HOWTO: Install Priiloader to help prevent system bricks if you cannot use Bootmii as boot2

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I recommend Complete Softmod Guide for Wii resources.

For specific details regarding uloader visit the official wiki page (needs to be translated from Spanish, The google chrome web browser offers superb translation tools built in.)


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  1. DrimuS says:

    Hi, first of all, thanks for making this guides.
    I have a little question.
    I have 4.2U, I bought it in january 2008.
    I couldn’t install bootmii as boot2, it said FAILED (-1)
    And I couldn’t install it as IOS, it said the same thing.

    So I wanted to install Priiloader, but I have a doubt;
    One of the requirements is to have IOS36 Trucha patched, should I follow steps 2,3 and 4 from this guide ( to do so?

    What I got is; Do steps 2,3 and 4 from the other guide. Then use this guide to install Priiloader. Then follow steps 5 and 6 on the other one, so I can play backups.

    Is this right?

    Thank you 😛

  2. maxdemon says:

    Just a quick thanks for this great tut!
    Already bricked a Wii once, not taking any more chances!
    It works perfectly! Thanks again!!

  3. maxdemon says:

    Sorry, i know it’s not the answer your looking for but
    whatever you do, do not reformat your hacked wii.
    Do a workaround to upgrade to 4.2 “neatly”
    There are alot of tuts around the net, just read well
    and lookout for bad comments … if you only see good comments than it must work 😉

  4. Mannis says:

    Hi, Sorry if this is a very silly question but I haven’t tried any of this before.

    My Wii System Menu 4.2E and I installed the homebrew channel and dvdx ok, But I had the same problems as “DrimuS” above I couldn’t install bootmii as boot2, it said FAILED (-1), it also said the same thing when I tried to install to the IOS.

    I am going to try the steps you listed above – install the Trucha patch IOS36 and then install priiloader.

    Here is the silly question I am using a 4GB SDHC card should I be using an SC card or is it ok to use the SDHC?

    • adewii says:

      Priiloader is known to have a few disagreements with some SDHC cards. It might work, it might not. To be totally sure use a normal SD card with max capacity 2GB.

  5. Ladeesse says:

    Hi, I have install the Priiloader. I have a backup of my NAND. All is done well, but my wii always boot on the (system menu priiloader), a can’t boot on the (normal system menu)… I can go to the homebrew channel, when I press home, I can go to bootmii, but if i want to return to (system menu), then it’s return to the (system menu priiloader). Do you have a Hint for me ?

  6. Tonlow says:

    Hi, I am following steps 7.1 as I got “Got Root” error
    . I have renamed boot.dol files etc and I get the Priiloader menu. Deleted boot.dol and renamed the boot.old to .dol. When I try to install I get this error.

    Got Root!
    Checking for priiloader…
    Warning /title/00000001/00000002/content/ is repeorted as 8kb!
    Ignore priiloader “installation”?
    It’s recommended the you ingore if priiloader is not yet installed correctly.
    (a) yes (b) no

    tried both options but does not update

    I can not load system menu either,just blinks when I click on it.

    Can you please help?

  7. Ladeesse says:

    Hello Ade,

    First, I want thank you. My uLoader works #1, my homebrew channel too, my priiloader, my bootmii and I’m happy of it.

    The only things that it doesn’t work is my system menu: “ERROR AUTOBOOTING SYSTEMMENU. COULD NOT GET BOOT STATS. IOS V70 SYSTEMMENU V481″.

    Do you think that I can reinstall my system menu with this link

    Thanks again,

    • Ladeesse says:

      Yes I’ve copied the correct hacks.ini for my region at the root of the SD. I’ve delete it. I’ve tried the new hacks.ini. I’ve tried the new priiloader.

      Always the same error : could not get boot stats. All works well : HBC, uLoader, bootmii, it’s only my system menu that doesn’t load.

