HOWTO: Install/Upgrade uLoader to version 4.9C for DVD & USB backup launching. (Offline and online methods)

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I recommend Complete Softmod Guide for Wii resources.

For specific details regarding uloader visit the official wiki page (needs to be translated from Spanish, The google chrome web browser offers superb translation tools built in.)

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  1. newbroy says:

    I’m new to uloader and usb loaders in general.

    What I wonder is this… I installed uloader, but when trying to start some programs (namely WiiMusic), I’m getting green screen.

    Is there something I can try to fix this issue beyond trying the configuration options for the game? I tried forcing the video mode, and also tried the “Skip IOS” option, but it didn’t help (I wonder if I should maybe install hermes’ cios to 223 too, on base of some other IOS and try that way?)

  2. newbroy says:

    Oh, ignore my previous comment. I said I tried forcing the video mode, but I didn’t try forcing it to NTSC (didn’t expect that to work, as I have PAL console), but that did the trick.
    Anyway, thanks for the information on this blog.

    • adewii says:

      Cool, bit weird thou as Wii Music just played with the default settings for me. Maybe you downloaded the NTSC version? It’s probably best to stick to PAL versions if at all possible as if the disc trys to do any sort of update it won’t brick your Wii.

      • newbroy says:

        Yes, you are right, I think it is the NTSC version. I didn’t know it can brick the Wii, thanks for the advice, I will have to be more careful in future.

        BTW, have you tried Sam and Max? I’m having trouble getting into the individual episodes. It is not big deal as I got it working through the backup loaders, but just wondering…

  3. adewii says:

    It’s unlikely any bricks will happen as I don’t think the USB loaders look at the update partition’s, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. The Game compatiblity matrix on GBATemp is always a good place to check for any issues that may arise:

    Not tried Sam & Max but a quick look on the above link and both the NTSC and PAL versions are down as Not Working, describing the same issues as you have!!

  4. kase says:

    hi,I have a lu64 fw 4.0 with cios rev14, neogamma r6 and usb loader gx rev 628. Can I use this guide to install uloader? I mainly wanted my rockband 2 instruments to work using a usb loader. Will this be the solution or not recommended at all due to the potential of bricking due to lu64 model?

    • adewii says:

      This should work fine on an LU64. If it tells you, you need to downgrade when installing cios 222 follow my original prepping guide for restoring the trucha bug:

      Which should sort you out.

      I am yet to test as we’re sill waiting for a PAL version of Rock Band 2 and I don’t want to risk the NTSC version doing anything weird.

      I would install cios 222 as default to begin, see if it works with RB2, if not, install cios 222 again but choose to base merge IOS36 and 37 to create an cios 223 as well. Before loading RB2 again change the config to use ios223 and then it should work.

  5. Trond says:

    I cant get that cover art thing working. In the menu the “add png bitmap” and “delete png bitmap” is greyed out.

    • adewii says:

      Strange, have you actually got the cursor hovering over a game rather than one of the fuzzed out blank entries.

  6. Trond says:

    Yes, the game is ther and working. Where do I find the png`s and where do I put them ? Do I have to do something special with the harddrive ?

  7. Trond says:

    I got this now 🙂 When I put an .iso directly to my USB drive using WBFS Manager the game wont show up . I have to burn it to a disk first then copy it over to the USB drive to get it to work from USB. Anyone know what Im doing wrong ?

    • adewii says:

      Again, odd! Ideally make sure your drive is conencted to your PC before you start WBFS Manager. Select the correct drive letter in the top left and click load. It should show all the existing games on your drive. On the right hand pane click browse to find your ISO and click open. Game should then appear on right hand side, and then just click add to drive to add the game to your hard drive!

  8. Trond says:

    Yes thats what Ive done, formatted the disk again and gonna try once more. Btw it seems ok now finally 🙂

    Thanx for the help

  9. kase says:

    thank you adewii! my rock band instruments are synced! It worked just as you have adviced to install cios222 with ios 37 merge with 36. Thanks again!

  10. krakky says:

    Hi there. Please help me, I think my lu65 wii fw 4.0 cios rev 14 is brick after installing cios 222 (ios37 merge with ios36)! when i restarted there’s a message that says “the system files are corrupted please refer to the operations manual..” I am able to get into homebrew with preloader.I sofmodded with the old lu64 fix method not the trucha bug method. I dont know what to do next.

    • adewii says:

      You could use any title deleter, to delete the ios 222 and ios 223. You could also probably use trucha big restorer to restore the original IOS files. I would look at this thread first and see if anyone else can help you there: where you’ll find the links for any title deleter.

      Also try forums at and where you’ll probably get much quicker and better support. Ensure you outline exactly what methods and procuedures you took, to get where you are.

    • adewii says:

      I’ve done a bit more research before I go to work. Option 1 is to try and reinstall the system menu. Grab NUS Downloader and click the database button to get system menu 4 for your region and to pack it to a wad. I would install the original IOS60 file via HBC as well, ensure you do both before rebooting your wii. Option 2 is to try changing the IOS that preloader uses. It could just be a conflict. Try changing preloader to run on IOS30. This could be risky as you could then lose preloader too. Do as much reading as poss but I think the sys menu reinstall is probably the way to go, followed by a reinstall of preloader after doing the trucha bug restorer.

