for Wii resources.

For specific details regarding uloader visit the official wiki page (needs to be translated from Spanish, The google chrome web browser offers superb translation tools built in.)


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  1. kokhwee says:

    hi there,

    i did what the instructions said and at the min. i have 2 do these steps:
    In the Homebrew Channel press the home button on your Wiimote and select Launch Bootmii.

    If at this stage your Wiimote stops working to navigate the menus you need to use the buttons at the front of your Wii, or use a Gamecube controller.

    The power button allows you to toggle through the menus so you can highlight which option you want. And the reset button selects it.

    So, press the power button until you hover over the settings icon, and then press reset.

    i cant select anything with my power button
    only reset works for me.

    can u help me with this?

    got version 4.1E with a LUF serialnr.

    thx in advance

    • adewii says:

      Sorry for taking a while to reply, I am currently in the process of moving house. This is a known bug with some Wii’s. To navigate the menu you will need to plug in a Gamecube controller. In order to restore a NAND with Bootmii as IOS you would need to acquire a Gamecube controller anyway as it is impossible to restore without one.

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  3. woody says:

    By doing a full nand backup, if the wii does ever get upgraded/updated – I’m on 4.0 and wondering if it gets updated to 4.1 or 4.2 etc – can I use the nand backup to get to my backed up version of 4.0?

    I have 4.0 and have everything working well (thanks to you and your site), but whenever a backed up game is put in the wii, the normal disk loading square (upper left corner) posts an “upgrade wii” icon.

    If someone who doesn’t know to use uloader and clicks the “upgrade wii” choice, an update/upgrade could take place – at least that’s what looks like will happen as someone clicked on the icon and it went to a screen about updating the will and to click OK – I couldn’t get out of this window so I just turned off the wii.

    I have one backup from before doing the installs of your posted files, and after all the files have been loaded.

    Thanks again for all the help.

    • adewii says:

      A backed up game is asking you to do updates? Were the direct back ups of official discs or downloads? If your Wii has bootmii as boot2 then yes you can easily recover. PriiLoader is different as preloader needs to be reloaded when updating the system menu. However 4.2 shoud not brick your Wii. It will remove your hacks but you can easily restore them by following the method for 4.2 installation.

  4. Pankaj says:

    I am trying to backup NAND using priinstaller as I can’t install BootMii as Boot2. I get this warning that BootMii is not installed as boot2. Doesn’t matter how hard I try, I can’t get passed this stage. I have tried many times to press A+B+X+Y on the game cube controller, but with no success. Is there a way I can modifiy my controller to send A+B+X+Y all together.

  5. Pankaj says:

    Sorry I mean restore NAND and not backup NAND.

  6. Artur says:

    I own a Wii with Argon modchip.Few months ago I installed BootMii (beta3) nad of course I made a NAND backup. After upgrading system to v4.2E my Wii stopped to read blank discs. Thx to your guide I managed to install and use uLoader but my main problem is:
    no matter if I try SD card with BootMii beta 3 or beta 6, I’m not able to restore the NAND copy I made before system upgrade – BootMii says it is from some other Wii unit. Is there any way to safely restore it or I just need to upgrade my Argon firmware to be able to use it again?
    Thank you for any advice

    • adewii says:

      There was a bug in one of the Bootmii installers that caused this on a few Wii consoles. Unfortunatly it’s not fixable as far as I am aware.

  7. Aaron says:

    I installed priiloader and made a NAND backup with bootmii directly after. Later when I went to turn the wii on I found out I had a Priiloader Brick. If I restore from the NAND backup will the Priiloader brick still be there? Using 4.2 on a newer model Wii

  8. renaldas says:

    thank men this is help me u are top men of the hacking
    i got one quistion?
    now i got full hack
    uloader how i can play downloaded games?