      Did I reinstall my system menu with this link

      Is it safe or do you have another idea ?

      my system menu (4.2) is : IOS V70 SYSTEMMENU V481, I’m from Canada

      • adewii says:

        I’ve asked the author of the application and he came back to me with quite a complicated reason for it. Basically we think your IOS70 is somehow corrupted. In the link you’ve copied above download that pack, and copy the IOS70 and the systemmenuv481 wad’s to the wad folder on your SD and install them again with Wad manager. However this method of foxing will wipe Priiloader also. So the ball is in your court, if the sys menu still doesn’t load you will probably end up with a full brick.

        Did you follow any other guides, or has your WIi been modified before? Have you deleted any IOS files you shouldn’t have?

      • Skafte says:

        The only thing I had tried before was that I installed the Homebrew from another guide and before I started on this guide, I uninstalled it again. I haven’t used the Wad yet, should I do that?

      • adewii says:

        THe decision is really yours to make. You can leave your Wii as it is, at least it’s in some sort of working state. If you install the IOS70 wad and system menu wads it ‘should’ fix it, however doing this will also remove Priiloader, so if it doesn’t work, and you also lose priiloader and you’ve got a full brick!!! Just wish I could work out how your IOS70 got into such a state!

        You ‘should’ be able to reinstall Priiloader from the HBC as long as you don’t reboot the Wii after you’ve installed those wads. Just exiting wad manager should put you back in the HBC.

      • Ladeesse says:

        Tx Ade,

        Yes I think I have deleted IOS files or stub when I have install the uLoader. No I don’t follow another guide because I find that you are the better… I understand that if I install systemmenuv481 wad’s and IOS wad’s, I loose my priiloader and I need to reinstall it before rebooting. Tx, but for now, I will play without sytemmenu and I’m happy of it because I can play so many games… Thanks

  8. Tonlow says:

    Hi Abe

    Thanks for your response, I have tried to install Priiloader 0.3b with no result. Still stuck on the Priiloader srceen. I can get into the HBC but the system menu just won’t load.

    My Wii is 4.2e serial LAH149XXXX

    I have run GP DOP-IOS MOD and stopped at Method A- A4
    and ran the Priiloader by pressing +.

    Should I have held ‘B’and + to install as IOS 249?

    Do you have any other suggestions?

    I appreciate your help

    Thanks again

    • Tonlow says:

      No error appears. The words “system menu” blink and thats it.

      • adewii says:

        Download the file pack from this guide and just install the IOS70 followed by system menu v482 wad file and see if that fixes it.

        Then immediately attempt to reinstall priiloader from the HBC before rebooting the Wii.

        Have you tried copying the files to another SD card also? Try using a none SD HC if that’s what your using.

      • Skafte says:

        Is this the method for some kind of roleback, or can you give me a way to start from scratch?
        I had installed Homebrew, DVDx, Bootmii as IOS and Priiloader. Is it just going through the uninstallers backwords?

      • adewii says:

        SOrry I’m getting you confused with someone else, WordPress doesn’t put together the conversations very well it must be said. Just try reinstalling Bootmii from the HBC installer first. (Your problem is the fact bootmii causes a blue flashing drive right??)

      • Wii Knight says:

        I am having the same problem as mentioned by Skafte. I have tried reinstalling Bootmii with no success. Have you had any luck finding a solution yet? This is driving me crazy.

        Wii Knight

      • adewii says:

        It’s more than likely your SD card. Backup the data, format it to FAT32, copy the contents back. If still fails, try another SD card.

  9. Skafte says:

    When I launched Bootmii from the Homebrew channel, my screen just goes black and the blue light at the discdrive is flashing. Did I do anything wrong?

  10. Dean says:

    priiloader help
    Quote for the guide.
    “In the settings menu. Change autoboot to system menu. Scroll down to save settings. Once settings are saved, press B to return to the menu.”

    “Select system menu to boot to the wii system menu.”

    The problem is, when I select “system menu” at the top of the menu nothing happens so i am unable to change the boot to the wii system menu feature and when I turn on my wii I’m always at priiloader!