  11. krakky says:

    I tried to install system menu 4 and ios60 thru wad but i get the error -1022!! this is the first time i experienced this.

  12. krakky says:

    now my wii only boots to preloader and giving me this message: Error autobooting system menu could not open boot file! can anything be done now, wad manager 1.4 is giving all wad installs a error -1022!

    • adewii says:

      That error normally relates to a bad wad, but if they are all getting it, i doubt it is. I would imagine either your SD card is screwed (thou probably unlikely) or at some point somewhere you have installed a bad wad, possibly one that’s not meant for your region wii? The only thing I can recommend now is that you put all of the wads you have installed back onto your SD and uninstall them with Wad Manager 1 by 1. Starting with the most recent one you installed to the first one you installed. Except Cioscorp wad if you ever installed that as that will remove every IOS. If it still doesn’t boot after removing all wads, try installing sys menu 4 again and original IOS60. Although you said this happened after you installed cios 222/223 which confuses me even more, I have never heard of anyone bricking their wii through installing the cios 222. I assume you’ve used Any Title Deleter DB (If you need it let me know and I’ll whack it up on my mediafire) to remove IOS 222 and 223 as well? If none of that works I think your going to have to call in your warranty or try using savemii although I don’t know of any games that contain sys menu 4.1 on the disc yet. Otherwise you can use savemii in conjuction with a modchip to create a custom boot disk to install sys menu 4.1 (the only way to fix in recovery mode is to upgrade the sys menu rather than reinstall it, i think!!!) Have you attempted to downgrade any IOS’ other than 15 which you should have restored before reboot if you was using trucha bug restorer to install as your an LU65? Also you haven’t removed 249 have you? As wadmanager needs that to run, which could be the problem. In which case you can run Trucha Bug restorer hopefully to add it again.

      Exactly what guide did you follow? If I can get an idea of what you’ve been doing it might be helpful. As well as any other detail on exactly what you’ve done in order if you can remember.

  13. krakky says:

    I dont remember exactly what I did but before the attempted installation of the original sys menu and ios60 thru wad, I was able to uninstall some wads(world of goo, ios55,58,38). Then I installed ios60.wad. after that, running the system install gave me -1022 error as well as all other wads. next thing was that i ran trucha bug restorer using both wiihacks method and as well as your guide. I was confused about the part where you set ios to 249 on part 4 of your guide but on the other tutorial it was set to 36. this could be pure stupidity on my side that i followed both guides one after the other. all this probably resulted in booting with no system file and goes straight to preloader. I did use ATD a couple days ago to delete 222, i dont see 232 and i dont recall seeing 249. Should 249 be on ATD? I never used ciscorp.

    • adewii says:

      I’m just as confused to be honest. Have you tried telling the system menu to boot from IOS30 in preloader? See if that works. If not try using Trucha Bug Restorer again using my guide to create the IOS249. You’ll need this anyway if you do manage to recover to play backups. Wad Manager needs that to run correctly. (It should ask you what IOS to use before you select a wad?) If you choose an IOS that’s not there, that could be what’s causing the -1022 error, but it’s a rare error. I can’t find much related to it at all, other than people saying it’s caused by a bad wad! If that then allows you to run wads again install sys menu 4 and ios60 again. If that doesn’t work the I’m really at a loss I’m afraid.

  14. krakky says:

    no did not boot from ios30 in preloader cause i may run the risk of losing preloader. I will try using trucha bug restorer again using your method but in step 5 it needs wad manager to install ios60.wad. Will ios249 be installed after running step 4 according to your guide? or else I can’t install any wads.

  15. krakky says:

    update! I saved my wii! Thank you so much for your feedback. You input into all this has lead me to believe that my wad manager might be at fault. To see if i still have ios249, i ran cios uninstaller 1.1 and it detected ios249 so I went back to homebrew. Next I deleted the wad manager and replaced it with a different one although still a 1.4 version. I ran the system menu install, followed by original ios60. lastly, without rebooting, I installed preloader 0.29 and it rebooted to the system health warning! Clicked A and everything is back to normal. Again thank you!

    • adewii says:

      Congrats. So glad you sorted it. Just for my own reference if anyone else has the same issue, when you reinstalled preloader did you also patch IOS60 again or is it still the original IOS60?

      Also I learnt yesterday whilst trying to troubleshoot your issues that it is possible to recover your NAND with Bootmii as IOS as long as you have preloader also installed. In Homebrew Channel press the home button to access Bootmii (Once you’ve installed it to IOS via the hackmii installer) and backup the nand. To restore it you need a gamecube controller as well so that you are able to hit A+B+X+Y at the same time in order to restore the NAND. Although it will warn you it is not safe to do so if bootmii is not at boot2, but a few people are reporting success with it, see these threads: and although bit more conflicthing info on that one till I posted the video!!