  9. bobtracy says:

    hi im trying to make a nand backup copy so that i can try triiforce but when i go to homebrew i have got no lunch bootmii?? what ave i done wrong please help

  10. Vaughn says:

    I installed bootmii as boot2 and made a backup a few weeks ago. Today I was clearing space on my wii to install some new wiiware games and I deleted a channel called “???” and a channel called “Nintendo” along with a few save files and some other wiiware stuff. Immediately after I left the data management screen it said that the system files are corrupt and boots to a black screen now. I then immediately restarted into BootMii and attempted a restore. Everything went fine and it finished but it is still giving me a black screen when I try to boot to the wii from BootMii. Help Please!!

    • adewii says:

      Your NAND backup should have saved you. You still get the system files corrupt message as well? You could try installing all the files from the safe upgrade to sys menu 4.2 guide via wadmanager, assuming you can still boot into homebrew channel from bootmii.

  11. blasphemous24 says:

    during the bootmii backup screen, what’s the difference between letting the green bars run on itself and pressing eject? cause i just made a backup of the nand.bin to my sd card being 528 MB and i didnt even hit the eject button, so…yeah. is there something i should worry about or am i ok to go?

    • adewii says:

      Your fine, newer version don’t require the additional button press, I just haven’t got round to changing the guide.

  12. blasphemous24 says:

    also, for both bootmii as boot2 and bootmii as IOS, do both methods require having the ‘bootmii’ folder, installer.log, keys.bin and nand.bin on the root of the sd card?

    • adewii says:

      I would advise you keep the bootmii folder on there, you can backup the rest to your computer.

  13. Rania Asaad says:


    I am just about to softmod my 4.2E Wii, can you just confirm that following this guide I will be able to backup my Nand? The Wii is brand new and I think my husband will have a hissy fit if I brick it. Never done this before so I am very nervous 😐

    • adewii says:

      You’ll be able to back it up via Bootmii as an IOS, however you’ll need to install priiloader as well in order to access the Homebrew Channel and Bootmii should you brick your Wii, as your Wii is new it is unlikely it will allow bootmii to install to boot2.

  14. blasphemous24 says:

    whats the difference b/w bootmii as IOS and bootmii as boot2?

    • adewii says:

      Bootmii as boot2 has it’s own priiboot environment, IOS doesn’t

      • blasphemous24 says:

        i know this might sound a little stupid, but what’s that supposed to mean in plain english?

      • adewii says:

        As boot2 you can access bootmii and homebrew channel before the wii boots into the system menu, this is useful should you brick your Wii as it’s easy to restore the nand. If its as IOS then it will boot to the system menu first, giving you no recovery options should you nuke your NAND.

      • blasphemous24 says:

        so, bootmii as IOS isn’t really all that helpful then compared to bootmii as boot2

      • adewii says:

        Not really no, but used in conjuction with Priiloader it can at least recover you from a brick in some instances.

  15. Azumii says:

    Hi. i softmod’d my system and worked perfectly for 2 weeks then the wii couldn’t read the sd card from data management and homebrew. I could read the card from boot2. i was thinking maybe i should start from scratch since i couldn’t find the same problem posted anywhere and no one seemed to know how to fix it when i posted it on several sites. i start to restore the nand from boot2 the simulation went well and said it the amount of space the backup nand was not really that much of a difference. when i the restore finished i was left with 63 pages. I’m pretty sure that everything was erased and nothing replaced. I know the backup nand on my sd is 540,673kb and remains the size after the restore. I would really appreciate any help or if you can point me in the direction that can help me. Thank you

    • adewii says:

      I’m not quite understanding your question. If you’ve restored your NAND then it will be back to how it was at exactly that point. If you had done all the modifications already then they will still be in place, if all you had done was install the HBC and Bootmii, then you’ll need to reinstall the custom IOS files.

      • Azumii says:

        i was having problems getting into the sd card using homebrew or data management. I could read the sd card in boot2 so i knew that the sd card was ok. I also tried it in another wii and it read fine. so even though the 4.2 softmod was working for a couple of weeks i thought i did something wrong that prevented sd card from working properly. I tried to restore the nand and the nand was not restored. it only replaced 63 pages (i don’t remember the exact amount of pages of the original but i think it was over 140000 pages.) in windows the nand size is 540,673kbs.
        After the restore it boots into boot2 but thats it. I could still read all the files on the sd card from the wii in boot2 but can’t restore it. I don’t know if the card reader is really at fault or the nand is corrupt.