  11. Dean says:

    I really need help. I will make this as brief as possible. Firstly my wii is a factory 4.2 (black), I’ve installed the homebrew chan, dvdx & bootmii to ios, but I could not install bootmii as boot2.

    I tried to patch ios36 following the method b – b1, b2 and b3 as stated in the guide. Next I installed priiloader, this is where the fun starts… I cannot access “system menu” so that I can boot to wii system menu, i can however access system menu hacks, settings and the homebrew chan. I really don;t know what to do from now, is my wii half bricked? Any help would be greatly apprciated.

    • adewii says:

      Download this pack and reinstall just the wads for IOS70, followed by the system menu that is corect for your Wii.

      This should remove Priiloader and allow you to boot to the system menu again.

      You can try reinstalling Priiloader but if its causing you problems your probably better off without it.

  12. Skafte says:

    Now I’m confused about the above conversations. Can you please refresh me?
    I now tried to patch the IOS with both method A and B and uninstall the Priiloader and installed it again, but it still goes to black screen and flashing light from the disc drive when Launching bootmii, so I cannot make my NAND backup.

    Please help…

    • adewii says:

      Have you tried using a different SD card? Try using one that is not an SD HC if possible.

      • Skafte says:

        The card I’m using is a normal SD card – not a SD HC. It is a card of 1 GB from Kingston.

      • adewii says:

        I’m at a loss I’m afraid, I’ve done a fair bit of research on this tonight and the main fixes mentioned are ‘reinstall’ and ‘use a different SD card’

      • Skafte says:

        Now it’s working! I changed the SD card and then I could get into Bootmii and make my NAND backup. Thanks a lot.

  13. Dean says:

    adewii Says:

    January 21, 2010 at 10:22 pm | Reply
    Download this pack and reinstall just the wads for IOS70, followed by the system menu that is corect for your Wii.

    This should remove Priiloader and allow you to boot to the system menu again.

    You can try reinstalling Priiloader but if its causing you problems your probably better off without it.

    Thanks for the reply, but there’s no link for the files you said to download. Could you point me in the right direction so I can get my wii sorted.

  14. Dean says:

    Thanks, adewii. I seem to be having a problem getting wad manager to show up in the homebrew channel. Any ideas?

  15. Dean says:

    adewii, Okay got wad manager working, thanks. How many files do I need to install, just the following that are mentioned in the guide?

    System Menu-NUS-v482
    shopping channel wad

    Because the guide says to Install the remaining IOS wad files and the shopping channel wad.
    I’m just wondering which others are really necessary.

  16. Dean says:

    Morning, adweii. Firstly just wanted to let you know the installation went fine, The homebrew channel is fully functioning and I managed to get a nand backup using bootmii. My question is do i need to install bootmii to ios and dvdx again or are they ok? Where do I go from here regarding playing copies of commercial software, do I need to install cISO for use with use a usb loader? Thanks for your support, Dean.

  17. Dean says:

    adewii Says:

    January 22, 2010 at 12:48 pm | Reply
    So your sys menu is working ok again now? Did you reinstall Priiloader ok as well, or did you just leave it off this time?

    Bootmii and dvdx should be ok. ust carry on with the rest of the guide for 4.2, from step A5 or B4 from whatever method it was you choose to get this far.

    Hi, adewii. The system menu is running fine now. I didn’t reinstall priiloader again, although I would’ve liked to, I just think it’s problematic on my system *shrug* Thank you so much for your support.

  18. Dean says:

    adewii, one last thing before I continue from step B4. Can I install Configurable USB Loader (personal pref) in place of the uloader-UMRD wad ?