      You may want to start making some NAND backups to save yourself from such messes in the future. I’ll be updating my Bootmii/preloader guides once I’ve done a bit more research and testing myself. The problem is (well not really a problem, good for me) is that my Wii is old enough to support boot2 changes so I’ve never had to mess about too much with preloader.

  16. krakky says:

    thanks for the links. i’ll read up on it later. I didn’t patch ios60 again. There has been some reports that patching ios60 could cause banner brick! Always have preloader if you’ll going to install ios or wads!

  17. Zaphod Beeblebrox says:

    Also installed cios under custom cios223 using 37 merged with 36 and my wireless usb instruments now work perfectly with rock band 2. Thanks very much!

  18. Scott says:

    I have system menu 4.0u and I installed the HBC and am running uloader 3.0. I have kind of a strange problem. It’s not a big deal but I have to have my external hard drive unplugged then start uloader. Once it says no drive connected or not found then I can plug in my hard drive and then it will recognize it. If I have it plugged in when I turn my wii or before I start uloader then it will come up sayin no wbfs partition. I have tried USB loader but after I select my hard drive it says mounting device and then under that it says 30 second timout and it just freezes there. It’s not a huge deal it’s just kind of annoying having to always unplug and plug back in my hard drive. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

    • adewii says:

      Odd. What;s the make and model of the drive? I expect it’s a driver issue. Have you tried using another type of external drive to see if the issue persists.

      • Scott says:

        The drive is a Hitachi laptop hard drive. It is an older hard drive which might be the reason. I thought it was kind of odd because I was trying to find a solution to this and couldn’t find anyone else with the same problem I have. Once I get another hard drive I will see if that works and I’ll report back. Thanks

      • adewii says:

        I assume your using some sort of caddy then? The problem may actually be with the caddy rather than the drive itself. I previous caddy I had was a nightmare with the Wii, picking up sometimes and more often than not, not at all. it was too inconsistant for any kind of pattern for me to get the drive to work, so I had no choice but to replace it. Hermes cIOS 222 seems to have better support for more devices so may be why that one kinda works, but the other loader using 249 just times out. It is an odd one, and the problem you have is that you need to replace one or the other to establish if it’s the drive or the caddy that is at fault. If you have any IT friends or anyone that has a spare drive or caddy knocking around it would probably be better to test first if possible rather than splashing the cash and finding out it’s the other that needs replacing.

  19. Scott says:

    Thanks for the quick response and the advice and big thanks for making these walkthroughs they really helped me a lot and contain a lot of good info. I’ll see what I can scrounge up and let you know if I get it fixed

  20. Meshal says:

    I did what you said but in homebrew channel I press the cIOS 222 V.3 then I down load it but it didn’t said to me complete
    Help me 😦

  21. Alex B says:

    After followed instruction in this article, I launched uLoader 3.1 and got an error message,

    ERROR: Could not initialize USB subsystem! (ret = -122)

    Retries: 9

    System 3.3U

    Any idea? Thanks a lot.

    • adewii says:

      Have you used uLoader or used the USB drive with any other type of USB Loader before?

      • Alex B says:

        Never used any other type of usb loader before.

        Actually the very first time, uloader succeeded in loading in a game in my external hard drive.

        Then I installed that forwarder through wadmanager as a chanel, then run it as a chanel gave me this ERROR message. Then I go back to Homebrew chanel, and now it gives me the same ERROR message.

      • adewii says:

        Ok, that’s weird. Especially as the forwarder doesn’t even touch any of the code to do with the USB, it’s simply just a forwarder on the system menu. Have you tried connecting the drive to your computer and seeing if a WBFS manager can read the drive ok? It may be worth formatting the drive back to fat32 or NTFS and see if uLoader detects it as a non WBFS drive again. I assume it did this the first time and asked you which partition to format.

      • Alex B says:

        It works properly now, so weird, I just attached the external hard drive to my computer and deleted the uLoader PAL cfg file in WBFS Manager, then re-attach the external hard drive back to wii, then it works.
        Thanks for the help.

      • Alex B says:

        Not working again after I added several more ISOs into the external hard drive through WBFS Manager…..

        Wonder if there is something wrong with my WBFS Manager 😦

      • adewii says:

        I would say it’s more to do with the drive than the management software? Bad clusters or something. Do you have another drive you could try? Or again reformat the drive to NTFS and run some disk repair tools on it such as HDD Regenerator? (Which you can get for free via the Hirens boot cd if you look for it in the right places!!)

  22. DANNY A says:


    • adewii says:

      What’s the game(s) in question?

      • DANNY A says:

        fifa 10,super paper mario,mario and sonic winter olympics.

      • adewii says:

        Strange. There is no reason why those games should not work. You’ve correctly preped your Wii by patching the necessary IOS files etc before installing the uLoader cIOS?

      • DANNY A says:


      • adewii says:

        The only thing I can think off is that you have a D3-2 drive in your Wii. How new is your Wii? Recent Wii’s have these drives in, but only ones that are hitting the stores within the last month or so really. These drives cannot read blank DVDs at all.

      • adewii says:

        I have updated the files and the guide, can you try it again and see if it fixes this glitch please.