        Is there an app that will check the nand on a pc?
        Is there an app to test the hardware (sd card reader) on the wii?

        or do you have an other suggestions?

      • adewii says:

        ShowMiiWads, which is linked on the right, will allow you to load a NAND backup, however you need to decrypt the dump first.

        Rather than typing a very long reply, follow steps 1 & 4 only from this guide:

  16. Chris says:

    I time ago, I softmodded my WII. However, since a week, I installed a WIIKey and my WII is working fine. However, today I wanted to restore my NAND backup I made before softmodding. The problem is I deleted my bootmii directory.
    What I have done now is reinstalled bootmii. I now have a bootmii directory on my SDCard. Is it save to restore my NAND now?
    The second question is: Should I restore my NAND when my WII is working fine? Could a future nintendo update brick my WII?

    • adewii says:

      I don’t know much about wiikey’s i’m afraid and what may or may not break with nand backups etc. I would post on a forum like gbatemp or wiihacks and someone there will no doubt give you an answer.

  17. aka says:

    when I go to the screen with 4 boxes and i click on the wii button the screen goes blank and it doesn’t load anything

  18. jakeatronic says:

    Is it really necessary to make a NAND Backup of my wii before soft modding it or will it most likely work without needing to make a backup and just soft modding it straight away for playing wii backups?

    • adewii says:

      It will work without the backup, but making a backup is important should you block youself out of the system menu by making a mistake.

  19. keek says:

    Is it possible to still backup the NAND after it installed like Homebrew channel, dvdx, and bootmii as boot2 and somehow I forgot backup it up. If possible what steps should I take. I did search everywhere so far no posted related to my problem.

  20. javier says:

    hello, i just have 1 question how can i restore my son’s WII console to a factory defaults? here is the story my son forgot to back up the console, so now he can’t use it it reads “corrupted files ” and do nothing no reaction on the screen and we dont know what to do, the console is no working at all,please any help woul be appreciated,txs

  21. Steve J says:

    I have a wii v4.2U and have softmoded it and have installed priiloader, HBC, DVDx, USB loader, GX loader, a HDD and everything seems to work fine. Bootmii installed as an IOS (boot2 not allowed). My question is I am trying a back-up of my NAND by using Priiloader and launching Bootmii IOS (as instructe din many forums). The system does nothing as screen goes black while the blue disc light starts flashing. I have to reset wii.

    After REset, I then try to lauch BOOTMII using HBC pressing HOME key…it seems to try to launch and screen goes white and system just sits there (freezes). No BLUE disk light flashing this time but is locked up. I reboot and everything comes back ok. I am just curious if I have tried to mix too many boot.dol or boot.elf on my SD card as I am trying to put all things on one. Do I need a separat eSD for NAND backups/resotre and elimate the /apps menu? in researching certain boot.dol goes on the root directory like for priiloader (what else?), Do I need the IOS70 installed through WAD manager?

    While the /apps directory also has its on Boot.dol files for each application. There was a folder created when downloading the bootmii rar file that was called “place on SD 4” What does “SD4” = Scan Disk ? mean? (this contains the /BOOTMII directory, boot.dol, and startup.elf (does this need renaming to boot.elf?). andthere is the readme.txt (is this required on the SD root?).

    Ironcically, i have tried to reinstall bootmii now with success (will this overlay any of the previuos ios files installed in previuos steps of the soft mod process?? Will i have to reload these as well?

    I also try to perform a ISO backup though Bootmii to SD and get a erro code -1 (Device not recognized) yet this is only on the temp SD used for backup. If I place the original in the system works fine. I am totally confuse and have read (researched) my eyes to being blooding? Please help if any ideas?

    • adewii says:

      Too much info in your question and you;ve confused me. Your trying to back up the NAND or a game?

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