  19. Dean says:

    adewii. I’ve been doing some research into the problem I was having with priiloader as I very much would like to have it installed. Many users have reported their Priiloader does not boot the system menu due to unpatched system menu IOS. The solution for this issue is to install the system ios70-64-v6687[patched][freethebug].wad

    However someone said this; Priiloader dosn’t need a patched SysIOS, that’s is even the purpose of priiloader. Preloader needs it patched,that’s why the installer is doing it. In Priiloader the Wii menu isn’t loading for some people because the installer didn’t move th menu and overwrote it with priiloader.
    That is easily fixed by installing the System menu wad of the region and version of the system the wii had on it,before priiloader was installed and reinstalling priiloader..

    and this, Thats illogical. Before I install Priiloader I already have a system menu. Installing Priiloader and THEN the system menu would erase Priiloader. This is some kind of a Cycle.

    Can you relate to any of those comments?
    I just want to know why Priiloader is not booting the system menu for some people.

    • adewii says:

      Dean, I really don’t know. Your best bet is to join this thread on GBATemp:

      Daco is the author of Priiloader, I’m sure he’d be glad to hear from you in relation to problems, however he likes pictures of screen dumps and error codes etc, so if your prepared to try installing Priiloader again and document your problems, he will be the man to help you.

  20. Dean says:

    adewii, ok I will join, thanks.

    I tried to reinstall priiloader today just to see if would work. But no joy, I get the following message.
    Logged in as “su”!
    Got ROOT!
    Checking for Priiloader…

    Priiloader not found.
    Installing Priiloader…

    Skipping copy of system menu ticket…
    Moving System Menu app…
    Unable to move system menu, aborting mission…

    Any ideas what could be wrong?

  21. Dean says:

    adewii. I’ve just ran a diagnostic check with “pimp my wii” to try and give me an idea of it’s current state. Here’s the log.

    Found 62 titles
    IOS 36
    This IOS is unable to downgrade revision of IOS nor able to install trucha signed (bad)

    The IOS used by system menu (70) has trucha bug fixed (error -2011)
    You can’t play modified games (trucha sighed) with the disc channel if trucha bug is not present.

    IOS 36 has the ES_identify bug corrected
    since a lot of homebrew are using this IOS, they may not function correctly if this IOS does not contain the bug. By example preloader need this bug effective.

    No cISO found

    IOS 38 has tucha bug fixed
    IOS 50 is a stub (v5120)
    IOS 53 trucha bug fixed
    IOS 55 trucha bug fixed
    IOS 56 trucha bug fixed
    IOS 57 trucha bug fixed
    IOS 60 is a stub (v6400)
    IOS 70 trucha fixed.
    From the looks of that report I don’t think my sytem is even close to being hacked. Can you advise?

    Thanks, Dean.

  22. Tonlow says:

    Hi Abe

    Thanks for your response, I have tried to install Priiloader 0.3b with no result. Still stuck on the Priiloader srceen. I can get into the HBC but the system menu just won’t load. No errors appear.

    When I click on Bootmii I get “error booting Bootmii IOS”

    My Wii is 4.2e serial LAH149XXXX

    I have run GP DOP-IOS MOD and stopped at Method A- A4
    and ran the Priiloader by pressing +.

    Should I have held ‘B’and + to install as IOS 249?

    I’ve researched via google and the more I read the more confused I get.

    Do you have any other suggestions?

    I would really appreciate your help

    Thanks again

    • adewii says:

      If you can’t access the system menu at all then you need to reinstall IOS70 and the system menu. You can do this with the DOP-IOS app that you should already have on your SD card, or follow this guide, to do it offline.

    • Dean says:

      adewii, just an update to let you know I’ve successfully installed priiloader. I had to clean the nand from all traces of failed priiloader installations. Eveything is now working as it should. Thanks for all your support.

      Tonlow, your problems sound almost identical to mine. Follow the guide as adweii advised, when you have your wii system menu back as normal. Get nandclean and remove all traces of priiloader. Then reinstall the latest priiloader ios36.

      Maybe adweii has a guide for this.

      • adewii says:

        Cheers for the info Dean, and glad you got it sorted, will look at doing a guide for Nandclean when I get chance to look at it.