  23. danart1967 says:

    hi ade wandering if you can help have got up to stage 10 then when i try to load wadmanager there is only ios to load not the forwarder-UMRD wad yet it is on the route of sd card .. have tried loading ios249 when in wad manager then sd slot but getting error ret 1
    can you advise many thanks

    • adewii says:

      Have you installed Waninkoko’s cIOS 249? If it’s an older version upgrade to the rev14 release.

      • danart1967 says:

        hi ade yea done that using this 249 got another prob thou am having to leave sd card in wii to use u loader to run back ups but when you take out sd card u loader wont run discs , have got around that by just putting neogammar 7 on as a wad ,, is there a way without having to leave sd card in to use u loader ,,,, many thanks

      • adewii says:

        There is an unofficial wad version yes, however it relies on another 3rd party to create the wad file , so releases can be a bit out of date compared to the official release, however a 3.1 wad has been made and can be downloaded from here:

  24. Takocos says:

    Whenever I try to load the cIOS installer, it unsyncs my wiimote and I cannot control, nor can I get it to sync back up without restarting my system. I so desperatly want this to work; I have a little boy who is really hard on games! I would really appreciate any help that I can get.

    • adewii says:

      Have you installed cIOS 249 as well first before installing uLoader? Check the getting started section and follow the preparing guide.

      • Monkeyji says:

        I’m having the same problem using both Waninkoko’s cIOS 249 installer and Waninkoko’s Wad Manager 1.5 – I can choose IOS 249 to work with, but my wiimote unsyncs and I can’t press A to continue changing the IOS. Is anyone else having the wiimote unsync problem? any suggestions?

      • adewii says:

        Are you able to use other IOS numbers in wad manager, such as 222?

      • Monkeyji says:

        that was it – my wiimote wasn’t unsyncing, my wii was freezing cuz my IOS 36 hadn’t patched right the first time and consequently, I didn’t have cios 249 installed… thanks for your help!

  25. bf says:

    Is there any reason you recommend uLoader over something more sexy like Wiiflow?

    • adewii says:

      The loader is created by Hermes who is also the creator of the cIOS 222. uLoader will always be the first loader to incorporate the features of the cIOS 222.

  26. rieleyroo says:

    i cant get guitar hero 5 to play when i do cios 222 install i dont have same numbers for it to merg so for the three installs u say to do i cant cos numbers r different so wot can i do to get it to play

  27. relic says:

    Quick question… I followed all the steps in the guide to get uloader up and running for using backups discs. Now, after it’s all said and done, I get a DVD – 2 error when I try to run a dvd game copy. I don’t know if it’s the disc or not for sure, because now I’m getting an invalid DVD error when trying to run my SNES roms off my dvd when using SNES9XGX. My roms worked great off the DVD before the uLoader setup. What could have gone wrong?

    • adewii says:

      I have updated the prep guides. try doing them again and hopefully it will fix this glitch.

      • relic says:

        I’m still having troubles, but here’s another question. When you change all the IOS###’s and do the merging and all that, how much does that change your Wii itself? I still cannot use the DVDx properly. I get an error. When I try to backup my wii with my bootmii, it says it’s not the same wii, so it doesn’t work. My Wii isn’t bricked though. I can still play my original games and all my virtual console stuff, no problem. DVDx refuses to work though so I can’t load backups from DVD and I can’t even use the DVD drive for the SNES9XGX still. Something I did botched my dvd reading capabilities. Homebrew and everything else there still works fine. Is there a way to reset everything to default without bootmii? I can access the system menu and everything just fine. Just uLoader and anything using DVDx gives me issues. Thanks a lot!

      • adewii says:

        There was a bug in an older hackmii installer, but the 1.0.6 version should fix this. However any backups created with the older version may still throw up the error message. Sadly this was a problem with bootmii itself. You maybe better trying re-virginize your Wii and starting fresh. I don’t offer tutorials on that as it’s a more risky process. However instructions can be found from here:

  28. Phil says:

    I have followed you install through with no issues and uloader now runs ghostbusters TVG fine from DVD but I want to put all my games on HDD.

    When uloader starts with my USB HDD connected I get the error

    ERROR: Could not initialize USB subsystem! (ret = -122)

    my other USB loader which was working fine also not says is cannot initialize the USB subsystem, I have tried removing the partitions from the USB drive and also both USB ports.

    The USB drive was working fine so hopefully it’s compatible with the Wii.

    What have I done wrong? i’m on system 4.1

    • Phil says:

      I am actually on 3.4E not 4.1

    • adewii says:

      It normally means the drive is not compatible, however you said it worked previously with another USB loader?

      • Phil says:

        yes, it was working fine for months, now both USB Loader and Uloader say unable to initialize usb, I had just followed the HOWTO: setup a System Menu 3.x – 4.1 Wii for playing backups of commercial games with uLoader and then the USB HDD cannot init.

        I did get one problem where my HBC turned upside down after one step but I used DOP-IOS v7 which didn’t fix it so I reinstalled the HBC and then started the guide again. It went through fine the second time with no errors.

        Is the USB not affected by any of the IOS files changed in this guide?

      • adewii says:

        Strange. Have you tried re-formatting the drive on a computer to a normal FAT32 or NTFS partition and then see if the loaders pick up the drive and let them reformat it back to WBFS. You could try installing the cios 222 installer over the internet insead of wad format and see if that helps. The original package can be downloaded from here:

      • Phil says:

        I have tried the drive with just a FAT32 or NTFS partition with no change.

        How would I go about installing CIOS 222 installer over the internet, I cant see anywhere that gives me the option to do that either in WAD manager, CIOS rev 14 or DOP-IOS_v7.

        Thanks for your help

      • Phil says:

        I realized what you meant when I read your message again, I ran the CIOS 222 installer, it has had no affect so far though i’m afraid. Am I meant to be changing CIOS 222 or 249?

        I am thinking maybe I should follow your guide for a safe update to 4.2 and then try and start hacking it again from there, is that a good idea?

      • adewii says:

        If you want to start fresh the best thing to do is actually do an official update to 4.2. It will remove the custom cIOS that have been installed and remove most of the other homebrew stuff that is on your Wii. You may however want to make a NAND backup before doing that. The safe update won’t actually touch your cIOS files so i’m not convinced a safe update will fix the issue. Perhaps do the safe update first and if that doesn’t fix it do an official update and then start from scratch. Make NAND backups as you go along. It’s still possible to make NAND backups even if you only have Bootmii as IOS. You will need a Gamecube controller in order to restore them however.

  29. boggled101 says:

    Hi Ade! It’s me again after a long while. Softmod been working a treat and keeps boys plent busy. Been looking at “Mario bros” blog and I noticed this about v3.1, when I did mine i think it was 2.8D. I am about to update as above but I do not follow the bit about having: “IOS36,60/70 to already be patched, and for any compatibilty issues to have cIOS 38 Rev 14 installed” ? I have not done much to my console since the first time i modded it. My pC crashed and i lost everything so i hav eno idea about what i downloaded but everything on the sd is still on it. but i made a pencil note re the following: loader 2.8d, wadmngr 1.5, bootmii conig … 2.4 and homebrew brwsr 0.3.4 Is any of this out of date?
    Once again thanks for all your efforts! hope u hav settled in your new place!
    Boggles and sons

    • adewii says:

      Hey. 🙂

      The only thing that is out of date for you is uLoader itself. Download the pack and copy all of the steps in the guide as you will also need to upgrade your cIOS 222 to version 4 which is done in the wad manager steps above. Hope this helps. 🙂

      Also Mario Bros Wii comes with Sys Menu 4.1 on the disc. It will be interesting to see if it asks you to update your Wii? I’m assuming the patched version will not. I haven’t actually tried it yet, however my Wii is already on 4.1

  30. Scott says:

    I posted on here about having to load uloader first and then plug in my drive. Well I recently bought a Seagate 1TB and now I can power up the wii with the drive plugged in and it seems to be working fine because I can start uloader and it recognized my wbfs partition now and shows all my games. the problem is when I try and start a game it looks like it is starting but then it just goes to a blank screen and nothing ever happens. I have read that Seagates spin down, but I changed the power saver setting in the drive to never. Any suggestions? I’m running the latest uloader and homebrew channel for wii system menu 4.1

  31. he_man2003 says:


    the file isn’t available anymore
    any chance you re-up the file? thanks a lot

  32. he_man2003 says:


    the file isnt’t available anymore, any chance to re-up the file?thanks in advance

    • adewii says:

      It’s back. Not sure how long it will last. Looks like I’ll need to fine another file space provider.

  33. Steve says:

    Excellent, great guide, thank you!!

  34. Bruce says:

    Just installed after wii 4.2 update. I can play backup games and all retail games I have. My problem is I can no longer copy retail games from wii to computer. I get an error message from dvd dumper v1.3 when using wifi

  35. Amer says:

    I did the steps above, but I get an error when I run uloader saying” error alloc memory” and when I run a game a get a black screen with the first line saying : exception (DSI) occurred! My wii is a 3.4u softmoded, and my hard disk is a western digital 1.5TB

  36. Amer says:

    No this is the first time I use a HHD.
    after countless hours, I have noticed that if I use my old xp 32bit laptop the games are there, but I can not play them, but if I use my new 64bit vista laptop to add the games, or if i add the games via the wii then the games would play!

    What is the error message?

    # Amer Says:
    December 12, 2009 at 9:28 pm | Reply

    I did the steps above, but I get an error when I run uloader saying” error alloc memory” and when I run a game a get a black screen with the first line saying : exception (DSI) occurred! My wii is a 3.4u softmoded, and my hard disk is a western digital 1.5TB

    * adewii Says:
    December 13, 2009 at 11:56 am | Reply

    Have you used any previous loaders before or older versions of uLoader?

    • adewii says:

      There a different versions of WBFS Manager for 32bit and 64bit systems. Ensure your using the correct version for each type of OS you have.