  23. Dean says:

    Hi adewii. I’ve repatched IOS36 and continued with the rest of the guide. Everything went well with no problems. All is left fo me to do is install priiloader, I am a little apprehensive though. I’m not sure if I should try a normal installation or patch with ios70-64-v6687[patched][freethebug].wad (others have reported this to be a solutuion) and then try.

    If I end up with a semi-brick from either options, do I simply reinstall IOS70-64-v6687.wad and System Menu-NUS-v482 as before?

    Also one other question, would it be a good idea to have all my IOS’s trucha patched, or does it not matter? Thanks, Dean.

    • adewii says:

      The IOS70 wad that is in my 4.2 guide does the same thing as the free the bug wad. Give it a bash and see if it installs. If it doesn’t you know how to fix it!! 🙂

      There is no need to patch every IOS.

  24. Hannibal says:

    Adewii mi wii is semiblink with the Priiloadear Failed to load system menu… IOS v70, system menu v481 priiloader v0.3 (r41M)… Wend I use the Wad Manager 1.5 it frees… LU10, 4.2U..

  25. aaron says:

    Hi mate Aaron again, i soft moded my sisters wii way before christamas and she has had no problems with it. It was done through pre-loader as the other type wouldnt work. My brother in law thought he could run the safe 4.2e update which has uninstalled the homebrew channel so to try and get it back i run the hack mii installer but it says this instaler cannot continue there is a known vulnerable ios installed on this wii please note that we will not use fake signed ios due to security reasons.
    I am using version 0.6
    so to try and get by this i tried doing a genuine update with vuze to softmod from 4.2.Error code 32017 keeps occuring and will ot let me update is there anything that i can do as i can not get pre-loader to run before the normal wii sytem menu.

    As always thanks for your time


  26. aaron says:

    hi again thanks for that but it will not let me extract to drive c is there any easy download ie all the needed files in one download i just cant see what i am doing wrong
    thanks aaron

    • adewii says:

      Sorry mate that’s the best available guide for it at the moment, and I don’t have the time this week to throw anything together.

      • Aaron says:

        Hi mate the guide you sent me worked once I unrard it to my desktop
        then then cut it to C drive it worked a treat thanks again
        I hve saved the files so if anyone eles needs them I have then and could upload them at anytime I think I found out why it lost the homebrew
        and had the ios probs I think it could have been due to the fact that the homebrew channel installed was v 1.04 but I may be wrong
        all the best and thanks again


  27. wes says:

    hey adewii.

    what to do, i have priiloader 0.2 , and i want to install priiloader 0.3b . how to do it? 🙂

    thanks again

  28. Greg says:

    I am having similar troubles as everyone above. i installed Priloader and cant go to system menu. I have tried to reinstall the v70 wads to no avail . i have also tried various other fixes. it is system menu v481. any help?

    • adewii says:

      Since you have tried other various fixes, I don’t know what now be on your wii. Your best bet is to join this thread on GBATemp:

      Daco is the author of Priiloader, I’m sure he’d be glad to hear from you in relation to problems, however he likes pictures of screen dumps and error codes etc, so if your prepared to try installing Priiloader again and document your problems, he will be the man to help you.

  29. David says:

    I’m confused. You say you need to truka patch ISO 36, but then this causes the homebrew channel to go upside down. Then you say to check the top right corner to see what homebrew is using. Low and behold ISO 36. So then you download the unpatched version and now homebrew is the right way up. But priiloader can’t be installed because ISO 36 is not patched! Either this is a circular puzzle or I’m missing a trick. Please help!

  30. toomis says:

    Hi! I’m sorry if this has come up earlier but.. Is there any chance of getting backup NAND (I mean protect my Wii from bricking)? I have 4.0E and I can’t install Bootmii as boot2 because my Wii is so new.

    Thanks in advance!!