  37. finnlouis says:

    Hi there adewii, i followed your excellent guide and have got Uloader working through the channel, im having no other problems except that, if i remove the sd card then i get a black screen with “fails to mount the sd”, if i leave the uloader file containing the boot.dol in the sd slot then it works, shouldnt i be able to use the app without the sd? Install worked perfectly on my 4.1e, cios38rev14, priiloader on ios60, hbc on ios30 and i can play backup NSMB but this is bugging me immensely, the only thing i can think of is CIOScorp is causing the problem. I know its hardly a massive problem but its still annoying to me, any ideas? I have deleted the channel and re-installed the 202,222,223 v4’s and the forwarder but this has not solved this problem.

    • adewii says:

      For my method you have to keep the SD in the Wii. This because the other of uloader does not make an official channel installer. By doing the SD method you can easily upgrade the loader by just replacing the files in the uloader folder. However if you want a full channel version then there is an unofficial wad installer that someone else creates. The latest can be downloaded from here:

  38. RedPaint says:

    Hey Ade, I’m new of the Wii softmod world, (moving up from Xbox’s running XBMC, and PSP’s running Custom firmware.) I followed your excellent tutorials on getting Homebrew channel, and uLoader 3.3 running on my virgin 1st gen Wii (was able to write Bootmii on boot2) which is on Nintendo’s official 4.2U FW…Thank you for being elaborate while remaining concise. Do you know how I could possibly install “Configurable USB Loader” as a channel? I like the aesthetics of the customizable coverflow interface, but I’d like to keep uLoader for it’s versatility and 99% foolproof execution of games. If you could help me out with this, I’d much appreciate it…thanks in advance.

  39. Thomas says:

    Hi! I’ve followed your brilliant guide for my 4.2u version in the getting started link, every step has worked very well as explained (awesome!); I’ve installed HBC, Priiloader and followed the installation of uloader which all happened perfectly. Uloader 3.6 is now working but although I managed to get some games running (Dead rising, Marvel alliance 2), some games just go to black screen when I start them (Rampage, Dead space extraction) and seem to kind of crash the wii. Does it mean my iso are bad or could I have missed doing something more?
    Thanks for any advice you can give!

  40. adrian says:

    what version of wad manager is this person using???

  41. Simon says:

    Ok heres a weird one for you:

    Running Uloader 3.6A all Cios are v4.
    I can run ALL cd’s from Uloader no problem.
    I can load games onto the USB stick from cd’s
    but one issue:

    e.g: I will load Dora from CD to USB, load the game from USB, no problem it runs.
    I will then load say, Big Brain from CD to USB, load the game from USB, no problem it runs.
    But now Dora won’t run, but it did before I loaded Big Brain???

    What have I missed? it’s doing my head in?

    • adewii says:

      You haven’t missed anything at all by the sounds of thing’s and I have never come across that before. Version 4.0 of uLoader was released last night. I haven’t had chance to update my packs, but if your on 3.6A you should be able to update it over the internet anyway if your Wii is on the net. Instructions are above. See if that fixes the problem.

  42. FLAVI says:

    guy if i going to install it with wad manager he said: error 2011 what i have to do

  43. neil says:

    i have installed homebrew works fine and have also downloaded several backup player such as neogamma and uloader. I know how to put them on the wii but they won t run i just get a black screen. I m guessing its something to do with cIOS or something.

    On version 4.2 what do i need to do to get it running ?

  44. Phi says:

    I was just wondering, when using an external hard drive, is there a capacity limit? I mean what is the max size you can use an external hard drive? 500GB? 1TB? etc..?

  45. adi says:

    I installed everything what ever u said, the problem is when i go to uloader menu, it doesnt recognise the usb, so i need to plug out and plug back in, and it takes me to game’s list. i m currently using kingston usb flash drive 16gb. do i need to install the whole thing again so i dont need to plug out and plug back my usb. and wat’s the best Hard drive shud i buy ????

  46. bobtracy says:

    hi i have been using my usb external hard drive and its been working great until now when i try to install a game i get stack dump ? although it says insall sucessful?? i have reformated the hard drive and this still happens i have changed anything so what could this be ??

  47. mdonovan says:

    Can you play rock band games that are loaded on an external hardrive with usb loader or wiiflow. I can not get the instuments to work with either of them?

  48. Ste says:

    Hi, I installed the files from the link from your page today. Uloader was working great, and many thanks for the simple to follow instructions!

    I got some games copied from their *original* discs to my HDD using Uloader. I then went and updated to the most recent version of uloader using the menu. Now it reads discs ok, except when I want to copy from the disc to the HDD. It recognises the game’s name but in the next step it says “Error: Error reading DVD”. The Wii freezes and I need to hold down the power button to restart. Any ideas Ade?

    • adewii says:

      2nd person reporting this problem, it could be a bug in the program, you may be better reverting back to version 4.0 for the moment and see if this resolves the issue.

  49. Michael says:


    When installing uLoader-UMRD.wad, I get an error (ret = -1035)? How do I fix this?

  50. steelersfan says:

    I just got wifi my wii updated to 4.5u. what do i do? anyone help? i have neogamma and cannot access it.

    • adewii says:

      You mean your wii system menu is now 4.2U? You will have to install everything again as 4.2 removes previous hacks.

  51. Martin says:

    Hey! Just dived into the world of usb-loaders and such and now i’m trying to get uloader working. I’m on 4.1E and i’ve installed CIOS 222 and 249 rev 17. But whenever i try to load a game from uloader i get a black/blank screen and nothing happens! I’ve patched a lot of IOS, CIOS files over a span of 2 years maybe so I can’t really say what I have done, and haven’t done! But these last few hours I updated CIOS 249 to rev17 and installed CIOS 222 and 223. What am i doing wrong?


    • adewii says:

      Might be worth doing an official Ninty update to 4.2 and wiping out all of your mods and starting fresh. Then you know where you stand, it’s difficult to help if I don’t know what’s been done previously, especially as the black screen is the most difficult problem to troubleshoot.

  52. blasphemous24 says:

    is uLoader updateable if it’s installed as a channel? i tried doing both update methods, the 1st one and the alternative one, and after that it gives me a message saying, “error downloading boot.dol to sd”. what seems to be the problem?

  53. grcd says:

    Hi, could anyone perhaps help me with a problem?

    Almost all WiiWare and VC games I try to boot, boot into a black screen. The Wii Remote is turned off and can’t reconnect and subsequently my only choice is to manually restart the Wii by use of the power button. In the few ocassions that games do run, I get a black screen with sound (and controller support). Trying to go to the manual in order to try Z+A+1 simply crashes the game and I have to manually restart.

    I run the latest cIOS versions and USB Loader GX and CGF USB Loader work without any problems whatsoever. Wii games ripped to USB do work however. The problem seems to only be related to WiiWare and VC games. Some WiiWare games do run as well.

  54. Bryan says:

    I softmodded my 4.2u menu wii and when I first got Uloader up and running, didnt run into any issues until a friend showed me his USB loader GX and it looked really nice so I read you can have both on here. So I installed that and used it for a couple days but had many problems and errors and just didnt load a lot of the games right. So I uninstalled the WAD channel but not my SD card wonder if I should delete it there also but now Uloader is having the same trouble, could of adding loader GX somehow mess up my HDD, and wonder if anyone has a problem with DDR3, it installs but says it cant view partition or access partition but my other games work fine, I even installed it twice. Going to try and extract ISO’s and put them on my computer and wipe the drive and is formatting through Uloader better than formatting it through WBFS Manager 3.0. I was also reading on here about Uloader saves game files in your SD but lets say my SD is only a GB and is full could this also affect adding new games, not sure what to do, didnt have any problems before uploading loader GX.

    • adewii says:

      If all you did was add the app to the apps folder on your SD so HBC could read it then there is no reason it should interfere. Try wiping the drive first, if that fails reinstall all the mods back to your Wii, if you did a NAND backup at any point before you ran GX, then restore that NAND.

  55. goldchicco says:

    I am using uLoader version 3.5 on a 4.1 U , installed after your directions in Jan 2010;
    Now I’m trying to upload it to a version 4.9 A (always following your offline method) but at the last step – after i install:
    uloader-UMRD wad
    when I try to install uloader-UMRD wad an error shows up……..
    The version 3.5 still work but there is no way I can upgrade to the new version.
    Can you tell me why….please????

    • adewii says:

      It’s already installed. My fault, I failed to mention that in the guide.

      • goldchicco says:

        sorry….I’m new “in this world” and I try to understand…..the version 4.9A is already installed???
        so if I copy all the files:
        uloader-UMRD wad
        in my SD card, I will be able to lunch the uLoader version 4.9 A – without using the Wad Manager???

      • adewii says:

        No, the forwarder is already installed. the app itself is just the uloader folder on your apps directory. the wad you install is just a forwarder to that folder, which you’ve already installed.

  56. AlanOng says:

    I am trying to setup uloader as DVD backup launcher. My Wii FW is 3.2U. Setup as per your recommendation. Connect a NU DVD Multi-burner to USB port 0 of the Wii. Start the uloader program and got error msg that says “Can’t Mount Device”. Any advise?

  57. Nicholas says:

    I’m on a 4.2 and I did everything from option B. I wanna play Bleach but it keeps giving me that stupid -2 error; I did everything right and my homebrew and dvdx are the newest versions.
    What am I doing wrong?

    • adewii says:

      Nothing by the sound of it, -2 error is difficult to troubleshoot, ensure your using DVD-R discs and that the game wasn’t pre patched.

  58. woody says:

    Hi adewii,

    I have a full working we and the new uloader loaded and works fine. But I also have a wii with a non-working disk drive and have been using uloader 3.5 with the usb hard drive for a while with no problems. I upgraded 222 and uloader to the newest version and it went well, but I’m having an issue getting past what looks like uloader checking the disk drive – the blue light just comes on and stays on and then it says to try connecting a usb drive but I disconnect it and reconnect and still nothing. It then times out and brings up all the wiiware games that work fine – a great new feature. It does not list or see the usb drive anymore. I have swapped out the boot.dol for uloader to go back to 3.5 and the usb drive is seen and everything is fine.