  31. toomis says:

    Sorry nevermind.. stupid question from a stupid guy. I’ll just read everything you’ve said carefully. :/

  32. BEARE says:

    Stuck again :/ Sorry ade!
    I have upgraded my wii from 3.4E to 4.2E (through nintendo) installed homebrew etc and couldnt install to boot2 so I have followed steps A1 A2,A3 and A4 from “Setup a System Menu 4.2” Ive added priiloader to the apps folder on the SD card & added the hacks folder(for 4.2)…
    although when clicking on homebrew channel the remotes have stopped working and I cannot click onto the next page etc (where i assume the priiloader icon will be to install priiloader etc)I am stuck on the homebrew channel 😦 Is it safe to restart the wii?? Do you think I need to somehow reinstal IOS70 followed by the system menu (as you stated may be needed?) or is it something else I am doing wrong? 😦 please help! stuck at the 1st stages yet again! I am starting to feel like Im being a little stupid! 😛
    Thanks again in advance!

    • adewii says:

      This may sound daft, but try changing the batteries. Or use normal batteries if your using rechargeable ones until the rechargeable ones have a full charge.

      • BEARE says:

        Thanks for the tip! Tried batteries but no luck, the battery packs are fully charged and im pretty sure they were already fully charged when I went onto the homebrew channel when they stopped working. I have tried and think I have reset the remotes by holding the red button on the wii for 15seconds but this has not helped. Do you think it will be a bad idea to restart the wii? Guess I could leave it on and try and get hold of a gamecube controller? Not having much luck with this atm > any other ideas?? 🙂

      • adewii says:

        It’s perfectly safe to restart. Infact be good to ensure they work on the system menu still. They might just need re-syncing whilst in the sys menu. You have an odd one there that’s for sure.

      • BEARE says:

        Thanks ade, Just to let you know I restarted the wii and all is fine! Ive now installed priiloader etc.
        I cant seem to launch Bootmii as I think I overwrote the required bootmii files when doing method A1 on the “Setup a System Menu 4.2” page.

        Can you please confirm what files I should keep on the SD card? I overwrote the “bootmii”, “private” folders & also the “Bootmii_cfg_ed”, “homebrew_browser” & “Savegame Manager v1.0” folders from the apps folder. :S

        Sorry again, Hopefully I will get this done soon and leave you alone!

      • adewii says:

        you’ll need the bootmii folder on the sd card. If you need to reinstal you’ll need to put the privte and boot.elf/dol file back on the sd card from the homebrew browser installer pack.

  33. sharingan says:

    hey man ur priiloader gets stuck in the warnig screen i hav firmware 4.2help me

    • adewii says:

      You only need to ask the question once! I don’t offer support for USB Loader GX, so i suggest you go on the website for the developer for that software.

      You don’t describe the error in enough detail. Does Priiloader start when you power on you power on the Wii? Can you access the homebrew channel from Priiloader menu? If so, try uninstalling Priiloader and then reinstalling it by holding down B when prompted. Or are you getting a system menu is corrupt message? If so hold down reset when you power on wii to access priiloader and use wadmanager to reinstall IOS70 and system menu wads. You can get those wads from the upgrade to sys menu 4.2 guide.

  34. ash says:

    hey ade
    first off, thanks for the great tutorials.i have successfully modded a 4.2e wii for a friend using it. however for my wii which is a version 3.4e im havin a doubt.i ran hackmii and could install only bootmii as ios since boot1 prevents on boot2. adding to this priiloader does not work with 3.4e. should i run the fw update in your guide for safe upgrade to 4.2? since in case anything goes wrong, my wii bricks, there would be no way to load bootmii and restore NAND. plus in your softmod wii 3.x-4.1 u ran a ios60.wad this the patched ios60 required in order to safe update to 4.2?
    thanks in advance

    • adewii says:

      It’s probably easier to do an official update to 4.2 and then follow the 4.2 methods.

      • ash says:

        ok i did the update using wifi from nintendo themselves…but heres the funny hbc dvdx,botmii all remains even after update..i thought 4.2 official removed the channels etc.
        now hbc works aswell as bootmii as ios
        where do i start now from..i will need priiloader and need to make my system ready for backup loading because usb loader wasnt working for me
        however i am not sure abt the state of my idea if my IOS222 and all exist and if IOS36 is trucha patched..from where do i continue? and how do i know the state of my IOS?

      • adewii says:

        If you had the latest version of homebrew channel it wouldn’t remove it because it had changed it’s title name to prevent removal. You will probably need to reinstal the cIOS files for backup loading still. If you want some form of brick protection then Priiloader is a good idea.

  35. deed2010 says:

    Thxs ade … great work, have sucessfully installed USB Loader GX, backed up Nand and installed priiloader. Had some issues with covers for loader … somehow I selected update (can’t remember what I did!!) this loader GXand after that all cover downloaded through wifi.

    Need to get a larger HDD for all my games.

    Did plenty of research on net, found these to be easiest to understand and all I needed was follow each instruction carefully.

    Cheers mate.

  36. stephen says:

    I am running version 3.1e, can I install preloader on the unit running this version, the notes her tend to say you need version 3.2?

    • adewii says:

      No it won’t work on a 3.1 system. Is there any reason you need it? If your on a Wii that old you should be able to install bootmii to boot2. Unless you need to block disc updates because of the gamecube backup launcher I would recommend just sticking with bootmii.

  37. Fred Bloggs says:

    Ade, you say
    “Press reset to do a simulation restore of your NAND. Bootmii will warn you that it is not installed as boot2 and that it is risky to do this process. To continue you must hold down A+B+X+Y all at the same time on a Gamecube controller. It may take a few times for you to perfect this but you will eventually be able to do it and Bootmii will continue.”

    What if I don’t have a Gamecube controller – can I still do a restore ?

  38. Fred Bloggs says:

    How can I restore a NAND backup using priiloader if I dont have a Gamecube controller ?

  39. NewB says:

    Thanks for the clear and simple priiloader instructions; clean install no glitches!

  40. spydaman50 says:

    Im a Complete Noob at this and im tryin to figure out if the preloader works for 4.2u Because it loads on my HBC but i get and iso36 error, I get this when I load with iso249

    Got Root!
    Checking for priiloader…
    Warning /title/00000001/00000002/content/ is repeorted as 0kb!
    Ignore priiloader “installation”?
    It’s recommended the you ingore if priiloader is not yet installed correctly.
    (a) yes (b) no

    • adewii says:

      Restore the trucha patch to IOS36. In other words follow the guide for the 4.2 system menu again.

  41. Usualwill says:

    Hi Ade,
    If I’ve successfully installed bootmii to boot2 (yes my Wii is that old!), is there any reason to install priiloader? Does it give me any additional brick protection or am I better off not having priiloader installed at all?

  42. DriFtz says:

    I did everything up until step Bootmii as IOS

    the priiloader installed fine no updates but i still cant get the bootmii to run i get a black screen and my wii drive just keeps blinking blue =[

    • adewii says:

      I’m out of ideas, might be worth posting your problem on gbatemp or wiihacks. Let me know if you resolve it so I can help other people that may have the problem.

  43. Brett says:

    I have priiloader installed and seems to be working fine with bootmii in ios. I seem to have a problem with the hacks though. I scroll down to system menu hacks and when selected the wii tells me “can’t find hacks.ini on nands” so I can’t “enable block disc updates” which I figure is one of the most important parts of Priiloader.
    Thanks for any help!

    • adewii says:

      Have you got a hacks.ini file at the oot of your SD?

      • Brett says:

        I do now 🙂 Thanks that worked. I had it there in it’s original folder. I had moved it out of the folder previously ,as I was unsure, when I was having other issues and it hadn’t helped but now it works.
        thanks heaps 🙂 Love your blog!

  44. michail says:


    I am softmodding a virgin wii and would like to ask if it is a good idea to use priiloader 0.4 instead of the guide’s 0.3b?

    • adewii says:

      0.4 should be fine, I am a bit behind with a few things at the moment, will try and get thing’s back upto date this week.

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