    I guess the broken drive is causing some issues with the new uloader. Is there a bypass to not check the dvd drive or do you have any suggestions? I can run the newest from the forwarder for wiiware and run 3.5 from homebrew to use the usb drive, but it would be neat to do both from the new version.


  59. sneeze says:

    Hi all,

    About uLoader, which is cool and works very well. I have every wad made till now : wiiware and VC. So that makes a LOT of wads. Only 256 are showing in my 100G FAT32 partition. What’s the maximum of wad uLoader can handle ?

  60. jim says:

    Hi, Firstly I gotta say your tutorials are great ! one of the best I’ve found on the net.
    I’m a bit of a noob here, just got a new Wii in Feb this year. So I would assume it’s D3-2 and 4.2
    I’m keen on giving your methods a go.

    1. Your instructions for installing homebrew and other apps like uloader, do they work for both PAL and NTSC ? (I live in Australia)

    2. Does uloader have some kind of protection against incorrect updates when I play a different region game ? (protect against bricking).

    3. Since I have a D3-2 drive, so if anything goes wrong, can I NAND restore my Wii to original state without having to use the DVD drive ?

    Thanks a lot mate !

    • adewii says:

      1, yes, but not not on newer Wii’s. Stick to your region to be on the safe side.

      2, as above.

      3. NAND gets restored via SD, the DVD drive is not used.

  61. Moe3073 says:

    Apologize for my newbieness in advance.
    I’ve just completed a soft mod and have followed all instructions so far. I’m now at a point to connect my external to let it format itself. When I open Uloader, I get a black screen with a message that says “Launch Failed to SD”. What’s this all about? Am I supposed to keep my SD card in the Wii at this point or is there a different problem?
    Thanks in advance.

  62. anthony plumlee says:

    my son got into the uloader setting and set a parental control that he dont remember and i cant figure out. got any ideals on how to fix this. like i can still load game from the hd but i cant put new game on my hd. is there anyway to delete the uloader and reinstall it.

    • anthony plumlee says:

      so everything ive tried isnt working, ive tried deleting uloader channel, uloader in the homebrew channel, i ever tried reinstalling the wads for uloader. so that leads me to think that all the configartions for uloader are keep on the hd, probly in the file on wbfs listed as uloader cfg entry. now is there anyway to get into it and find it. or should i just reformate my drive and will that reset it? am i going about this in all the wrong way? just need advice on what to do. thanks

    • adewii says:

      connect your drive to your PC and read it with a WBFS manager, delete the uloader.cfg file.

      • anthony plumlee says:

        that was my next move but i just wanted to make sure before i did it. you keep saving me man thanks a million. your my hero

  63. tfunk says:

    Hey adewii, thanks for another great guide. Quick question: If I do the online update method, will that install the new cIOS wads also or do I have to do that manually and then update uloader via online update? Sorry the confusion.

  64. Kenneth says:

    I have a problem.

    I run uLoader 3.5

    As i try to update it, all goes well except for uLoader-umrd.wad.

    I installed all the other .wad files and it still is working. But i can’t update uLoader-umrd.wad and it still gives V3.5.

    So nothing changed.

    I get error ret -1035


  65. Kenneth says:

    I honestly don’t know what you mean Adewii, i want to get rid of that error and update my uLoader. How?

    • adewii says:

      Do everything it tells you to do above, except for installing the UMRD wad, as that is just the forwarder that is installed on the system menu, which you already have!!

      • Kenneth says:

        I figured out i want 4.2E system menu, so i’m installing everything again. Installing uLoader 4.9c included.

  66. Speedy says:

    Hi adewii

    I’m running the 4.1 & I had a similar prob (as described above) with it not being able to update from uloader 3.0c using the guide above

    I had a custom 222 for uloader & uloader 3.0 installed via the homebrew channel (I think as they were showing there). Deleted these.

    3. Copy the contents to the root of your SD card. –

    To get mine to work the uloader folder had to be put in the \apps dir on the SD card.

    For info error ret -1035 – the uLoader-umrd.wad is the new channel forwarder so if you’ve got an old one installed you have to remove it 1st

    p.s. thanks for all the guides, reviews and updates! Without them I wouldn’t have a clue 😀

  67. simeleketek says:

    Hi ade,
    my option for adding png is grayed out. Do you know how to enable this ? thanks !

  68. Stuart says:

    Thanks on a great guide
    Also well done on supporting the questions asked, 10/10

  69. Nick says:

    hi everyone! adewii you are truly the greatest I really love your idiot proof guides. so I realized I was having the same error as a lot of other people here, where uloader wouldn’t update, or at least when attempted the version would not change when you tried to run it. So I had v3.2, yes desperate need of an update.

    What I actually had to do was move the uloader files in the download package to the folder the forwarder was forwarding, which was in the apps folder. Yes it was a silly mistake but at least now I have 4.9c uloader.

    so just some general advice for anyone else with this problem, make sure you don’t end up having 2 uloader folders on your sd card like me, with your forwarder forwarding to the older .dol file.

    Everything works great now. So once again thanks adewii, who is still the GREATEST! thanks again for your awesome guides.

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